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Bright Warm Day

It was a bright, warm day in the middle of July. I was feeling rather good since my whole team got off work early today and I was heading home to be some well earned rest. I was working at the local University from where I would also be graduating soon. Even though I was 22, I still lived at home but I would finally be moving out in the fall to go to Law School. I lived with both my parents as well as my little sister Anjali, who is the main reason for my writing this story. As I drove near to my home, I noticed a familiar looking vehicle parked in the driveway. It was not ours and besides both my parents got home around 5 o'clock in the evening, as did I usually. Anjali, who was 19, had just graduated from high school and as a "reward”, my parents said she wouldn't have to work over the summer, so I knew she would be the only one at home around this time, which was about 1:32 pm.

After a short, while of pondering I remembered that this car belonged to a male friend of my sister is who had been giving Anjali rides home after track practice sometimes, for a little while now. Anjali had never mentioned anything about the rides to anyone and since we were not that close as siblings I had no intention to pass on this kind of information to my parents either. I was not surprised about this guy being here though, Anjali was a knockout. I would know since I had seen her mature into the magnificent young woman she was now. From an early start, Anjali had strikingly beautiful characteristics such as a curvaceous body, pretty feminine features such as slender arms, legs, hands, and nails etc., and a very attractive complexion. But even though she had all these things, she still set pretty high standards for herself in terms of working out. She would swim laps in our backyard pool, she always made the track and field team, and she been in the cheerleading squad for a couple of years.

Now, at age 19, Anjali was absolutely gorgeous. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches, and about 133 pounds in weight, Anjali had shoulder length golden blonde hair, deep hazel-blue eyes, a perfect smile, breasts of about 34C in size, and a tight heart shaped ass that apparently had never known the affects of gravity. Something really special about Anjali was that she had a higher than normal voice. It did not sound weird or anything, it was just really feminine. Unbelievably, her voice had such an effect that I had seen guys get boners just talking to her. She also used to increase her tan by indulging in her favorite pastime – nude sunbathing. You can probably imagine that my little sister looked stunning in a bikini. Anyway, I slowly approached my front door and found it unlocked so I stealthily made my way in. I distinctively heard moaning coming form one of the five rooms upstairs. Before I went up though I grabbed my parent’s camcorder and slipped a new tape inside, just in case I wanted a souvenir. By the time I was at the top of the staircase, I knew that the sound was coming form the largest room, the master room. I am not going to lie, we were fairly wealthy and my parent's house was above average when it came to size, as was their bedroom. I crawled to the doorway, got up a little and zoomed in with my camera.

There was Anjali lying on her back on my parent's bed with that same guy on top of her frenching the hell out of my little sister. Anjali was looking absolutely amazing. She was wearing this tight t-shirt made of some clingy white material that stuck to her body like glue since you could clearly see Anjali's nipples poking through the fabric. A little, down south, she had on this pink mini-skirt (and you could also see some white panties every time her legs separated). She was also wearing her sexiest pair of open toed high-heel sandals, which had these thin almost diamond-like straps and the skinniest heel ever. Her hair was also made up really well and she had a few of her nice bracelets and anklets too. It seemed like she had prepared well for this. The guy's name was apparently Nikhil since Anjali moaned it more than once, and he was wearing your average jeans and a t-shirt. He looked pretty big though. My guess would be that he was a football player or something athletic. Like I said, Anjali and I were not very close so I was not going to run in there like some moron and "save" my sister. I was planning to watch the show, and from the looks of it, my sister was really going to be ridden hard very soon.

As he kissed her, Nikhil slipped his hand underneath Anjali's t-shirt and began fondling her left breast. She squealed as his hand passed over her violently erect nipple but their lips met again and she was quickly silenced. Then Nikhil began to ease Anjali's t-shirt up and soon had it over her head. Anjali's tits looked amazing. It appeared as if two honeydews lay on her golden bronze, athletically sculpted body. I cannot describe how stunning Anjali looked gleaming in the pockets of light that found its way in through the draped windows. To my surprise Anjali did not protest to any of this, instead she began to help Nikhil in the removal of her skirt and panties. Once they had completed that, Anjali told him that she wanted him inside her. Nikhil clearly did not need to be told twice so they both began ripping of his clothes.

Soon my baby sister was on her back again this time with her legs in the air, spread wide open, and the only things left on her were her sexy high-heels, bracelets and anklets. Her hair had now been opened and it was spread completely on the pillow. When Nikhil pushed down his pants to reveal his throbbing 9 inch hard-on, my little sister squealed in such a way that any guy would have wanted to slam her right then and there. Nikhil had clearly been affected by her squeal too so he started to mount Anjali. My little sister tried to spread her legs as wide as she could to try to accommodate Nikhil's throbbing dick. He positioned himself at the entrance to her paradise, pausing for a bit, and then with one long but swift stroke he entered his cock about half way inside her. Anjali let out a series of screams and closed her eyes. She rather turned her head from side to side trying to think past the pain.

Nikhil had stopped momentarily inside her to let her adjust but my little sister's reaction caused his basic instinct to kick in and he began to pump Anjali with hard fast strokes, now going in balls deep every time. Anjali literally went crazy (I imagine she had not expected this part). As Nikhil continued to ravage her pussy, all Anjali could do was scream with pain (or pleasure, I really did not know which it was). However, Nikhil would usually start frenching her when she screamed so all that Anjali could do was make soft grunts of protest. It was clear, even from my distance, that Anjali was weeping since her blushed cheeks were now wet with tears. I suspected that this had to be my little sister's first time because only a virgin girl would express her experience this way. Anjali's entire body shook every time Nikhil slammed into her. Her sexy skinny legs and feet were pretty much waving in the air on either side of Nikhil.

While he fucked her, Nikhil moved his hands up from my sister's waist, which he had been holding for advantage. First, he groped and massaged her rhythmically jiggling breasts for about 4 minutes then finally positioned his hands on her shoulders so he could slam into her even harder. During that time, Anjali wrapped her slender, tanned legs around Nikhil's waist locking them at her ankles and moved her sexy hands onto Nikhil's elbows for support. I noticed how her long feminine nails had been painted a light pink color and how her gorgeous hazel-blue eyes were looking directly into Nikhil's as she lay beneath him there receiving the pounding of her life. Brothers usually have one of two fantasies about their (hot) sisters. They either imagine up scenarios of fucking the shit out of them themselves, or they yearn to see their sexy sister getting her pussy ravaged hard by some other guy. I clearly fell into the second group because I had one of the biggest boners ever.

Nikhil continued to penetrate Anjali at a faster rate with fairly harder strokes. Then, almost as abruptly as it had begun, Nikhil became rigid. You could clearly tell that he was filling Anjali with his hot seed. He collapsed onto Anjali and took hold of her hard so that he could completely empty himself inside her. They both lay there breathless. Nikhil had both his arms around Anjali and Anjali had her beautiful hands on Nikhil's back pulling him into her. Her shiny pink nails digging into his back. A few bangs of her long golden blonde hair were in front of her face and blew up every time she exhaled. After about 5 minutes, Nikhil suddenly came back to life. He pulled out of my sister and started frenching her again. Soon his hard-on was back so he got up a little and lifted up Anjali's sexy legs so that each one sat on each of his shoulders then he came back down onto Anjali. I knew what he was doing. Nikhil was going to fuck Anjali in the "squashing-the-deckchair" position. Nikhil pulled his hips into the air and once again entered Anjali at an alarmingly fast speed. Anjali screamed because although the penetration before had been deep, this position was known for providing even deeper entry.

Anjali's hot high-heel sandals were almost touching her face. Nikhil put his hands onto the bed for advantage and began to pound Anjali again. He was pretty much parallel to Anjali so gravity was on his side helping him slam as hard as he could into my little sister's tight pussy. I could clearly see Nikhil's cock going in and coming out again. It went in the full 9 inches, and Anjali screamed every time. All Anjali could do was put her arms around Nikhil's neck as she screamed, but soon Nikhil started to kiss her moist red lips so all I could hear were her muffled moans again. Anjali's ass was a site to behold in this position.
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