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Servant With The Maid

I am a poor young man from Kashmir searching for a job in the city. I was 25 and was a refugee . After a lot of daily labor in various hotels ,dabbas and also ias choukidar in a workshop I was very much suffered. None used to give money except for food and place to stay. . One day I have helped a fat ma in carrying his luggage's to home. I did it for free just as a decency. But he liked me. From then I was given a choukidaar post in his house. He was a businessman having a shop in front of his large house.. he uses to purchase the local cash crops and sell in whole sale. Slowly I have started getting some money for sending to my home. It was after about a month he has called me to his house in dead night.

It seems he was having a muscle pull ans want me to massage. Later that was a part of normal work. He may ask to do it till mid night or so till he get sleep. Then he used to go to his real bed room. The salary also have increased for that extra work. I was a tall man with Kashmir apple co lour. Due to my appearance he also permitted me to sit in the office chair as a clerk. With in a year I became a clerk or muneem . Buy the work of massaging also continued. I was given permission to sleep in the office cum store room.. Then one day he has caught me with his legs and asked me to suck him. I was not willing .but he has threatened me to send to police for some false cases. He told me that he is not able to fuck for his fatness. . so he has to do this and his family will not do that.. I was offered more money for that. Since I have no other way I became his sucker from then. .

I used to collect his secretion in mouth and spit it away. Initially It was very difficult but later I have studied..Then came a holiday when all of them went to another town for a week. I was the manager to collect materials then. It was then I could enter the rooms. Early morning a servant lady used to come for cleaning. I used to open the rooms for her and close them after work. To my surprise I found that the lady was about 40 and was very fair and clean and in good.shape . I have tried to seduce her. but she was bit fearful an d not willing. After trying for 3 or 4 days she has shown some signs of familiarity. So on a Sunday I took her in force in the master bed room. She has cried a lot .but after about a initial tooting trouble she has enjoyed me and even used to climb over me to fuck. .She was ready with our my asking in the next day.

She has also taught some new ways, I have asked her to help me for getting better and younger ones. But since the 7 days are likely to be over in a day she told me to wait. She told me to try with the old mans wife .she is younger than her she told. She has not even does any work and was in heat for sex. I f tries I can get her easily. She also told me that she had a connection with a relative fellow . She told me that was a witness to that. She also told me that she will try for me. It took many days to meet her again. Then the owner Saab has gone for a marriage alone, asking me to kook the business. In the night I was called by the servant lady to the inner room. I was happy to have her for a night. But there was the malkkin along with her. She was a piece of makhan. as if just fallen from sky. She has told me that she is aware of my work in night. So if I am also staying as her slave I will be safe. Other way She may tell him that I have misbehaved with her.

I told her that I am not a mad man to avoid her. Then With out any invitation I have jumped on her and did a real sex by force. I have made her to suck my dick even though she was not willing. later she did not resist. I have licked her from her pink feet to her red lip many times. .She has agreed that it was a new experience for her. WE has similar sex for all those days. I did have many photos for my security, where she used to suck me with out my forcing. .She has also enjoyed the live sex with the servant lady in the floor. Luckily I was also given a girl who was a virgin for her live show. The girl who was a servant girl has resisted ,but She was nothing in front of me, She has even kept her hands under her feet for helping me to fuck calmly. .Later when the fuck was over she also have co operated well . This has continued for two days. . I was to wait for months for getting them after his arrival. Soon I have found out a village method for avoiding him and to give him a good sleep.

I have got a medicine containing opium from mu place .When ever I am interested I used to give it to him to make him sleep deeply. Initially the ladies were not ready to have sex in that room where he was sleeping. But we used to have it on the same bed with out any fear. Thus my life became happy than the seth saabs. He also was happy for his sleep. .By the end of third year manikin used to enjoy threesome sex and nice fuck and suck s which she never used to do earlier. She have also started enjoying saab in a sitting and standing position ,which I have taught her. So all are happy now. My next aim is the saabs younger sister and her very beautiful daughter. His sister was easier since manikin has agreed to arrange . But the other will be my own test.
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