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Patience will be better than Greed

The incident was just after my P.G. I have got an appointment at kudagu at karnataka. Since my moms best friend was there with their large flat ,i was forced to stay there. Aunty was more than 60 and both of her daughters were married and out of state they were alone. I wa provided a room in first floor. Both uncle and aunt were very good and non interfering people. I used to reach late and also leave very early. So there was no time even to talk except for holidays. I used to have many CDs of films and sex which I used to see. specially in off days. Only a lady servent used to come up for cleaning. Initially she was very calm burt later has started to advice and even used to see my films by standing. One day I have asked her if she like to take a CD to her home? for which she gave an affirmative answer. Thus I used to give film C.D to her . . She used to interfere my habit of not taking bath in the morning and also sitting late in night.Even though she was about 35 or so she used to behave as if she is my nanni. She also used to tell this to aunt also and in turn reached to my mom. I have disliked this and was trying for a single room facility. .The maid was the class fellow of aunts elder girl and so they used to give all freedoms of her daughter. I could not tell any thing to her bossing. One day she was very angry to me in giving a sex cD insted of a film. But the film was there but also had a piece of a blue. She has advised me not to see those etc. From that day I have made it a point to on a sex vedio when ever she comes. I also used to enter in the bath for a long time then. I have found that she was much interested for seeing the CD in my absence. Then I used to give her sex CDs with films by telling the fact. Soon she has become friendly and used to see the videos with me. ..By then I have no experience of real sex. Only stories and films. Many of my friends used to tell their acts ,and I used to be jelous of them by doing wetting. One day I have got a video of a youth with a dominant aunty and of a old man forcing a teen girl. Ihe old man 's was a real act I have shown that to the maid and she has asked me whether I want a teener. I told yes. But she also has asked whether I had any experience. I have told her the truth. We used to talk for hours in the night after aunt and her Hus have slept. The maid used to stay for some days when work is more. Her place was hardly One hundred meters away. Our flat was having 17 flats in 4 stories. All with tenants. After 7 months I have got a single room +kitchen flat in the same floor. Ane I have shifted to that. .But I used to have my night meals and holiday food with aunt . .This has eased the maids entry to my new house. She used to stay with me for seeing films -sex videos. It was then I have started watching her with sex or lustful eye. She was a tall lady slim with dark skin and with some dark patches on face . Thin used to make her undesirable in first look. But later I found that she has a nice tones thigh and waist and a large but shapely breast.. She has finally made me to have sex with her or has taught me the fucking art. .I have found that once the lights are off she is a hoori. It was through her I could know many stories of the flats and aunts family. With in a month I became an expert in sex through her. She was not at all selfish and even have arranged one good teen ager ,her relative, for me. I used to take them in her presence so that no one will doubt me. All were the maid servants or their relatives.,who are in need of money or sheer sex from a saab who is handsome as a film star..soon I have started enjoying sex from her than of others and found that the appearance i and age is not that important in sex if the party is good at work.
The varieties were getting along with the maid but the top class one was the real astonishment. It was her friend and class fellow and the elder daughter of aunt and uncle. I have seen their photos in their house, They were as if made of glass and was taller than ordinary girl. She was married to a banker and was said to be rich. But was with no issue. She has come to her mom for a treatment and for a pooja. In fact I was not knowing that. One day while returning I have met her along with some other ladies in front of the building. She was hardly looking as a 25 lady with terrible beautiful face . I have marked her and also tried to enquire about her.Then I have told about her to my maid friend. She also could not identify her from my descriptions.I have seen her marvelous feet which was as pink as a lotus flower. But my description were not enough. Later she has told ma about her friend who also will be beautiful . She has then told about their college days. Being bad on study and also poor the maid have stopped study in 9th class. Bur both sisters have studied till P.G. and then married . But there was a great private life with the three. It was the young sister who have started that in her 12 th class. The maid being poor and was bigger have got married in her 17 th year while her friends were in college. She was forced to tell all about the nights by the others. Maids husband was a sports man like figure and was a womanizer. For her bad luck he has left her and left the state with another girl. When she was carrying the elder sister used to go to the maid shouse. It was on one day she has a fascination with her Hus and being womanizer he has not even waisted a minute for fucking her. In fact the maid has seen it in the last stage. Being close friends they have discussed the fact in open among them . That relation have continued since then. Both sisters were using him for their enjoyment with the maids half support. Her idea was that her husband will at least not run after other girls ,or to leave her since she was not able to provide sex. Any was the marriage have put a full stop for all. Also he has left the maid soon.. In the next off day I have gone to aunts house and then only I could see her daughter. It was the same beauty I was searching. .She was in a knee high nighty and inn a black slipper. I became mad and was not even could not take meals then. I was feeling of falling on her feet to kiss it. The condition has continued for a week. The maid was busy and was not coming to me. I have even stopped seeing and videos . After seeing the top beauty how could one go for others., In the present time line i would have compared her with deepika or so. But then none was equal to her. I have forgotten her age as about 35 about 10 years elder to me.
Then came my friend. She has by then understood my mind. She has told me that she shall get her for me. But not here but in her house. It was a small setup with not even having a coat. But she felt that was safest. Then one sunday she has asked me to reach there. I have reached there. But never thought of getting her ,but instead of having maid for a night in her bed. But to my surprise My beauty god was there. in a knee long dark see through dress. The room was closed from outside by the maid. I have fallen on her feet and has started kissing her feet for a long time . She has caressed my face and hair with her toes. Then I have got up when her nighty has fallen on my face .she was totally naked. .I have got up and has jumped on her and pushed her to the floor. There was not a single area with out my licking and kissing on her body. There were many bite marks and blooding .But she was just surrendering to me as if a slave. I have used her at least 3 times before the morning. By then she was not there. I have never seen her since then. I have been there for another 2 more years bur she has never graced me again. The maid and her friends used to give all for me for money and joy. It was heard that the goddess have got a daughter soon our meet . May be of mine or by the treatments and poojas. My friend was sure that it was mine and said to be a very beautiful one than her mom. I am happy and thankful .
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