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Any thing for you!

All have started for his happiness. But later it has changed to his demand, and i was forced to cater all. Still he used to make me happy and I used to forget all. I was from a poor family. In child hood I have recieved almost all enjoyment. Father was a good maizon and used to earn well. I have studied up to 12 th class . Then came the death of father. Mother beeing young have got many suiters. She has got married after one year of his death. when she have left ,i became the property of my aunt. Slowlly I have stopped schooling ,and tried for some work. Initially it was in a cloth store as sails girl. The income was very low ans soon tried to turn the jobes, with out any better income. Finally it was my aunts suggestion to seek working as a maid servent. It was a great leap in income ,almost 3 times. I was also happy there.Used to get good food and old dresses and good behaviour. Slowlly the work has increased to 2 houses and was with better salary. Due to my education the maliks also liked me and used to believe me. Even some was ready to give a loan when required.
Then came my marriage .It was a love which was later agreed by aunt. The boy was very handsome and was working in a gold shop an sails boy. Income was also good and also with good dress and a/c show room. Even though I was just ordinary he was a star material. Still he used to enjoy me well. fucking almost daily or even more times when I was free. It ws great. Even now I used to enjoy that. It was after our kid he has stopped that for a few days. Still I have tried to make him happy with oral way etc. I used to make him in good humer by telling many a sex stories of memsaabs and my friends while he also used to tell about his. It was slowlly became a usual practice in our sex. With out that he never get errected well. I also used to peep in to the rooms of madams and used to talk with others to get such experiences for our sex time talks. Oue kid has reached class 2 ,and still we were good in bed. Many houseds were changed and many good and not so good experiences happened. Beeing not very attractive I used to avoid much attractions from sabs and their betas ,and their servents. Many used to get those problems.Then came one day when I was forced to stay with a madam in the night. She ws a good and rich lady with gori and glass like body. I used to tell my hus about her. When ever i used to clean her hair and paint her nails i used to feel of licking her neck and her toes. They were so good and attractive. Her sole and her theigh and neck were of same tone and colour. It was their family trait. Her sisters who used to come occationally also had same beauty. One day I have told her sister who was a doctor, my feeling . She infact aallowed me to lick her feet and soles and has also allowed me to oil her naked body. This became a usual practice since then with both sisters. Under their feet I was woest in appearence than their chappels. Still I felt happy. I used to tell all this to my Hus in our sed. He In turn used to ger good errection for our fuck.
Once he has given a mobile with camera( then it was very rare) and asked to bring a photo . Initially I have objuctedthat but larer gor many from both in various poses. .He used to see them and weused to fuck as if our first night. He has always used to tell his interest for their bodies.But also knew the impossible conditions. To make him happy I used to get more photos wiht my camera..
Theage has reached to 30 and has made mw with bit more flesh. With my tall body and good teeth I also said to be come a sexy figure. Studying from my madams I have also cared my feet and hands and nales well. Even I used to go for beauty saloons with madam and do some treatments..I have got a good hair height and tanned skin. I used many good sents and deos which was freely given by them..Then again that night ... Madam has slept by 10 with a glass of wisky or so. She told me that she has sleeplees condition so used to have a sleeping tab. So I was asked not to worry for her till morning. . It was after 11 some one has knocked the door. I could knew that it was sab. Naturally I have opened the door. in my night dress. Since I had a good bath I was only in a maxy. He has simply went to their room and closed the door. Not even talked other than a smile. He was a man of 6 foot with an appearance of a film star. I have talked with him only one or two time since 4 years. A gentle man, I felt. I have slept for about an hour. Then I have felt some touch on my theighs. I have got up to see him in my bed. in his birth suit. It was a scene to believe. So long and fat penis . My Hus was having a 3 inch one ,and I have never seen such one. I have cried but his body was on me by then. He has told me to keep quite,while his hand was on my neck. I became a puppet in front of him. Then he has made me to get naked and has taken me on his sholder to hid guest room..It was a great fuck. He has pumped for abour 30 minutes with out mercy. Then again an oral followed with another. When I have got up he was not with me. It was a great feeling. I have not told that to my Hus. But later I have told him on a night. He did not feel for that, He told that he also likes the marvelous madam for a nigt. Still I was not ready to cheat her. Then one day When I was just comming from bath room , he has seen me. He was ready to catch me .But since madam was there I have ran to her in that wet dress with out changing. But he has followed me. To my surprise maadam has told me to stay with out much struggling. He will not likk you and why to cry. Since it was your second time better to enjoy. You will not loose any thing. Infact she has caught my hands and pulled me to the bed. For some reason I have cried iloudly and tried to run away. But he has taken me as a kid and went to hid bed. When I have kicked she has caught my legs and pressed me in. Soon he has climbed over . In fact she was enjoying his fuck while standing there.. Later I have started behaving normally. I told her that I have feared his long penis.
From then I have decided to make a chance for my Hus to fuck madam. That has come as a chance. Sir has gone to a foreign trip alone, since madam was with a sprain. As usual I became her attendant. As arranged my Hus has come and entered in. After her tabs and sleep for about 30 minutes he was opened to his prey. I have stayed there and enjoyed the scene. Since she was in a half sleep she was not ready to fight. Only I have caught her hands while he was licking her feet and legs. .On fucking she has slowlly enjoyed that by catching him with her legs. >Both were happy and he has left. It became a normal way from then. .But the problem has increased my work. He has started demanding other ladies and girls of various houses.,irrespective of their beauty. I have arranged some and others are in pipe ,waiting for a chance. I feel happy for him and his active fucking to me in night. Always he calls by the name of the madams and even lick my feet as if it is pink and soft. .Luckily tillnow I have not entered in to problems. Apart from the madam all others were simple lower middile class and was not ready to complain. Many was happy for the free and safe sex, while I was also getting their men ..
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