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Fought for one but received the unexpected -Part 2

After the holidays I have started studily with the maid. But she was not happy in my connection with the teacher. She always doubted that what was in that teacher which in not in her. Any how I was happy that she has loved me in many ways than before. Normally she was not interested in oral fuck but after seeing teachers ways she also have started that. Even I could do an anal work with her slight objection. Then one day her husband has returned. He has also taken her to a doctor to have testing etc .He wanted a child . She was happy and that has reflected in our sex.. I was fearing how she was managing the day with me and night with him. Poor lady still have made me happy. Then she has got pregnant. She has disclosed it to me and told that it was first time she is disclosing. I have asked her that it should have informed to her Hus before me. BUt she felt that it was mine than his. .I was not worried even if that was true. She have served me till her 5 th month and then with oral way toll last month. Then there was a gap. Only the arrival of teacher madam was my hope. One day the malkin has told me to take the car out for a trip. I have cleaned it ad got it ready. She was to go to the town and to visit her daughter and sis in law. We have stayed with them on that day .I was happy even at the side room. IN the next morning mom and daughter was to go for a marriage. I have thought of taking them .But then her daughter was ready to drive ,since she was an expert by then. Teacher was having some work. So in the day I have wandered all around and was taking rest . By then some one has knocked the door. I found that as a n elder lady looking as a royal in appearance. Tall and fair/ She has entered in with my objections. I have told her that teacher is not at home. But she does not mind. She has asked me whether I am her new boyfriend? I have astonished. She has sat on a sofa and has started talking. Soon I have also sat near and was in much worried.
She has told me that they are friends. There is no secrets between them. Even she knows how we have enjoyed. In fact the plan to catch me with the maid was controlled by her. I told her that it was a fault and I shall never do so again. But she has laughed. Told me that she in fact is in need of me. Telling that she has pulled me by hand to the bed room. >Then she has opened her dresses ans I became mad of her. Such was her figure. In front of her the maid and the teacher was only kids. She was about 40 or so but the breasts were so tight or katak. The black nipple was so contrasting with her skin. I did not thought much. simply sucked her nipples and crushed her .Her height was almost matching to me so we had rolled over and licked her and kissed all over. .There was not even a over fat in her waist. She was fucked with such a force that made her to cry in pain as if doing for the first time. In the gap before the second she told me that she is a married lady with a ship engg as that of teacher. Their husbands were friends, and so they. She told me that they used to exchange young boys who are with good physique and who could keep secrets. Since long they could ger only 2 and I am said an the second. The other is still ther but was married and fearing his wife. So now I have got that post. S call boy ,or a boy friend. I never thought of a paid servent . But it was their way . no attachment. both helping each other. She has told me that if these were leaked I may face much problems if not all will be good for me. I was ready to do any thing for that type of dex.
I have told my old stories and connections with the maid. But she feels that the vagina of that maid was great since my first entry has given any top stars to be fucked. So also I have changed to al callboy. .The lady has arranged a similar jb in that town with in a month. So also I have reached to that place. I have given a place to stay in a lodge for less money. .My service was for both at their order. Soon I have enjoyed them so much. I used them ot in fact they have used me to all type of sex and was a great experience to me. We used to be threesome for many days when one was inoral the other was kissed by me. But in all cased in bed I used to be in control. I liked to force the elder madam than the teacher. Probably feeling that when climbing over her I an feeling as a king over the royal queen. .This has continued for six months till their husbands arrival and then became dry days. The availability of sex have turned me greedy and was looking for other s for sex. It was then one day I had been to the teacher. But she was on a tour with her Hus. Only the girl was there. Since we have met only before 6 to 8 months ago ,I fely she has gone bit fat. I have told that in open. Then I was to leave. But she has called me and asked me to change one bulb in her room. I have taken a stool and has moved behind her. There i have found that all things were in very disorderly kept. After fitting bulb I have offered my service to arrange all. She has agreed. Being from rich family she has never did these works at all.. She has sat on the stool and has watched me doing work ,while showing places to keep. .Meanwhile some thing has fallen from me. In that she has got irritated and has abused me calling as a dog and has beaten on my face. I also lost my temper. I have caught herhave and pulled to me while she has tried to kick me out. In that second I had a heavy erection. I in me has told that It is to me to show how to suffer from a man. I have taken her to her own bed and made her disrobe one by one. BUt there was only a skirt and a top nothing inside. >I liked her cry and resistances. I have taken her boobs in mouth and sucked till her cry has subsided. Then I have moved to her pusse and to her feet. Her fingers were like a fruit to me. By then she was ready for me. I have entered in to her very slowly but in serious cry. Finally the pumping has started with her lack of resistance and has continued till her kissing and embracing.. Then only I could know the real taste of a virgin among even queens and beauties. Soon she was avoided for a month fearing of her actions against me. Then again I had her but with a little blackmail. Soon she also became mine in due course..
When the ladies were free from their Husbands they have called me. I have told my activities to them but for a sabashi instead of an abuse. They told me that it was expected from me.. Also told that the girl also was not so innocent since she had a connection earlier. Any how I was happy. So the virginity was a mental than physical . Later One day when i was with the girl teacher has come as planed. But I was not ready to stop the sex. Soon she also have come to the bed and we did have a threesome. Itey feel that the old kings were usually doing these and was so enjoyable to all the three provided all liked. In case of kings the ladies like or not was not a issue at all. so I have enjoyed as a king and slave at the same time.Then luckily I have got a central clerical post through upsc exams. I was to move to a city to the dislike of all . soon after that the se became simple stories. After 3 more years I have got married to a colleague and is well off with a daughter and a son.
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