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fought for one but received the unexpected

this incident was about 10 years ago. In those days I was working as a manger in a press. The press used to get job works which we used to outsource with better presses with out customers knowledge. the owner was a insurgence agent with many jobs . his outhouse was the venue of our office. Daily eve I used to settle the money with owners wife who was also a bank staff. the business was good and also we were getting good salary. We were 3 member of staff and a peon. one was an old man and another a lady. Infarct Used to be the real chief. I was also wsed to work as their driver when owner was away,of course with a good tip.and good food. I used to write many a exams searching for a good job.I was 25 and has happened the real incident..The owner was having a house maid who was a beauty in my look. A tanned tall slim married lady with good face. She was left out by her husband since an year due to her lack of concept. I have tried to get her since my arrival .
By then she has got married and has passed 3 years and has reached into a separation. I was trying even to have her by forcefully and has failed. she used to be alone.so I used all my wits to trap ,attract her, slowly she has started reciprocating. Thus One day I have got her in the noon. She has charged a good fee but Iit was worth paying. . Then came the vacation. The owners daughter and sister was at home then. We both used to look each other cursing their presence., and was waiting for opening of their college. The girl was 17 or 18 and the sister was a teacher ageing 28 or so. Her husband was working in a merchant vessel.and so was available for 6 months only..both used to stay in her house near her school and used to be here only in holidays with parents. .I never used to care them since I was well aware of my status. Both were very fair and beautiful was like a star in my view. I was happy with the maid which became my study keep. .Of the two ladies teacher was with good sexy body while the girl was bit lean and with innocent . They also never care any of employees as even as a human. .
During that holidays I have got a chance to meet the ladies. One day I was called to make a shuttle court for their play. In fact I was not having any idea . Then the girl (Gargee)hast was not in a bra and was like a small orange only. face was as if of a kid.But with a high ego and superiority complex. She has shown the places with only with her feet while keeping her hands behind her back, as if treating her dog or cat. Any how that was my nearest contact. The other teacher (joyothi) was very sexy and never came down to us-the workers. the girl has instructed us .and helped me by giving the measurements. It was then I could see her from near. She was in a small skirt ans slippers. I found she was looking as if 15 only bit with very fair skin and pinkish heal and sole..During the holidays they have gone to their grant mother for 2 days.. And i have jumped out and had a good sex with the maid in those days.While we were in fucking position I have seen the teacher jyothy in our room. All have came to a stand still. I have posed as if I have not seen her. .and then has continued pumping even with partners resistance. Then the teacher has moved to her room we have decided to fall on her feet to request.(. Later it was told that she has come alone to get some of her books in their car.)but. she was so angry with us Never even allowed to touch her feet..Knew that my partner will be in serious problem. Finally I have decided to have her and to blackmail for keeping this secret.I knew that the job of my friend was in problem. How to stop her? No other way has appeared in front of us. I my friend convinced ,and asked to help by catching her and ti make some proof .
By then she has locked her room from inside. We have tried to call her. when pushed it has opened.. She infect was just out of her bathroom. When she has seen us we were abused and made us to leave. By then I have rushed and has caught her and has carried to her bed. She has resisted a lot but what she can do with 2 tall strong people. Finally she was made naked. When I have climbed on her my friend has left her and went out. It was then I have seen a change. She has started catching ,embracing with force ans even with her legs ,and to have good kisses. When looked to her face she was found laughing. She told me that she knew our sex in day time and has come only to see that . She is also happy to have me. It was told that the story was handed over by the peon of our office. Any how that was a great fuck and that also a rich and star like lady. .Only problem to my friend was that she was not allowed to have me till the holidays have ended. . The madam has used me as her servant or toy since then till my leaving that job.
The sex activities have continued further to unexpected lines through that big catch. Being believable and poor slave like with good activity has led to many other Malls. Let that be in next part.... 2...soon
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