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A Maid And A Servent

That was in corramandal express. I poornima was 32 tall and fair was moving from Chennai to Vaishakh(waltair).. I was from Bangalore,after an inspection .And was in Chennai for some hours ,and had visited sone shops then on my way to vishakh. I was a batchlar and was staying at walrair for the timbering. I was waiting for a perfect man since 27 but my job and high salary has made me to select a still better man.

finally has reached in a vacuum.Now a days all boys approaching is bit old or seconds. Being indippendant I was bit more selective. At home all are pressing me to marry some known people. One a college teacher of my age, looking less tall than me, another advocate,seems have less or no cases, and a doctor who have a kid in his first marriage. He was handsome but he was in need of a full time wife. Thus the life is progressing in a boring way.

It is not that I an a virgin. I had many contacts. Initially I was tasted by one of my cousin. He has agreed to marry me. But later he has got a U.S girl. The second was when I was in management. .It was a pay seat. The owner of that institute was having a son. He has followed me for an year for marriage. finally I have fallen to him. The initial friendship has made me to give all to him. That has followed till the end of the course. Then I have got a campus selection and so I have kicked him out. The next was in job . One of our supervisor was a middle aged fellow.

He was a married man with grown up kids. he has called me once to his house for his wife's b' day.I have reached there with a present,to know that she has not yet reached from the par lour.,due to a sudden rain. By waiting for half an hour he has taken me to his bed room by force. That was a lesson to me. force power and money can get all if one has some crooked intelligence.. Later I found that sex is not a problem for a beautiful lady. I had many juniors and of them I have used some week and fearful boys. I used them as my slave like partners each for one time only.

The reason for giving the stories was a young man sitting near me. He was a boy of 25 or so was going to Calcutta his home. He was from Chennai after an interview. A tall man with typical Bangali intelligent look and with specs.He was on my side lower birth. .I had some talk with him. he was a student of commerce and so we had some common topics for the start. From his look I found him as a innocent boy and have liked to have him. I have intentionally kept my feet on his birth ,and also touched his thigh,to see a bulge in his growin,inside his barmunda. .He also tried to touch my sole with his hand ,and larer to keep on his lips. While travelling I have asked him whether he has seen Walt air. He said no. So I have invited him to my place and on a positive reaction I have even booked a ticket to Calcutta from waltair. So we became friends and he has called me as didi.

We have reached their in the day and have reached in my flat. In the first night itself I have seduced him. he was allowed to touch my hands and feet. later to kiss those and he has progressed to lick and suck them. He was in a paradise. In the later night I have slept near him and has started tickling him. When he has got up he could see a naked me near him. I have posed as if sleeping. But he has changed to a man and has just climbed on me to gallop. It was his virgin fuck. In that night I have made him to lye down so that I could act as the active partner. He was with me for 3 days .During day we used to wander the harbor,town and the nearby temples. and in night he used to be my slave.

He infact liked to even lick my slippers,telling that the smell of my sole was so sexy. He used to introduce his tongue in to my pussy and used to fuck as of a dick. He drank all the juices. In two days I did not use soap instead he has licked my body inch by inch to clean. Finally ended in side mouth with a french kiss. ..then again will start a new sex program me. In total we had at-least 25 sex activities during the 3 day. later he has left with some tears in his eyes. But no telephone number or address for further contact. I am still looking for another slave sum partner.
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