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Brother In Law

Hi, RISS friends this is Raj back with Part 4 of how I continued my fucking of Meera and Kiran. As I told in part, three of this true incident how I had fucked Kiran and deflowered her I will now continue with the rest of the story.

As I lay on top of Kiran after having fucked and deflowered her, Meera who was looking at us with her finger in her choot said ‘ aap dono na to chood chood kar aapna maza la liya hai ab mujha kaun choda ga aur thanda karaga’ . I replied ‘bus dus minute arram karma do fir tumha bhi chod dunga’. Hearing this Meera also came and lay next to us putting her arm and leg on top of me and hugging me tightly. Her body was hot from want of a fuck. I turned my face towards her and put my mouth on her hot sexy lips and started sucking her wet lips. She was moaning aaaahhhh ooooooo.

I slowly pulled my Laura out of Kiran choot, which was still semi hard. I kept kissing Meera while lying on top of Kiran and feeling the heat of her body. I moved my left hand and put it on Meera right boob and pressed it hard. She moaned hard aaaahhhh ooooohhhhh. Kiran was holding me tightly as she was also enjoying my body on top of her. Meera in the meanwhile put her hand between my and Kiran body and held my Laura and started pressing it. I immediately started getting hard and I knew that it is not long when I would have to put my Laura in Kiran choot to satisfy her hot choot. I moved my lips off her mouth and started kissing Kiran on her hot lips. Seeing this Meera pulled at my hair and said “bhaiya ji abhi to us ki choot ko thanda kiya hai aura b fir us ko kiss kar raha ho meri choot aap ka Laura andar lana ka liya taras rahi hai, pls mujha ek baar chood do pls”. Kiran smiled and said “Raj pehla Meera ko chood do uski choot garam ho rahi hai fir hum dono chudai karanga.” Hearing this I moved off Kiran body and lay next to Meera between two hot sexy bodies. I again started kissing Meera on her hot lips and sucked her lips and tongue holding her tightly against my body. I broke off the kiss and turned Meera around and started kissing her on her shoulders and back.

She enjoyed the sensation of my tongue on her back and said “aahhhhh bahut maaja aa raha hai aaah pls meri gand par bhi kiss karo”. I moved down on her back and started kissing her low back and then moved further down on to her ass and started kissinh the round globes of her gaand. She was writhing under me and moaning “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahut aacha lag raha hai” I kissed her gaand and then spread the two globes of her gand ans slowly kissed her gand hole. She screamed in joy and jumped up and said “aapni tongue meri gand mein dalka chooso bahut aacha lag raha hai, mara pati na kabhi bhi aaisa nahi kiya.” I pushed my tongue in her gand and tasted it. I tasted little odd but it was good. I bit her lightly on her gand lips and she started pushing her gand more into my face. Then I turned her around and started kissing her on her belly button and pushed my tongue in her belly button and started licking it. She was getting wild and said “pls aapna Laura meri choot mein daalo aur choodo mujha pls mein aab aur nahi ruk sakti pls choodo mujha pls.” I moved down kissing her stomach and then moved down kissing her thighs and then moved closer to her hot wet burning and dripping choot.

I put my tongue on her choot and licked her dripping juices. By now, Kiran who was lying next to us came closer and caught hold of Meera boobs and started pressing them. Meera was enjoying this. Kiran then put Meera right nipple in her mouth and started sucking her hard. I pushed my tongue deep in her choot and licked her juices. Then I put Meera clitoris in my mouth and sucked it. This was too much for Meera and suddenly her body became stiff and she started coming in my mouth. I licked hard on her cunt and sucked all the juices. I then moved up on her body and kissed her on her lips and she tasted her own juices in my mouth.

As I was lying on top of her Kiran held my Laura and directed it on Meera hot choot. Due to her recent orgasm, she was very wet and the moment Kiran put my Laura on her choot it just slid inside. Meera again moaned “aaaaaaaahhhhhh oooooooouuhh” I rammed it hard and pushed my full 9” Laura in her hot choot. I started ramming her hard and pushed my Laura deep in her choot. Meera was screaming by now “chood mujha phar day meri choot pls aapna seemen meri choot mein bhar da aaaaahhhhhhh joor se phar daal meri choot”. Hearing all this I became more excited and increased the speed of my fucking her choot. Soon Meera was again ready and she screamed “mein aa rahi hooooooooo joor se karo aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” and she started coming and her choot muscles started sucking my Laura hard as it convulsed in an orgasm. This was too much for me and I started coming in Meera choot and loads and loads of semen was doomed in her choot. I feel on top of Meera exhausted and my Laura in her hot burning choot. As I lay on her Kiran also came AND lay on top of me sandwiching me between two hot sexy bodies and we rested in this position only.

Now I am feeling horny narrating this incident and my Laura has again become hard. I now need to masturbate so the remain part next time. Any girls, aunties, wives, bhabis, and ladies of any age from 18 to 60 from Punjab want to have a good fuck can mail me on my mail id mac_3933@yahoo.com. Complete secrecy will be maintained. I am sure u will enjoy my 9” long Laura in ur hot wet cunts. Love Raj.
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