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Gunpowder and fire will explode even kept carefully

I am from a rich farmer family. In our house all are with style and ego even from generations. I had an elder sis 10 years elder. She has got marrieds when I have reached high school. .By then fashions have reached to us. Polishes on nail, powders and shampoos, etc only. In fact I have enjoyed these more than sister. She has ruled her family with a henpecked husband. In our family even father and other hus of mothers sisters etc were of same type. Ladies used to rule. When it has started? i do not know. My mom even in her 50 is is still young and used to maintain . The servants used to clean comb her hair and cur nails add color and even give a bath. Those days no one used to have foot wares in home ,but with exception in our house.. Mother was careful in having only young and beautiful and clean girls as servants. Thus I was living as a princess. There was no car with us. But then the car was only 2 in our area.. People used to give a respecter . Even our teachers used to consider me as special, of course was good in studies also.

It was then a govt employ has approached for a place to stay. Since we had many outhouses in our compound they were given one. A mother and son with out father. They have given much respect to mom and so was permitted to stay. The boy was a pale colored tall one about 4 years younger. He has never even looked to me. He was also a good student. Soon we have started to go to school together. I never allowed him to override me. .Slowly he became my call boy,always as a servent yo me. I used to make him do many of my works and even to beat him. Still he used to obey me, knowing that they are under our control. Initially it was a fun for me. Later when I have reached in class 9 and then unto college he was made my attendant. Of course he was also benefited from good fod and books and dresses from my mother. She has considered him as my brother. It was in my 9 th class ans he in 6th, I came to know that he was liking my feet and hands. So it was his duty to polish and clean then. He being a good artist ,a painter ,his work omn my nail were very good. Once I have seen a sketch of my feet with my papal and out of one chapel in his sketch book. Then only I have understood the beauty of my feet. From then he was my foot slave. Initially he has enjoyed as a small boy later even in distress he was forced to do for staying near me. .It was a fact that in my class both in school or college I was having the lone shapely and fair feet..When ever I go to his house in day he used to be alone. I used to sleep In a easy chair and he was forced to, he also enjoyed it, to clean my feet to change the color and clean the heel and sine. He used to get lot of happiness. Soon I used to see his pajama makes a tent. Soon I have not objected for licking and kissing them. I used to crush face body or even the groin to the dick. .I liked him to suck my toes and to lick clean my foot wares. Poor fellow never tried to go up from my ankles. I have made him to go naked up to his under wares and to stay under my slippers,even with out protest.

Then my marriage has been fixed .A man from army. I was worried of him that he may nor stay henpecked. I was not sure whether I liked strong or slave man as husband. But mine was to a slave inder my command. It was a day before marriage At home all were bust for decorations and cooking. Many relatives were there .Due to lack of space I have moved to the rent house of aunt or my slaves house. In fact I was aware that his mother will be away for a night for attending to a marriage of her friend. U have stayed in their guest room as usual. My slave ws so unhappy that he was loosing me. It was decided that I will go to his place just after marriage. I have thought to have his services for the whole night as a foot boy. He has come. I have made him to be naked unto his under ware and made him to lick my mehanthy colored feet. I have fiddled his hair and chest. He was taller than me and was in his degree. Then by 12 or so I each slept whirl he was on the foot of the bed. I thought that some thing if on my thigh. It was my slave. I have kicked him but he was not ready to obey. I have shouted ,but he does not care as he knew no one will here. He has forced me to stay . He has kissed my lips for the first time. .He had a heavy body that I could not even move. He has moved to my mouth to make me open it and suck hid penis. He has told that he was waiting for teaching me the real maleness. I was hating sucking. But soon I was doing it with coughing and later in smooth way. Both were naked and He has made me to spread my legs and has went in in a very hot painful way. IT was then I became his slave for hours. He has had many photos in his camera and told me that he shall give a good painting as marriage gift.

He has also made me to tahe a oath that ai should give him all these when ever we meet again. I need not worry for any problem if I am truthful. He had another course before morning. Then he has made me to bath and licked my body dry . Later after marriage I have left to north India. We were happy and ,I have turned to a good wife. Our child was similar to my slave in some angles, Or is it an imagination.
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