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Don't Worry My Son

Hello RISS Lovers! Who else than a affectionate mother can join the pieces of a son’s broken heart. Please tell me your impressions about the story at gopi_invincible@yahoo.com.

A simple description of Vasudha would be that she is a sexy woman. Hovering around 45, she did keep many men and even boys curious about her. Surprisingly she wasn't one among those who keep making a great fuss about food habits and physical fitness. In fact her frequent outings and club activities meant that she kept anything looking edible into her mouth. She herself had admitted several times that her little secret about her looks was her relaxed mind. Obviously, she could afford to be relaxed with the huge fortunes her husband had left behind. Parthiv, her only son had almost all the virtues of his parents and hence he never gave his mother any moment of anxiety, at least until the recent past.

Parthiv was undoubtedly amongst the heartthrobs of the town and deservingly so. At 21 years, he remained focused on his career ahead. The sudden twist to his tale came because of a brief love affair, which eventually ended in a bitter heartbreak. Although Parthiv did manage to get on from there without entangling his life into any further mess, Vasudha knew that he wasn't the same person as he once used to be. She could notice an element of recklessness in his behavior occasionally; making her wonder if he would ever be the person whom he used to be. She did make a few conspicuous efforts to restore normalcy in his life before she finally decided to jump the fence.

It was a cold Saturday night in mid December and Parthiv had begun what now had become his usual regular dose of some fine whisky. Parthiv's eyes brightened to see his mother get to the balcony with a rather transparent saree revealing her sleeveless blouse beneath. More shock was about to follow as she picked up an empty glass and stretched forward to him suggesting that she wanted to have a dose or two. Parthiv kept staring in the dark, sipping his whisky and watching the reaction on his mother's face that looked extremely uncomfortable tasting the drink. The cool breeze began to blow letting Vasudha's thin saree fiber flutter. Parthiv's eyes comfortably settled on his mother's chest as he gulped the drink. Vasudha eventually broke the silence after managing to finish of her first drink.

"If this could be a solution to miseries I would have tried long back," she smiled. "But you know I never look for excuses in life."

Parthiv avoided looking at his mother realizing that she was making another attempt to counsel him. Vasudha was looking straight into his eyes, which were another cause for a mild feel of embarrassment for him.

"I don't think this could be a solution either," Parthiv spoke without turning his face. His voice was heavy with an undercurrent of depression. "I am just trying to keep myself relaxed."

"Look at me," Vasudha suddenly sounded firm. Parthiv turned to see that she was actually smiling. "I don't think there is any reason for you to avoid looking at me."

"Are you joining me for the next round?" Parthiv picked up the scotch bottle and began uncapping it.

"No," Vasudha replied quickly. "I suggest that you can stop here as well."

Parthiv wasn't unduly pleased with his mother's stricture.

"I need some more," Parthiv began pouring as he spoke. "Or else I might not sleep well tonight."

"Think again," Vasudha smiled again. "I can make you sleep well tonight if you stop at once."

"Are you going to sing some lullaby?" Parthiv queried laughingly, concealing his mild anger. "Not exactly," Vasudha joined his laughing. "But, I bet you will surely sleep well."

"May I know how?" Parthiv asked with a shade of surprise.

"I am your mother," Vasudha said evenly. "You might not be remembering that you were drinking my milk till you were in the fourth standard."

"I don't remember," Parthiv nodded in acceptance. "But I am content with my whisky now."

"Look out," Vasudha unsnapped the safety hook on the left side of her shoulder, which had pinned her saree and blouse together. She stood up and began unwinding the saree around her with amazing ease. Parthiv's eyes couldn't resist straying on her magnificent breasts under the cover of a tight blouse. Parthiv's face grew pale in excitement watching his mother standing like a sexy angel in blouse and petticoat. He felt as though a fireball was rushing from his lungs towards his abdomen causing an unexpected prick underneath his brief.

"I will stop if you don't want me to go further." Vasudha's hands had already reached to the bottom of her blouse as if she was awaiting his instruction to unclasp the hook. Her eyes were glowing with mischief as she watched her son's widen.

It was a tricky situation for Parthiv as he really didn't know what to reply. He realized that his nerves were taking over his brain as the bulge underneath was growing speedily. He moistened his lips by popping out his tongue and brushing it all over his mouth. Vasudha soon understood her son's predicament, walked towards him, went on her knees and placed her arms on his thighs as if she wanted to reassure her hesitant son.

"Forget that I am your mother," She spoke while her fingers stroked his thighs. "I am just a woman before you willing to take off the last bit of clothe on me."

Parthiv swallowed hard sensing a fresh stream of khoon running through his body because of the sudden proximity of his mother. Vasudha gently squeezed his thighs for a while before they moved upwards.

"Take me," Vasudha closed her eyes and whispered. "Let's make love here; right in the balcony. I want to see the sky and watch stars while you take everything from me."

"Isn't a sin?" Parthiv hushed.

"Let's not waste time," Vasudha spoke while her fingers rushed to his lips to silence him. "I can't think of anything else to bring back the cheer in you."

Vasudha's face leaned forward and her sharp nose brushed against her son's crotch gently. She looked up, flashed a sexy smile at her son as her left fist closed his bulge. Parthiv's head swung back feeling his mother's hands on his manhood and he groaned as she began squeezing his rock hard penis.

"How would you like?" Vasudha winked at Parthiv. "Should I unzip your trouser or you will do it yourself?"

She wasn't actually willing to wait for his answer as her hands reached for the zip to pull it down slowly. Parthiv wished to pinch himself to be assured that he wasn't having some wet dream. His heart pumped like frantically realizing the prospect of a wonderful blowjob from his beloved mother and may be more. "Be a man," Vasudha said taking his hands, pulling them towards her breasts.

Parthiv's hands trembled feverishly upon brushing his mother's wonderful breasts. It took just a few moments for him to shrug off his pretenses as he eagerly grabbed a handful of his mother's breasts.

Vasudha smiled with closed eyes and her expression suggested that she was enjoying the feel of her son's hands clutching her wonderful globes.

"I won't ask you to be gentle with them," Vasudha murmured. "Deal as you wish."

Parthiv wondered how his mom could be having such a seducing effect on him. He ran his fingers inside her tight blouse, exploring underneath her bra, rubbing against the nipples and tweaking them with passion. Vasudha expedited pushing down his trouser and pulling out her son's enormous dick from the captivity of the brief. Parthiv sighed aloud as her palm went around the head a few times before her fingers began stroking the hardened rod.

"Parthiv," Vasudha whispered. "Why didn't you show this to me before?"

"As a matter of fact," Parthiv said smilingly. "I wanted to ask you the same question."

"Naughty boy," Vasudha said after gently tapping his cheek. "Let me get rid of something."

Vasudha's impatience became more evident as she pulled off her blouse with a rustling noise as the hooks flew all over the balcony. She really got rid of the wasted blouse and bra in real quick time and let her wonderful tits swing in the air much to the delight of her young son. Parthiv pounced on the pair of sexy tits and began squeezing them as hard as he could.

"I want to suck them," Parthiv spoke biting his lips unable to cope up with the excitement.

"Suck what?" Vasudha queried tilting her head sexily.

"Your. Your..," Parthiv stammered wondering as to how best he could describe his mother's breasts.

"You mean my tits?" Vasudha laughed visibly amused at her son's lingering hesitation.

"Yes. Yes," Parthiv said hurriedly even though he was slightly taken aback by her crude language.

"They are all yours," Vasudha said as her grip on her son's shaft tightened. "But, let me have a go at your young dick first."

Parthiv felt like flying in space as she dived and took his dick right into her mouth. He was amazed to see the horny side of his mother as her lips brushed all over the erect meat suggesting what a great sucker she might have been during her prime. The young lad watched the exemplary hand-mouth coordination of his mother as she went about giving the blowjob of a lifetime. While the horny lady was engrossed sucking his dick, he could barely manage fondling her 'tits' with passion like never before. Parthiv knew that his dick had grown like a monster inside his mother's mouth while she was relentlessly sucking the growing demon as if it was her favorite recipe.

"Mommy, I don't want to cum inside your mouth," Parthiv almost yelled soon. "Get naked and lie down on the floor."

Vasudha stopped at once, leaned back on the floor with arms bent and soon lay straight on the floor. Her hands reached down hiking her petticoats well above her waist, revealing her shiny thighs. Her left hand landed on her dark blue panties as if inviting her son to have a go at it. Parthiv was equal to the task as he jumped in between her thighs and pressed his face on the silky panties.
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