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Meant to Meet

It was a warm humid day, Alika was on her way to work and was boarding the metro from Chakala station where she lived. She worked for a financial firm across town. It was rush hour and even the ladies section was almost full. She squeezed in the metro and came face to face with a pretty girl. She had dark brown eyes, plump lips and a wide smile on her face.

It was rare to find someone smiling at you in the Metro especially when they are standing face to face and inches away from each other. She was feeling shy and wanted to look away but somehow couldn't take her eyes off the pretty girl standing in front of her. Alika was taller than average and was towering over the pretty girl staring back at her. Finally their station arrived and both got down. The crowd pushed them apart and both lost view of each other.

That day at work Alika smiled all day, she felt happy and had no idea why. She knew there was no possibility of seeing that girl again and wished she had asked her name at least. She got busy with her work and forgot about it. Her days were usually busy, working as a financial planner for big names came with a price. Some days she would finish work early and be on her way home by seven, this was one of those days. By the time she reached the metro station it was almost 7:30pm.

There was time for the next train to arrive and the station was relatively empty. She reached in her backpack and took out her iPod. Before she could hook it up she saw that girl again, she was walking towards Alika and smiling, a very seductive yet devilish smile. Alika stuffed the iPod back in her bag as the girl stood right in front of her.

"You don't remember me, do you?" she said to Alika.

"Umm, I am not sure. I'm sorry my memory is a little weak, have we met before?"

"Yes we have, two weeks ago at the event organized by The L Girls, Meghna introduced us at the bar. Do you remember now?

"Ah yes, I remember, I am sorry I cannot recall your name."

"It's Kayla, nice to meet you again Ms. Alika."

"You remembered my name, I feel so embarrassed right now."

Kayla started laughing but Alika's cheeks were turning red. Kayla reached for Alika's arm and rubbed it reassuringly.

"It's ok, it happens. Hope you will remember it next time."

Alika felt a shiver run through her when Kayla touched her all of a sudden. She did not react at that moment, just smiled and blushed.

"The train is about to come, do you mind sharing your number with me? I would like to make up for this memory loss debacle and invite you for coffee sometime."

"I would like that" said Kayla and shared her number with Alika.

Finally the train arrived and they both got in, it was not as crowded as in the morning. They couldn't talk much during the train ride, but occasionally looked at each other and smiled. Alika got down at her station and watched Kayla leave. As soon as she reached home Alika added Kayla on whatsapp and started a conversation.


"Hello there!"


"I see you found me."


"Yes I did.

I really feel silly for not remembering you.

Would you like to meet for coffee tomorrow at 2 PM?"


"I would love to, can you pick me up from work?"


"Where do you work?"


"In front of you...

I mean your office hehehe."


"Really? How come I never saw you there before?"


"As if you know everyone in the entire building."


"Haha not really but they are our client, so I do know a few."


"Ah is that so. I work in the marketing department, I doubt you know anyone there."


"Um.. I do know Mr. Harshal, is he your boss?"


"No, I am his boss."


"Ohh, I didn't know.

You don't look that old."


"Hahahah I am not. My dad owns the company and since I did my masters in Marketing management he asked me to take care of that department."


"Ah is that so..

So why do you travel in the train?

I am guessing you might have cars lined up for you."


"I wanted to see you.

Lol I am not a stalker, but I saw you take the train once, I thought it might be fun taking the train and I might also get to meet you."


"I didn't realize I was that popular.

Why didn't you come meet me when I visited 4 days back?"


"I was not in office, otherwise I would have."


"I have to go now, my mom is calling me, will pick u up tomorrow at 2."


"You still live with your parents?"


"Hahaha not really, they are just visiting since their house is renovating. Will stay for a few months.

See you tomorrow.




It was almost 1:30pm, Alika kept looking at her watch, and it felt as if the time had purposely slowed down all of a sudden. She tried to get busy with work but couldn't concentrate at all, finally gave up and texted Kayla.


"Are you busy?"

Kayla responded after two minutes.


"Not really, I cleared my schedule for our coffee date.

Umm.. I hope I am not assuming too much, it is a date.. right?"


"Yes *blushing*

Should I come pick u up then?"


"Yes, I am waiting."

Alika packed her bag and rushed out of the office, she was feeling really excited and couldn't wait to meet Kayla. She reached the floor where Kayla worked and the moment the elevator door opened saw her standing right in front. She smiled and got in the elevator.

"I feel like a teenager, sneaking out of work to meet someone like this" said Kayla

"I was thinking the same thing."

"I like it though, makes me feel young again."

"Were you coming downstairs to meet me?" Alika asked curiously.

"Yes, I was tired of waiting so I thought would come and meet you instead."

"I couldn't wait either, the time was going more slowly too. So where do you want to go?"

"I was thinking Barista, near bandstand?"

"Oh, won't that be too far?"

"We will take my car, I was hoping we could see the sunset."

"Oh, I will have to inform my boss that I will be back late."

"Or you can tell him that you are with a client and will be busy rest of the day." Kayla winked at Alika.

"I guess I can."

They both got in the car and headed towards their destination. Bandstand Promenade is a kilometer long walkway along the sea on the west side of Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai. The sunsets there were beautiful and most couples love spending time there with their partners.

They had some coffee and talked about their interests, their likes and dislikes, past relationships and the things people talk about on their first date. Time seemed to fly at that point, it was almost sunset time and they hadn't realized it. Kayla suggested they walk towards the sea and watch the sunset together. They walked hand in hand and sat on some rocks in a remote location. The sun was setting and they stared right at it, holding hands, like teenagers.

Kayla looked at Alika, she stared right into her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Alika moved in closer too and they kissed. Kayla moved in closer and kissed harder, she sucked on Alika's lower lip and bit it gently. They pulled apart and smiled at each other, their cheeks were red and so were their lips.

"I want to confess something" Kayla said.

"I am listening, tell me."

"I like you, I mean I have liked you ever since I first saw you in that party, so I asked around and found out that you weren't seeing anyone at the moment. I wanted to talk to you but didn't have your number and felt it wouldn't be right if I asked someone else for it. So I waited and when I saw you in my office a few weeks back, I was very happy to find out that your company manages our financials. I don't know why, but I have had a crush on you for the longest time."

"I am flattered to hear this, I was intrigued to meet you too, but I remember thinking that you were out of my league and would never give me the time of day if I asked you out. So I didn't."

"You thought I was a rich stuck up bitch?" Kayla said with a grin on her face.

"I didn't mean to offend you, I am sorry if I did. I just meant that you were so pretty and gorgeous and I was... you know..." Alika didn't finish her sentence.

"You were what? You underestimate yourself, I like you black eyes, the fact that you are taller than me, and stronger, I like it when you are shy your cheeks get red, I like everything about you."

Kayla pulled Alika in for another kiss and they made out for a few minutes. Finally they let go of each other and headed home.

"When can I see you again?" Akila asked.

"Whenever you want" Kayla said smiling.

"Can I call you tonight after I finish some work?"

"Yes you may, as a matter of fact you should."

Kayla dropped Alika home, they said good-bye with a peck on the cheeks.

They started meeting regularly, would have lunch or dinner together. The more time they spent together the more they liked each other. They would hide and make out in the office bathrooms or in the car parking. With their increased interest was their increased need to touch and feel each others bodies.

One evening Kayla asked Alika to meet in her office. Alika went to see her and was stunned to see Kayla in a sexy black dress. She asked what the occasion was and Kayla informed her that she will be attending a dinner with some family friends. She wanted to meet and apologize that they won't get to spend any time together that day.

"There is a way you can make up for it" Alika said with a grin on her face.

Kayla understood what she meant, she called her assistant, asked her to make sure no one disturbs her, that she was in an important meeting. Kayla walked past Alika rubbing her shoulder against Alika to tease her. She locked the door and turned around, Alika was standing right in front of her. Alika grabbed Kayla and started kissing her aggressively.
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