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A Meeting With An Angel

Hi everyone….I don’t think need any introduction now on this site as you have already read two of my stories in last month. This time it is of one stranger whom I met few days ago.
Last month on 19th I went to New Zealand for some business. This was the first time I was visiting there. I had a meeting fixed with a company on 21st.. Being new to this place I had already made an arrangements to stay. It was my cousin Shruti’s house. Shruti is my second cousin who is studying there for last almost 8 months. So I was bit relaxed, as there will be someone known at least. Shruti is very cute girl and very confident at the age of 19. Even being cousins we were not so close. I mean we rarely use to meet each other either on family marriages or functions.
As decided over the phone, she was suppose to receive me on the airport at 8 A.M.. After crossing the immigration, my eyes were searching for her. And there she was. But to my surprise she was completely changed. The girl who always uses to wear salwar suits was standing in shorts and t-shirt. She welcome me with a warm hug.” Shruti you are looking great” I said. She just smiled and said, ” Welcome to New Zealand Dhruv”. We hired a cab and moved towards her house. As we reached she opened the locked door. It was a small beautifully decorated house with two rooms. She placed my baggage in a room and showed me the kitchen and said” Dhruv, you will have to help yourself today as I am in hurry. I have to get ready and reach college as I am already late.” . “Its fine with me, but what time will you be back?” I said. She replied ” I will be back by 4 PM but Sanjana will be here by 2PM “. ” Sanjana???? Who is she??” I asked. She said, ” Oh Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Sanjana is my housemate and also studying in the same college. She belongs to Noida. But dont worry, she knows that you are coming here and will stay with us for 4-5 days. She is comfortable with it”. I made a cup of coffee for myself by the time she was ready for college. She left saying bye and told me that Sanjana is a nice and friendly person. After having my coffee I changed my clothes. I was tiered so went to sleep.
I woke up at around 2:30 and went to kitchen to have some water. As I entered the kitchen I noticed someone in the common room. I turned back and there was a beautiful girl sitting on the floor reading some magazine. She looked at me and smiled. “ Hi Dhruv, myself Sanjana.”. “ Hi…. How are you? Shruti told me about you.” I replied with a smile back. Sanjana, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was in her black short top and blue jeans. She asked me to make myself comfortable. I joined her on the floor. She kept her magazine and started asking about my business, friends, my hobbies, so on. Soon we were good friends. She was a very lively girl. She made tea for both of us. By the time we finished the tea, the main door opened. Shruti was back. She smiled and said “ Hmm….so you both liked each other’s company.” “ I hope you are comfortable here Dhuv “. “ Perfectly fine…your friend is cool” I said. We all decided to go out for food. From there we went out roaming here and there and finally reached back at night 10. Sanjana had an off next morning but Shruti had to leave by 8. So we all went to sleep. Sanjana and Shruti decided to sleep in one room and me in another. I was not sleepy so I asked Shruti for her laptop to check my mails. I went to my room and started surfing. After few minutes there was a knock at my door. I looked up to find Sanjana standing at the door in shorts and white loose t-shirt. OOOHHHH……She was looking HOT. I controlled myself, as she was my cousin’s friend. “ Can I join you Dhruv?” she said. “ Ofcourse, why not”. She came near and sat watching what I was surfing on the net. Thank god I wasn’t surfing any porn site. “What are you doing Dhruv?”. “Nothing just checking my mails” I said. “ Only mails…..no females???” she asked with a naughty smile. We both laughed. As she wasn’t comfortable looking at what I am doing she placed her on my shoulder to see. I just shivered. I could feel the softness of her fair skin on my neck. I looked at her…she was looking at the computer screen. I was getting out of control. I felt like holding her then and there. But was scared. Slowly I moved my elbow and placed it on her boob. Wow…so soft and round. She noticed that and smiled naughtily but said nothing. She started reading the mails in my inbox. I didn’t objected as I wanted her to read all that HOT mails which my girl friends had sent to me. By this time my dick started getting hard with the thought of her reaction. She was reading very carefully and every few seconds she will just give me a naughty look. Few minutes’ later after reading 5-6 mails she turned and faced towards me. “ So, you have many hot girlfriends around you.” I just smiled back and could see her face getting red. “ How about teaching me about sex as you do to your girl friends??? Hmm..” saying this she placed her hand on my dick over my shorts. I was shocked …….its been only few hours we know each other….
She started rubbing my dick with her hands looking towards it. I was happy inside to get such a gorgeous girl. I placed my lips on her and gave her a nice smooch. She removed her top. She wasn’t wearing any bra. OMG….My dick erected like a pole to see those beautiful round fair boobs with light pink nipples. She held her boobs in both hands started playing with it. “ What do you say Dhruv?” “ You are a hot sexy bitch…” and saying this I just held her and started sucking her boobs. I was licking her all over. She started moaning. My hand was rubbing her pussy over shorts. Her shorts were wet by then. She was moaning loudly…suddenly she jumped over me and removed my t-shirt and started rubbing my chest. Slowly she moved down and removed my shorts with her teeth. Her touch was making me mad. She was saying nothing and was just busy playing with me as if she had never seen a man. She removed my shorts and now my dick was hanging in the air as if it was saluting this hot gorgeous bitch. She held it in her hand and put it in her mouth completely in just a second. She was behaving like a hungry whore. “ OHHhhh…Yessss….give me the best blowjob of my life Sanjana” I said…she said nothing but keep moving her head up and down up and down. She was moving her soft tongue all over my tool. After few seconds she left my tool and removed her shorts and panty. She then pulled me over her and said “ Dhruv, show me how strong you are…just let me feel that hot rod inside me.” I stood to get the condom out of my bag, which I always keep with me but she held my hand and said…”NO…I want to feel the real heat”. She pulled me towards her and parted her legs to give me the full view of her pink shaven pussy. I placed both my hands on her boobs sitting between her soft thighs and asked her to show my tool the way to heaven. She smiled and held my dick with her hand and placed it on her pussy hole. I didn’t moved so she started rubbing the head of my dick to her pussy. She was getting horny. She begged me to enter her. As she placed it again on her hole I entered her completely in one shot. Her mouth opened fully as if my dick head reached her throat. Her moans and sounds were off for few seconds till the time I didn’t took out my dick. Her legs were straight in air, eyes wide open, her hands on my bums scratching them with her nails in pain. I took it out half slowly and there was a loud moan. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh………her eyes went close and she loosen her body. Before she could relax her body there I gave another hard stroke. AAAhhhhh OOOHhhhhhhhh….this time she was breathing hard. “ Yessssss….do it ……give me more of this…….Aaahhhhhh”. Now it was hard for me also to control. I started pumping her hard…in and out…..in and out….in and out…AAAAhhhhhhh Aahhh AAAAAA…..Harder and harder ……my speed was increasing on every stroke….She was moaning like a mad….And that goes the final stroke…..it was so hard and hot that she bend her body in U shape holding my back with legs in air. I shoot several shots of my hot cum inside her pussy… it took few seconds for both of us to relax our bodies.. She had a simultaneous orgasm…our cum was dripping out from her pussy all over the bed. We were unable to move for few minutes.
Later she changed the bed sheet and said that she is leaving as Shruti might wake up. I didn’t want her to leave so requested her stay for few hours. She said that tomorrow we have whole day for us as Shruti will be in college and she has an off. And then she left.
It was a great night for me in New Zealand with the best host of my life. Next day she gave me a shock of my life by telling me that she was the same Sanjana who was my net friend and had been in touch through emails since she had read my first story. She also came to know when she got my email id that night.
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