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Her Indian Lesbian Mother in Law Part 3

The older woman began to writhe more forcefully against her lover's face. Her whole weight was bearing down on her daughter-in-law now and she used her powerful thigh muscles to grind her pussy against Sita's eager body. With each forward thrust of her hips she began to let out a deep guttural grunt...the sound of which only turned Sita on still more. She was desperate to service her mother-in-law as she had serviced her. She wanted to prove her lesbian desire and show herself worth of this woman. And the ever mounting groans and grunts of her mother-in-law proved that she was giving her what she craved.

Her mature lover was now humping her pussy back and forth over Sita's mouth and tongue, giving herself up to her mounting crisis and using her daughter-in-law like the sex-toy she longed to be. Her big breasts were swaying uncontrollably, the dark nipples hard and erect. Her maine of black hair was sweeping behind her as she arched her back and directed her gaze up to the ceiling. Perspiration was covered her body, a small rivulet of sweat dripping down from her long under-arm hair. She now writhed and bucked uncontrollably has her long-delayed orgasm surged through her kinky pussy.

'Oh yes...oh yes....fuck me my whore, fuck me....harder....deeper....fuck me Sita my slut, my lesbian daughter......oh God, oh God....aahhhh....yessss......Arghhhh!!!! Owww...owwww.....'

The screams of her mother-in-law's climax resounded through the house as her body shook and her pussy let forth a hot squirt of juice that flooded Sita's face and filled her mouth and nostrils and ran down her cheeks onto the bed, leaving it saturated with her Indian cum.

She slowly reduced the speed and force of her thrusts against her daughter-in-law's face until weak and trembling she eased back on her haunches and sat with her dripping distended cunt on Sita's glowing face. Her breathing was laboured as she recovered from the exertion of fucking her daughter and as she lowered her chin to her chest her long damp black hair tumbled forward, forming almost a curtain over her heavy breasts. Only with much effort did she left her left thigh clear of her lover's juice-drenched face and roll her ample frame onto the bed beside her.

There the two women lay side by side for some minutes. Two beautiful Indian women separated by more than 20 years in age but united in the exuberant richness of their bodies, in the fullness of maturity on the one hand and the fecundity of youth on the other. And united, above all, in the depth and tenderness and intensity of their lesbian love. Only gradually did Sita's mother-in-law snuggle up to her daughter, lifting her soft heavy left breast and placing it against Sita's own swelling milk-filled breasts, while her mouth closed in upon her daughter-in-laws wet salivating lips.

The mature woman slid her hand onto Sita's swollen pregnant stomach.

'Your mine my darling from now on. This unborn baby is mine too. I think we'll write to my son and tell him he won't be needed, don't you?'

Sita could only respond to clasping her mother-in-law in her arms and squeezing her tight. No, she would never let this woman go.
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