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I am raj. I am 22 years old. I live in Banglore with my parents and i have relatives in Banglore and Delhi. We visit them often and since being a big family we had getto gethers and family functions often. This incident happened when i was 18 years of age. Right from my teenage we(my family) used to visit our relatives in summer holidays. I have many aunts and I had a aunt, seema,she was a nurse. Who was around 31 years old when this happened. She had a great body 36dd,38,39. She had big round boobs. She always wear low cut blouse. She usually dosent wear a bra. So every one had a good very of her breast al time. She was very close to me. She use to give me bath since i was 10. So it was not a surprise if she takes to bath room in front of my mom or my relatives. I was used to being naked in front when ever she give me a bath. My family thought since she was single and was very nice she saw me as her kid. So comming back to real incedent.

It was summer vacation and we went to her place. I was bit lazy i used to wake up late around 11am and did not take bath daily. One day it was breakfast time and every body were having break fas and were planning of going out as a family. Suddely my aunt asked infront of every body if i had taken bath. I felt bad ans said "no"i did take bath since 2 days. She said"you lazy boy,come with me now" and she and she draged me to bathroom. She took me inside the bathroom and started to remove my clothes. I was just standing still. With in minuts i was completly nacked. I had a prity big cork. It was arond 7 inches and very thick. And i had plent of pubic hair.

Seeing this see said"wow you have grown up" and she started to give me a bath and she got wet as she was giving me a bath. So said he is going to remove her saree and she was now on her peticoat and blouse. She did not wear a bra that day so her breast was clearly visible in her wet blouse. Instants i got a hard on. She noticed it. I think she too got horney seeing my hard dick and made a plan. She then suddenly splashed a mug full of water on me which made her completly wet. She then said "oh god,what have i done. Am i giving you a bath or takinga a bath" saying this she started to laugh. And said i better take bath. . Since she is completly wet. Saying this she removed her blouse and peticoat. Now my own aunt was completly naked in front of me. I saw her thick black pubic hair. . Big boobs with brown nipples.

She too was taking bath i was really horney in my mind now. She then said can u put soap. Soon i was applying soap on her back but i could not control my self anymore. . I huged her from the back tightly. She simple froze and then she turned aroond and hugged me. There was no words spoken we started to kiss. I love boobs. Soon i was sucking her big round boobs. She started to massage my hard cork. I then started to chew her nipples she started to moan. . I the started to suck her tit really very hard. . She gave a big aaaaaaaahhhh. Then i kneel down and started to suck her cunt. She was getting hot. . Then i started to lick her clitoris directly. . Soon she came in my mouth. . This was the first time i tasted pussy juces. . It was bitter. But since i was horney,that too felt good. She then took my cork in her mouth and started give me a blow job. I said i was going to cum. . She stop it befor i came and said now put it in my pussy. As i was doing itshe said you cork is the biggest i have ever take in my pussy. She then took my cork and directed it in to her pussy. . I never fucked anybody before but my instints took over i started to move my hips forward and backward. I was now fucking my own aunt. I started with slow thrustand then i started to thump fast. After about 20 min i came in her. We both dried our self and came out.

Next 3 days was very hot i was always behind my aunt and was fucking her every chance i get. Since my family did notmind her giving me a bath when i was 18 it made life easier. We used to fuck anytime. Day and night. I used to go to her room and start to fuck her while my famil is watching T. V just outside the door. One day i was alone in home averybody went out. So i was drinking wine and watching porn. Soon i saw two poeple standing right in front of me. . My aunt and my mom. My aunt was not surprised but my mom was she said what i was drinking to which i was quite. They both sat on the couch and my aunt took the wine bottle and saidto my mom"usha,its wine,its a very good brand,very expensive". "its good for heart,if u have some once in a while"saying this she poured in a glass and drank. My mom said dont encorage these things. But my aunt had other plans. She aske my mom to taste. Let me tell you about my mom. She is adventurous woman but need some one to push her before she tries. She had a prity good figure,she was 38c,36,38. She always wears saree. I always like her firm boobs. She had a cute ass. So as my aunt compel her she drank a little.

She said it like grape juice. Soon my aunt made my mom drunk. I paused the movie when they saw me. So my mom said why do u watch such film it not good for you. My aunt said"let see what your son was watching. . And she pressed the play button from the remote. It was a video of 2 woman having sex with one guy. My mom said turn it off. Seema. . What nonsense is it. My aunt asked what is nonsense. My mom said it not right to have sex with 2 woman same time. My aunt said who said the pleaseure is doubled. To which my mom said "but how can a guy satisfy both woman(she was started to loose shyness and was drunk)as the movie was playing i could feel the atmosphere was getting hot. My aunt said it not a problem. And suddenly she came near my mom and started to touch her boobs. Initially my mom pushed her hand and said"what are you doing seema,are you alright"but my aunt knew what she was doing. She gaing started to press my moms boobs and now she planted a kiss on her lips. Mu mom was now reducing her reisitance. They both forgot my presence there. Then my aunt while kissing my mom undid her saree and her petticoat and was rubbing moms pussy. Now my mom was totallly hot. My mom closed her eyes. My aunt went down on her and started suck het pussy. With one hand she calledme near them and asked me to suck my moms pussy. Sudnly my mom opened her eyes to see her own soon suck her pussy which her aunt is fingering her ass hole and pressing her boobs.

My mom was totally socked and said"what are you doing seema. . Its wrong. But it was beyong stoable position. My aunt said just enjoy. I started to like her fast. So she totally lost control of her consciousness and submitted her self to us. Nowi went up and removed her blouse and bra. While my aunt undressed her self and was nude. Mu aunt took my cork in her mouth. While i was sucking my mom pussy. Soon my mom came in my mouth. Then my aunt aske my mom to take my cork. Seein my big,thick cork my mom said its too big. Its bigger than his fathers. And she too it in her mouth now my aunt was sucking my mom and i was pressing my moms boobs it was more firm than my aunts. Now i wanted to ride my mom. So i put my cork near her pussy was about to enter. My mom said please dont fuck me it too much. My aunt said. . We have broke all boundries already. And i entred her she gave a loud mound. . Ahhhhhhhhhh. . . And said you are way too thick and big. . U father is half of u r size. Soon i started to fuck her first with small pushes and then hard. . After about 15 min i came in her. Now my aunt wanted me to ride. But my cork was not really hard since i just came. My mom took it in her mouth and was giving me a blow job while my aunt was massaging my ballls. Soon i was hard again and i started to fuck my aunt. After 20 min of fuck i came in her. We there slept nude.

After that we had sex every day. I in heaven. Later my mom introduced my aunt to my father and they started to have sex. But my father never knew about me,aunt and mom. Sometime my aunt and mom fuck my dad at night and then come to my room and get fucked by me again. My sayd"i and you mom get fuck by both you and your dad". Once we three(me,aunt and mom) went to a movie. It was really dark and hardly any people. My aunt made me to such her pussy while was watching movie and i sucked my mom too. It was so scarry and sexy of being caught.

Now i have a girlfriend,but still my aunt tells me that she and my mom have to be the first priority.
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