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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 14

Asha's expenses too had been curtailed and she had to do most of the cooking and housework to curb expenses even further. Thus, she had no real outlet for her rising sexual tensions and grew very frustrated. Her husband was a total zero in bed and although she did masturbate, her desires could only be fulfilled, by being fucked. Her mother-in- law had fallen sick with worry and financial tension, thus she was not having the opportunity of getting fucked. She had to look after the house and her mother-in-law. Asha knew that she would go mad with frustration as the days went by.

It was in such a state that Asha began to go to the club in the evenings to play badminton and work-out her building frustrations. She would leave the house when Rajesh got back, so that he could take care of his mother while Asha got a much needed break from the house for about two hours every day. Her father-in-law was still in Bombay, vigorously pursuing the case as the two slimy distributors got date after date on each court hearing.

Asha had now been going for a week and had become friendly with the young teen group of Vicky, his girlfriend Karuna and his two buddies Vikas and Salim. She regularly played badminton with them and enjoyed their young company. Although Asha too was attracted to Vicky, she controlled herself due to the presence of his girlfriend Karuna. Asha liked the girl Karuna, who obviously was very much in awe of her. Unknown to Asha, Karuna found her to be damm sexy and lost no opportunity to be in the changing room at the same time in order to admire Asha's figure and body. Karuna was envious of Asha's breasts, her own being small in comparison. She was also envious of the way Vicky looked at Asha and at times purposely brushed against her.

One day as Asha was having a shower in the changing room after a strenuous game of badminton, she noticed Karuna openly staring at her. Asha was rubbing soap on her breasts and her underarms as Karuna stared at her. Feeling embarrassed, Asha asked her what she was looking at. Karuna's face coloured at having being caught staring and she replied, "Unh, I was admiring your breasts, they are so big and firm". Asha blushed at this girls frank compliment and said, "Umm, thanks Karuna, you are very pretty yourself". Karuna had by now removed her own clothes and stepped naked in the adjoining shower smiling at Asha. Asha saw that Karuna had a petite figure, small tennis ball sized breasts and strong legs with a cute arse. Asha knew that Karuna was just 18 years of age and wondered about her sexual experiences if any.

Seeing Karuna still looking at her, Asha felt the stirrings of desire, her nipples were getting stiff under her gaze, and Asha could feel her pussy moistening. Asha stared soaping her cunt, feeling the wetness as this girl Karuna continued to smile and stare. Karuna then stepped into the same shoer as Asha and said, "Here, let me soap your back for you", taking the soap from Asha's hands. Asha was flustered at this and looked around to see if anybody else was there. Seeing Asha's nervousness, Karuna said, “You can soap my back too after I'm done with you", and started soaping Asha's back. At her touch Asha let out a small gasp as she was turned on by this action of Karuna. Karuna first concentrated on Asha's upper back, soaping her neck, shoulders gently. She could sense that Asha was getting excited and she too was feeling hot. She had wanted to touch this big sexy woman, since the first day that she had seen her naked in the changing room. Karuna was a product of a boarding school and had numerous encounters with different girls. In fact Vick was her first boyfriend, the first guy to rob her of her virginity. Although Vicky was younger to her, he was such a masculine guy, that Karuna had enjoyed being seduced by him. She still had hots for sexy women and was as such a bisexual. Seeing this woman Asha moaning softly now, Karuna started soaping her lower back, concentrating on her buttocks. She clenched these huge bums in her hands and at times let her finger wander between Asha's arse cheeks, enjoying the feeling of giving pleasure to this big woman. Next Karuna cupped one buttock tightly and let her finger soap Asha's cunt and arsehole from behind. Asha moaned loudly, not being able to control her open display of her sexual emotions. "Does this feel nice", asked Karuna innocently. "Ummmmmmnn, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Asha moaned as Karuna now had brushed her clit and put a finger in her cunt. Asha could feel her orgasm coming, she loved the way this young girl was touching her, gently but yet forcefully at times. Just then the ayah- in-charge of the changing room walked in. Karuna quickly withdrew her hand and went into the adjoining shower. She looked at Asha's glazed expression at being robbed of an orgasm and motioned to her with her eyes that someone was there. Asha turned around moaning softly to see the ayah and felt frustrated. Sensing her frustration, Karuna said, "lets meet tomorrow afternoon at my house, nobody will be there, sweetheart", she said boldly with her eyes twinkling at Asha's state. While changing into her clothes, Karuna came up to Asha and cupping her face in her hands said, "Sorry about today sweetheart, I promise that you will have fun tomorrow", saying this she handed her telephone number to Asha saying call me after noon tomorrow.

Asha reached home that evening feeling very horny. She had loved being touched by Karuna and wanted to see her again. After dinner, still feeling sexually excited she turned towards her husband. Rajesh was tired as usual and told her "Not tonight, I'm tired", and turned his back towards her and went of to sleep. Asha got up and went to the bathroom. Filling hot water in the tub, she masturbated herself to an orgasm thinking about Karuna. Next morning, she told Rajesh that she would be out in the afternoon and that she would ask the maid next door to come and look after his mother. When he had left, she quickly dialled Karuna's number only to be greeted by nobody answering the bell. Asha dialled the number three more times at 10, then at 11 and then again at 12, with the same result. Having had her emotions reach a sexual peak, Asha felt very frustrated. She tried again at 1pm, this time the phone was picked up by a sweet voice at the other end. It was Karuna and she was delighted at Asha calling her. She gave Asha the address and Asha left almost immediately.

Karuna too was excited on seeing Asha. She told her she looked beautiful as she kissed Asha on the lips while greeting her. Asha kissed back hungrily, forcing her tongue into this young girls mouth and tasting her sweet saliva. On breaking the kiss, Karuna grinned back in satisfaction of having such a sexy and willing woman to have fun with. Seeing Asha's obvious enthusiasm, Karuna decided to tease her to the limit. That would be more pleasurable, to see this big sexy woman moan with desire. She led Asha to her bedroom and slowly began removing her saree, blouse, petticoat and bra, enjoying touching her as Asha let out gasps of pleasure. Asha too stripped Karuna, but roughly and urgently. Soon both the women were naked, standing with their bodies entwined, kissing and touching each other. Asha was so sexually pent up, that at Karuna's kisses and touches, had her first orgasm, standing and trembling as her body was swept over with a shattering orgasm. She clenched Karuna tightly as she wailed loudly and came. Karuna had difficulty supporting Asha's weight and somehow managed to lay her down on the bed. Karuna then proceeded to touch those lovely breasts of Asha's. She too moaned at feeling such heavy and firm breasts. She immediately started sucking them one by one and marvelling at the thick stubby nipples. Asha was moaning with desire and wanted to taste Karuna's cunt juices. However Karuna was too busy sucking, biting and fondling her breasts to pay any attention to the rest of Asha.

Asha, being the bigger and stronger of the two finally managed to push Karuna aside and grab her legs. She roughly parted Karuna's legs and dove mouth-in into Karuna's young pussy. Karuna gasped at being helpless and this woman taking control of the situation. Asha cupped her entire cunt-lips or at least what she could in her mouth, tasting her. Karuna started moaning as Asha's tongue flicked her clit-bud and her finger pushed inside her wet pussy. Karuna had always been the dominant partner in her lesbian relationships, except the first one, where she, had been initiated into this wonderful world of pleasure, by a senior girl in her boarding school. She wanted to give Asha pleasure, no she wanted her to moan and wail with pleasure at her ministrations and discretion, here, now, Asha was being dominant and forceful on her and reducing her to a blubbering piece of jelly by eating her cunt. Karuna found she had no control of the situation as she moaned loudly at being eaten by this big woman. "uunh uunh uuuuunnnhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AAAASSSSHHAAAAAAAAAAAA", she wailed as a series of orgasms swept her entire body. Asha then lifted the moaning Karuna on her lap and started kissing her small breasts, biting, sucking and nibbling them at will as Karuna meekly submitted her body to her. While sucking on her breasts, Asha drove her finger into Karuna's wet young pussy. She then added one more finger and started finger- fucking this young girl. Asha was consumed with passion and loved the feeling of power over this young girl as she furiously fucked her rapidly with her fingers and seeing Karuna's face contorted with pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh KKKAARRUUNNAAA, maazzaa aaahh rraahhaa hhhaiii nnaa", she moaned as she brought this deliriously moaning babe to yet another series of orgasms. Karuna had felt pain initially as the inexperienced Asha had thrust her fingers in, but the feeling of sitting on this woman's lap with her legs parted and being dominated gave her immense sexual pleasure.
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