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Third Sex Encounter With Kirana

My earlier encounters titled, "Fucked nicely by Babloo" and "Sisterly love between Anu and Manju" would have interested all the readers. I thank you all for the same and herewith give you a third encounter with my friend Kirana whom I knew from past 4 years. Manasi and Rachel who saw us doing last time, did not have a sexy encounter with me as I suppose they were not comfortable and Manju too did not speak about the sex again.

Anyways, Kirana ( Ki in short ) was coming to stay. She was gorgeous. She was the epitome of beauty. A classic Indian face, pure milky white skin, good complexion, luscious lips, dove eyes, her breasts were full and buxom - 32 Size I'd fancied her for months now. I didnt tell her though, as I thought she liked me back. We were always fooling around.

Sitting in each others laps, holding hands, sleeping on each others shoulders. So I asked her to stay the night, as my family were on holiday. Sharp 7pm. She rings the bell. I answered the door and there before me was the sexiest woman in the world. Her skinny jeans and green jacket, made her blue eyes glow. I snapped out of my tance and asked her in.

She sat down on my sofa with her legs slightly apart. I couldnt help but stare. She caught me. She was looking gorgeous. The fragrance of her perfume was having a great effect on me.... She said that she used Chance Channel perfume. She looked so pretty with perfect with well maintained shape and proper height. I liked her smell and it was really pulling me towards her.

I could see her bulged and creamy soft breasts through her low neck T which she was wearing under the open jacket. She asked f we could order our dinner. So I went to ring the take out joint for the Pizzas and pepsi. When I came back, she was lying across my couch, with one leg on the floor and one on the sofa.

"Anu,..why are you looking at me like this...?" I couldn't say anything "I saw you looking" She said to me. Of course I denied it. I put a film in and we watched. I sat on the sofa with legs hanging down, and she was sitting in between my legs on the ground, resting on my shoulder. I could see her firm creamy breasts thru that dress.

The dark nipples were slighly visible thru that Every couple of minutes I could feel her rubbing into my pussy as I was just in pyjama and her head was easily brushing against my wet pussy whenever there was a hilarious scene. This got me soo exited. I wanted to kiss her, but my mind said no, you don't know how she will react, wait to see if she makes a move first.

I put my arm around her. She took my hand and put it on her shoulder. My pyjamas were getting wet, and I didnt want ki to find out, but before I could move she had turned around and was staring right into my eyes. I was so turned on, I couldnt help myself. I took her hand and put it against my cheek. It was soft and warm.

My other hand was still on her shoulder and moving its way down to her most soft spot. Do I have the guts to move in to kiss her? What should I do? I was getting in mood, and at my nervousness I called, " Ki "....She hears it, and realizes while looking into my eyes, and noticing my hand shaking that I am nervous.

"Anu Let me..kiss you" she proclaims, and with that wraps her arm around my waist pulling me to her, brushing her lips against mine. I needed that kiss badly...YESS!! She was a bit tensed in the beginning and with the passage of time I could feel that she was relaxing. She at first saw me and said, I never knew you would fling this way.

I said we ( anu and manju ) have had few sessions and it was exiting and you must seriously try. After the kiss she was reluctant and said that she does not get turned on by the same sex. "Am I becoming a lesbian....? she asked. Relax, I said, Ki, imagine im your boy friend and touching you down on your chest, how would you feel ? " But what if I wanna be the man, ki demanded.

Im game, go for it please, I said and pulled her hands towards my cup which were by now glorious with hard rock nipples. And touching them was easy through my cotton shirt. This touch was magical to her and she started to squeeze them hard. I pulled her towards me and she kissed me again. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and a little moan came out.

She wrapped her tongue around mine, and I could feel my pyjama getting wetter and wetter. I tried to push her onto her back so I could kiss her more passionately, but she had me over in seconds. Before I knew it, she was kissing down my neck, licking my ears. I moaned loudly so she licked harder. Down and down she went finally reaching my nipples again.

Ripping my shirt off she sucked them as hard as possible. I was so wet. Too my horror she went down and saw my huge wet patch. "Well, you are excited arent you" she said to me, smiling. At this moment I flew up and had her on her back, rubbing my breasts against hers. Making her moan. I ran my hand up and down her thigh, making us both excited.

As I pulled away she took off her top, and asked me to suck her breasts. I did as she asked. Once her boobs were exposed I was mad looking at the soft melons and could not avoid putting my lips. Once I put my mouth on her nipples and started sucking it she was enjoying the same and pressed my head on her boobs. While my other hand was massaging the other breast.

All along I was pressing and massaging the belly and other parts of the body. She was only in her panty. I put my hand in her panty to feel private hair and slowly touched her clitoris. She wriggled in joy and I relieved her panty also in no time. Again when I put may finger in her clitoris she closed her legs in shear shyness and I was on her top and slowly made

way between her legs and started massaging her pussy with my hands and tongue. Her vagina was already wet and ready to receive my middle finger. I took my dildo out and started playing with her pussy. Suddenly her hand shot down my pyjamas into my panty. Her hands were so warm and gentle. I collapsed onto her chest as she rubbed me into a gibbering mess.

I could hear her heart whopping and her breathing was fastening. I was back on my back again, with her overpowering me. My pyjamas were off and my panty was on the lamp. I knew I would cum soon, so I sat up, she got up and beckoned me over. I went to her and we embraced, pounding our breasts together. She went against the wall with a little thud, and moaned as my pussy hit hers.

We then reached for the bed and I inserted the 10 inch long vibrating dildo and inserted one end into mine. I made Ki lay down and inserted the other part in her. But I wanted to make sure, that she is not a virgin, as I did not wish to tear her hymen. She said she is new to Lesbianism, but not to sex as she has had occasional sex with her boy friend.

So, armed with a dildo in my pussy, I went for the hurt directing my make do shaft in her with great poise and precision. I felt like a man and I couldnt stop pounding, I was going for it. She already being experienced with the real stuff, was also gettimg turned on and started moaning. She was pulling my breasts hard down towards her which were hanging like two meat balls.

She was pressing them hard and pinching my nipples. The pain and pleasure was driving me crazy. We kissed each other again, this time mixing the salivas, and eating out lips. We could not control the passion any longer and "Cum together" She yelled. I licked her neck, and her whole body strained as she came onto me. Before I knew it, I had cum on her.

We were a quivering mess on the floor, covered in each others cum. She crawled on top of my, and started licking the cum off me. Her beautiful pussy, glistening in front of my face. I licked away, she was so sweet. This continued for a few more days and while it continued it was magical.
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