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A Marital Massage

My name is Manjula. I am 26 years old. Though I am educated, as I came from a very poor rural family, I had to get married to a well to do middle aged businessman of 57 years. My husband’s name is Sunil. I am an average looking woman - very fair, long hair, about 5′ 6″ in height, a figure of 36 - 27 - 38 and good skin texture etc. Being a rural woman I am rather very strong, but, conservative in nature and always dressed in sarees.
I was a virgin when we were married and my husband Sunil took my virginity on our wedding night. Though his penis is very normal in size - just a five inch thin one, I had cried and bled a lot, when my hymen was broken by him. But I got over it. Over the next few weeks, he had sex with me - whenever he wished. I am very shy during sex. But as I was so innocent and fresh, the more he looked at me, he slowly developed an obsession. His obsession was to watch a very big built man with an extremely large sized penis, have sex with me very roughly! This obsession of his grew and grew to a point, that he simply could think of nothing - except to watch that scene in his mind. He knew that being a very conservative girl from a rural family, I would simply not agree to fulfiling his obsessions. But yet, his obsession grew and every time he thought about it, his penis would get erect! He developed a plan……
Slowly, he started renting pornographic video movies and began making me watch them along with him, during nights - to expose to me the sexual activities that people were taking pleasure in around the world. Though I was not comfortable watching porn, yet, just to please him, I watched them. He then broached upon the subject of bringing another man to our bedroom to have sex with me. I was shocked and completely refused. Over the next few weeks, he kept on asking me and pleading with me to agree. Yet I kept on refusing him. One day in the market, He came across a vegetable vendor - who caught his attention. He was almost 6′ 4 ” tall, dark, massively built physique and had a mustache and a beard. He reminded him of his obsession for me. He knew that he had found the man for me. But, the problem was now to convince me and him too! Gradually, he started regularly buying vegetables from him and befriended him. The man’s name was Jameel. He was from U.P. My husband Sunil, asked him out for drinks and got to know him better. He gathered that Jameel was married but, as his wife was staying in his village, he was yearning for sex. My husband Sunil, slowly revealed to him over the next few weeks, his obsession and even showed my snaps to him. He got excited looking at my snap and told him that he was more than willing to take my vagina roughly. Both of them drew a plan…..
That night once again My husband Sunil, brought up the topic with me. When I refused as usual, he pleaded with me, that at least I should fulfill my obsession in another smaller way. I asked him how. He told me, that he had come across a professional masseur for ladies. He told me that he would be satisfied to some degree, if I at least allowed that man to give myself, a body massage. I was very hesitant. He told me that as he would be with me, when he was massaging me, there would be no problem. As I had been pestered by him everyday, for almost two months, I finally agreed. He arranged for us to have Jameel, to come to our house on Saturday night.
On Saturday evening, in order to make me look very exciting to Jameel, he personally prepared me. He lovingly bathed me and helped me to dress in a sexy black bra and panty. Over that, he made me wear a sleeveless white blouse and a nice white cotton petticoat. Then he helped me to wear a simple and nice white sarees. Then He helped me to comb my hair and apply a simple make up. I suppose I looked nice by that time. He was sure that Jameel would tear my tender vagina apart with excitement. I was extremely nervous by now. My husband Sunil, calmed me with soothing words.
Promptly at 7.00 p.m., as planned the bell rang. I almost ran into our inner rooms! My husband Sunil, opened the door and Jameel walked in. He called out to me and asked me to get some whisky for our guest. Slowly and shyly with a lot of nervousness I walked in carrying the tray with the bottle and glasses. Jameel’s eyes almost popped out looking at me! He introduced Jameel to me as a ladies masseur. Jameel was wearing a simple cream colored shirt and a white pant. As they drank a couple of pegs, I could see that Jameel could simply not keep his eyes off my body. I further could make out the form of his penis standing erect, in his pant. It appeared huge. My husband was getting thrilled with anticipation of what it would do to my hairy & lovely vagina.
After sometime and a few pegs, My husband Sunil, asked me if I was ready for the massage. With great nervousness, I nodded. He then invited Jameel to our bedroom. He told him in front of myself, that as I was nervous, and as he would probably need to disrobe me slowly to ensure a good massage, it would be better if, both of them - himself and Jameel, also disrobed little by little, as and when, he disrobed me, so that I would not feel too shy. He agreed with a big grin on his face! I looked shocked! He patted me and told her, that by this way, I would not feel conscious of myself and I would enjoy the massage better.
In the bedroom, Jameel then asked me to first remove my saree and lie down on our bed with my blouse and petticoat. I hesitated. My husband Sunil, walked up to me and helped me to remove my saree. I lay down on the bed. Jameel applied some cream on his palms and started massaging my arms. He was very slow and sensuous and kept staring at my breasts and navel. Gradually I started easing up on my tensions. He then told me that he will now massage my neck. Again He was very slow and sensuous and kept staring at my breasts and navel, with lust in his eyes. I now started becoming a bit uneasy, as I was obviously beginning to get a bit excited. He then told me that he will now massage my upper chest and that I had to remove my blouse. I looked up at My husband Sunil. He told me that it was OK and removed my blouse, also asking Jameel to remove his shirt. Jameel had a very broad and hairy chest with rippling muscles. I stared at his hairy chest and muscles with nervousness. Jameel started massaging my upper chest. Again He was very slow and sensuous and kept staring at my bra, thru’ which my large black nipples could be distinctly seen. I now started getting excited.
Jameel then told me that he will now pull up my petticoat to massage my thighs. I nodded slowly. My husband Sunil, told Jameel to remove his pant. Jameel had a underwear, under his pant. My husband Sunil, and me were almost shocked to see a very huge bulge under his underwear. Obviously his massive organ was completely erect and was straining against the underwear. I stared at his organ with fear. Jameel started massaging my calves and then my thighs. He gave a very slow and sensuous massage on my thighs and kept sliding his hand more and more upwards into my petticoat, towards my hot and hairy vagina. My petticoat kept slipping more and more upwards. My milky white thighs were getting more and more visible and Jameel kept staring at them. Finally he pulled my petticoat completely upwards. My black panty was visible now. It was drenched with moisture. It was obvious that I was very excited and was secreting my juices through my lovely moist vagina.
Jameel then told me that he will now massage my upper thighs and hence I should remove my panty. I kept silent as she was feeling extremely shy. My husband Sunil, told Jameel to remove it himself. he also told him to remove his underwear, so that my I can also see his organ and not be self conscious. Jameel pulled off my panties from her. He then slipped off his Underwear. My husband Sunil, and me could not believe our eyes! Here was the biggest and most massive penis that I had ever seen in my life. It was Gigantic! It looked like an angry tiger! It was around Nine inches long, Four inches in diameter, Hairy, Black and had a gigantic head. It was completely erect! I almost fainted looking at his massive organ with fear. Jameel stretched and pulled up both my thighs upwards, giving him a very close up view of my tiny, tender, hairy and moist vagina. They could smell the pungent sexy smell, which was emanating from my intimate places!
Jameel positioned himself kneeling on the bed, so that he could put each of my thighs, either side on each of his shoulders. His monster penis was now only an inch away from my tiny vagina! I was completely excited. My husband Sunil, also became extremely excited, removed all his clothes and slipped closer to us, so that he could watch clearly. Jameel started his sensuous massage on my upper thighs. I was extremely excited. Slowly he started massaging the outer lips of my vagina. I started squirming. Jameel pulled himself closer to me. His penis now started touching my vaginal entrance. He continued his massaging of my vagina with his fingers. I was getting more and more excited by the minute. Jameel looked at My husband Sunil. He told him to go ahead. I realised what My husband Sunil had asked him to do and though I was extremely excited and my vagina was pouring out my juices, yet, I looked at My husband Sunil, helplessly from the bed. He patted my cheeks and told me that it was OK. I did not know what to do.
Jameel stood for a moment and gazed at my body, appreciating my firm, round breasts, nearly perfect tummy and shapely legs. He reached forward and cupped my breasts, lowering his face to their softness. With expertise and gentleness, he removed my bra, allowing it to join the rest of the clothing on the floor. I don’t know how long he spent kissing, nibbling, sucking and caressing my breasts, as time seemed to stand still in the room lit by early summer sunlight. My back arched and small throaty moans would occasionally make their way into the lustful air, adding fuel to the fire, which was on its way to being out of control.
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