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Even an hour counts in life

I am a house wife ,a mother and a physio working as a pvt practitioner. My hus is a techie in a famous company. My kid is just 4 years and has started going to nursery. WE are well off and happy. I am a tall slim( even after delivery)with a clear golden skin and great face. I was not taking gents as patients., since many used to come for seeing me and to get a touch from me. Still the rush is good . Daily booking used to be over flowing.. It was then the problem has happened. Neither I could not control it nor I could take help from my Husband ( who was so possessive ). I knew the reason for all problems have started from a One hour mistake on that holiday in my 19th year.
I was then studying for the course. During first year there was serious ragging. I being beautiful and with more height, many have targeted me. We were asked to massage the seniors and was even asked to do many petty works. But I used to obey with out irritating them. One of my known girl who was a senior ans a very problematic girl was there. She has never ragged me but also never posed as if known me. One day I was ordered to accompany a senior girl to her room in night. She was a dwarf and bad looking girl and was very jealous on my beauty. She has made me to even lick her feet and to suck her toes with much cruel acts. I have agreed all. But later she has brought her boyfriend to her room and had a open sex in my presence. For that acy I was to massage their legs for the whole time. But the act has further advanced . He has asked me to suck him so that he will get an erection for their second fuck. I have refused. That led to a physical fight and shouting. It was then my familiar senior has interfered and took me out. This have made us as a anti ragging group and was soon attacked by all seniors. Soon we both have left the hostel and has started staying in a private villa( later purchased by my Dad). Initially all was well. A lady and her son used to do all internal and outer works . Soon the friend ( who was my fathers tenants daughter) have started pressing my body ,and have started behaving as my boyfriend. Initially I was not ready ,but later the act have made me also happy. She was a girl of 5.1 ,with highly tanned skin while I was of 5.7 and golden skin. She used to climb on me and to suck and lick and press me even with out my resistance. I being stronger could have kicked her off, But some how I was happy to some extend.. Then the cool has left for some reason. We have adjusted with a hotel while the boy used to bring all food from them and also used to clean all. Soon we have depended on him for washing clothes and other works, since we were busy in college studies and practicals.
Then came that holiday. It was a function of that area. People were busy . Our house was a single one in a secluded plot. We were worried about our food ,since all were on holiday. But the boy agreed to come and arrange bread and egg for us. He was a boy of about 16 or so with a height of 5.4 or so and with an unattractive appearance. He used to be clean and with clean dress of a half trouser and handless banian. That day I was in bed and was reading a book while she was licking my thighs and lying on me legs while reading her study notes. Suddenly she has told me a new idea. Why not we use the boy for real sex. Her idea was that since he was younger to us and with less powerful than our combined strength we could easily make hin as a slave. By fear he will never tell any one. No one believe that a young boy fucked the two stronh and elder ladied. Also on that day no neighbours are available so that he will bw at our control. And being physios we knew the way to control a man. Before discussing the matter the boy has turned up. We allowed him to toast the bread and have taken the food. After that my friend has taken hin to our bed room. In he touch he has erected and she has got angry for that act. Poor boy could not control and his dick was seen through his trowsers. As a punishment he was asked to remove his dress. He has done that and she has jumped over him ane did a forcible sex leading to a tough fuck with him. It was then only she could understood that he had more strength than her and he could fuck her forcibly. I was just seeing all standing at the door with my mob camera.Our plan was that we could force him as our slave for some time.. I was almost mad of the act. .The it has happened. He has just looked to me and has ran to me with his birth suite. Before thinking he has carried me to my bed. I could not believe a dwarf boy could carry a taller and heavy lady. I have tried to kick him but he took about ten minutes to climb over me a and make me naked. My dresses were torn apart and he has entered inside with a 10 horse power engine. I have cried for my inauguration . By then my friend has continued the photoing while enjoying the act. Ajy was we both have lost the fear from then. We have used him till our end of the course and poor boy have acted as our slave as per our wishes.
Then we have forgotten all and have entered to our marriage and new life. He also have forgotten( we have assumed ) all those child days. Again he has appeared in the last month, while I was coming from the school with my kid. He Has met me and told my kid that he is her uncle etc. He has stayed in my house for some hours and had a tea and has left. Then on the next day He has approached me with a serious of snaps where I was sucking him and he was fucking both. When asked my friend has also told the same fact. I. He was by then has got 3 more inches and was bit more fleshy. Very bad looking in mt standard. But what to do .Then onwards I have become his slave and was forced to please him in all ways as he commands.. I used to take medications for avoiding issues. But then life was really insufferable. That holiday was a horrible day for both of us. Being fatty and black and dwarf my friend was happy since he ws not interested in her. To the maximum he used to kiss her or to make her suck him,that also very rarely. Still I have not found a solution.Only solution is to take the help of a detective and to pay money to stop him. But my fear is that my beauty may turn as a villain and the dictative also may use me. ..My friend also have tried to solve that through her Hus who was a goon in his own way. But I was to please him to do that . Since he also knew all the fact I have to surrender him to avoid that fellow. Who knows that I have to continue all with my friends Hus?
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