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Seema: An Ambitious Maid - Pt. 8

It was very brief, almost terse. It read simply... "I am very disappointed in you. If you wish to make amends for your misdeeds, you will present yourself to me at 5PM today. Do not be late." ...and it was unsigned.
She suddenly woke up to a' bang'. Seema did not know where to begin and slowly realized that her door was getting knocked and it seemed to her like a bang, slowly getting up tired and with the churidar-kurta flying all over, she reached to the door.

In front of her was Pradip, and he was with Sunanda. " Are you okay, Ma was worried that you left without saying a word. We tried calling you all through the evening and I came 3-4 times, I understand you did not tell Sunanda too where you were, What happened Seema?”

Seema was already in a horny state after the 'fatherly' tit - fuck. Her cunt was in a ripe state and Pradip was the right answer at this point of time. She lost no time and asked him to come inside. He refused saying, he had to go back soon since it was already '12' midnight and turned to say 'goodbye' when he noticed her again, she was alluring and she was enticing and she was sexy...Ooooh...he would die for one plunge and just one at that in her lovely gash.

Seema knew the hunger, she could see it in his eyes. And with Sunanda looking at both of them, Seema toyed with her necklace sensuously, twining her fingers in it, moving it between her breasts, encircling one mound with the chain, stroking her nipple through the churidar with it. She lifted the necklace to her sensual lips, parting them, letting her tongue slide out and around the black beads, plucking at it with her lips.

Sunanda grinned. She knew that this was the end of Pradip, last of the male tribe yet unconquered by Seema in Gangaram's family.

Pradip asked Sunanda to leave and closing the door from inside, took Seema in his arms, " Seema I love you, my darling, you are really beautiful I must say", and he kissed her fully on the lips, the bitch just gave him all the cooperation and in no time her kurta was off and her bra clad boobs were pressing into his chest while he was eating her lips gracefully. He was not in a hurry.

" You wanted to go home Pradip", teased Seema, Pradip was uncontrollable when he heard that and he bent forward and cupped her breast in one hand, his head bending to hers. He felt her breast swell and harden in his hand, the nipple shooting erect as their lips met again.

This time Seema's lips parted slowly beneath his, her tongue snaking out to defend against his, her lips pricking at his as he flicked the straps of her black bra off her shoulders and it fell low, exposing her now turgid breasts.

Seema was flowing with all this, the 24 year old Pradip married a month back was even now more or less a virgin, and was pouncing on her like a hungry lion. She sighed and her face became gently suffused with pleasure as he fondled one breast then the other. His head dipped, his tongue sliding down her neck.

"Seema, I am hungry for you, please become mine and be mine forever.”

What an irony, all the men in Gangaram's family wanted Seema for each of them individually, Seema was elated and really excited. She realized the real power of being a 'SLUT' as she gasped softly to his tongue snaking out as it swirled over her aureole around the nipple, flicking at it rapidly.

Pradip without hesitation slipped his middle finger between her thighs and they parted without invitation. They met no resistance and in fact were into a 'wet' crevice with her ass and pussy totally deluged in her pudgy juice, Seema had started leaking at the very thought of enjoying the last member in Gangaram's family and that gave her pussy the extra energy to juice in 'tons' without provocation.

"Mm, that's lovely," she sighed, enjoying the mouth laving on her erect boobs. "Yes ... ohhh yes ..."

Pradip first sucked on her breast gently, then became firm as she gasped, moaning loudly as his teeth and tongue rippled at her boob tips. His teeth ran across the nipple, mauling and crushing the breasts, his tongue rolled and coiled and swirled lovingly around the left erect boob in his mouth.

"Mmmmm, yes ohhhhhh yes Dipu yes..." Seema moaned softly.

Pradip was getting excited and he slid lower, while his body started warming to her caresses, Seema leaned back further, tilting he face upward as he kissed her smooth stomach and ran his tongue over her navel, massaging her thighs with his warm hands. She spread her legs and splashed wider apart as her hips arched with his head slipping even lower.

Pradip paused, his mouth inches from her bald cunt-lips and gasped as she lifted her loins and using her fingers on both the hands, let the cunt-lips open.

"C'mon my Dipu darling ... lick my cunt ...," she sprang words on him.

Pradip hadn't yet seen the pussy of Meena his own wife in the couple of fuck sessions he had with his newly married, all he had received was the 'missionary' tablet where he had just leaned forward and ' in out ' fucked his wife. He was not even sure about his wife's virginity, he did not see any blood after the first fuck.

This was heaven for him and Pradip started pulling Seema's cunt-lips open as she moaned hoarsely on his hot breath, which seared into her cunt. His tongue swiveled into the juice laden pussy juice and her head dropped forward.

Pradip used his tongue to dart in and out as it rolled in her cunt. He just enjoyed the taste and musky smell of her cunt-juice. Seema held his head and switched up and down between her thighs, moaning as it cut into her cuntal joints.

After a while Seema could not take it any more and fell on the bed with Pradip standing in front of the very bed where she had screwed Aadesh a few weeks back. Kneeling before him, Seema reached for his crotch. She moaned softly and kissed the enormous bulge through his pants. Slowly, her hands crawled up to undo the fly on his trousers and flipped it open, slowly pulling out his mammoth shaft, he wore no underwear.

Seema's lips parted hungrily and her eyes glittered with lust, her nostrils flaring. She had never imagined such a big, thicker, harder, longer cock, in her entire whoring, only one man, Deepak- a college student had a fractionally larger cock but even he had been nowhere as good in size and erection. Pradip was in a class by himself. He pulled Seema's head and with a wild groan allowed her to slide up over his body, dragging her tongue over his chest, laving it right through his dirty navel, moving back, sucking and licking his nipples, lapping at the thin cream of sweat on his body, brushing her breasts over his hard flesh. He chuckled as she straddled his hips smoothly and leaned forward on outstretched arms. Seema took his head in her arms and very quietly but surely offered her left nipple openly and lewdly to him on his lips by pressing the mammary squarely on the mouth. Pradip enjoyed the whore's attention and sucked her sweaty nipple in a frantic manner, it very clearly became apparent that Meena was yet to open up with Pradip and he remained an unsatisfied man.

"C'mon Seema my darling let me suck your other nipple," he grunted, sliding his hands up the maid's slender, superbly curved body, cupping and squeezing her generous, swollen breasts, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. " Meena is not taking care of you , my darling Dipu, you should be totally satiated in the deluge of sex, you are married, don't worry I am there and will give you all pleasures which you would not have even dreamt" and Seema brushed the falling hair aside and shoved her other boob into the waiting mouth. That night Pradip drank the mammaries like a calf sucking on a cow's tits. He really undestood the meaning of boobs and the pleasure they could provide to a man.

Pradip finally decided he would fuck her now, he did not want to lose the lovely chance of raiding her lovely pussy. She would have to take it and he knew,being her master, that she could and would. He was well pleased with her. Older to him in age and relatively more experienced at the trade, she was an exceptionally good pussy and was a very qualified whore.
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