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Her Indian Lesbian Mother in Law Part 2

Smiling, Sita's mother-in-law arched her back and raised her upper body with her arms, clasping Sita's hands and pushing them up above her head. As she eased her own body forward her large black dildo slid over Sita's swollen stomach while her wonderfully pendulous breasts swung above Sita's open mouth. The younger woman raised her neck, pushing out her tongue in an attempt to make contact with the mature woman's fat dark nipples.

'Go on baby, suck my heavy tits....show how much you crave my breasts. They're aching for your sweet mouth, yearning for your attention....I've seen you gazing on my bust, as I have watched yours. They're yours my baby....now suck me you little whore....'

As she uttered these deliciously arousing words she insolently allowed her fat distended breasts to slide over Sita's face, submerging her in her hot flesh and forcing the younger woman to lick and suck wildly, desperate to feel the engorged firm nipples between her eager lips. Eventually she managed to lock on to her mother-in-law's left nipple and she began to suck and nibble at its length, tugging and pulling and squeezing and teasing – as if she hoped to draw rich milk from the mature breast as her husband had once done.

Her mother-in-law let out a loud groan as she felt her aching breast being avidly devoured before pulling her left nipple free and sliding her neglected right tit into her daughter's open salivating mouth. Sita knew how to a pleasure another woman with her mouth, swirling her tongue around her mother's nipple while repeatedly grazing it with her teeth and sending waves of erotic pain through the mature woman's body until she could bear the weight of her upper body with her arms no longer.

Letting go of Sita's arms she sank back onto her haunches and knelt above the younger woman, feasting her gaze on her fertile body. Raising her own hands to her thick hair she thrust her breasts out, dominating Sita's vision with her voluptuous form. As she raised her arms her thick black under-arm hair was revealed, wet now with perspiration. Instinctively she placed her hands under her arm-pits, massaging her hair before sliding her sweat-soaked fingers into her mouth. Sita let out an involuntary sigh as the sight and her mother-in-law grinned deliciously.

'You like your mummy's hairy arm-pits? You like my unkempt hair? My arm-pits are so wet baby, so sensitive....like another pussy....you want to lick my hair...you want to rub your sweet young face in my wanton hair-pits?'

Sita could only nod her assent with a glazed look in her eyes and her tongue was already extended from her lips as her mother-in-law lowered her right arm-pit towards her and Sita sank her tongue and mouth into the steamy ripe wetness of her lesbian lover's dark thick hair. Never before had Sita contemplated a woman's under-arm hair as a site of erotic desire, but as she lapped at the matted darkness of her mother-in-laws exposed underarm she knew that she was tasting a treasure that she would lust for always. The older woman gently rocked her arm-pit against Sita's face and Sita pushed and licked at the thick hair and sensitive wet skin, her movements eliciting groans and sighs from the older woman, stirring an ever building flow of arousal into her mouth.

'That's it baby....lick me....taste my arousal.....love my hair you slut.....arghhh.....yes...there...oh my darling daughter.....I need this....awww....don't stop....ummm....ohh your wicked dirty tongue....your making mummy so fucking aroused!'

Only when she had received her fill of her daughter-in-law's lewd tongue did her mother-in-law raise her arm-pit from Sita's mouth to replace it with her full hungry lips, lusting for the taste of her own perspiration on Sita's wet lips. Again the two women shared long passionate wet kisses and now, for the first time, did Sita feel the older woman's feminine fingers slide along the soft inner skin of her thighs to her fleshy extended smooth pussy. She moaned as her mother-in-law slid her hand over and around juice-soaked cunt lips and spread her legs wider, opening the flower of her womanhood to her lover's touch. Her breathing quickened, becoming shallow as her chest tightened with desire.

'God, finger my pussy my love, feel the heat of my need, I crave your touch. Ohh yes....that's it...aww....don't stop....do you like my smooth, bald, juicy young pussy? Do you want me shaven and open to you always?'

'Of course, my baby. I want the feel and look of your fresh bald pussy as I spread your dripping lips to my gaze and slide my long powerful tongue into your hot welcoming cunt and to grind my hairy mature pussy against yours and fuck you with my large fleshy clit before I penetrate you with my thick black dildo, watching it slide inch by inch into your cunt, servicing you as my son can never do until you beg for me to stop to allow your ravished cunt a moments respite before I fuck and suck you again and again.'

Sita almost swooned at her mother-in-law's lustful words. Reaching to her mother's head she pulled her lips to hers for a deep, penetrating, kiss, before pushing her face free of hers, their lips still connected by a string of saliva.

'Yes, please, that's what I want, what I'll ever want. You know what a lesbian whore I am. I want to be used and abused by you always. My pussy is yours to command whenever you want....just fuck me my love, fuck me as I've always craved, as your son has never done, as no man could ever do...just make me your sex-toy and don't stop fucking me no matter how I beg for respite. You know I'm your slut alone – don't torment me any longer, make me yours now...my pussy's on fire for you!'

Her mother-in-law shot back a mischievous smile before sliding her ample form down over Sita's ripe body, licking her tongue over her heavy pregnant belly and down to the dark pink fleshy hood that capped her already aroused clit. Sita reached a hand down to each thigh and pulled her legs up as far as she could in her pregnant state, opening her bald pussy to her mother-in-law's lesbian gaze. Slowly the older woman let a stream of saliva drop from her mouth onto the exposed pussy lips before placing her mouth on her daughter-in-laws hungry cunt.

Sita rolled her head in delirium as she felt her mother's full lips kiss and suck at her own soft lips and exhaled deeply at the touch of her lover's strong, probing, tongue as it sought out her aching clit, sliding around it with a practiced art, encouraging it to engorge with blood and unsheathe itself like a small throbbing cock from the protective covering of her pussy lips. As her mother-in-law teased and drew her erect clit into her hot mouth Sita let out a passionate scream, arching her back and bucking her cunt deeper into her lover's face.

Clasping Sita's tight young arse cheeks in her hands, her mother-in-law began to fuck Sita's rampant cunt with her face, trusting her tongue deep into her eager pussy-hole, rubbing her tongue and her nose over the younger woman's streaming slippery pussy, forcing Sita to write and gyrate on the bed, her bloated stomach swaying uncontrollably, her breasts rippling with the shuddering pleasure that coursed through her, making her feel alive as never before.

'Oh my God, fuck me you whore, fuck me you dyke. Fill my cunt you're your heavy black cock, your hard thick tool. I need to be filled by you....ravish me my love and consummate our desire....pleaseeeee......'

Responding to her daughter-in-law's urgent pleas, her lesbian lover lifted her juice-soaked face from her pussy and took her hips firmly between her hands, rolling her over onto her front. To help support Sita's heavy pregnant body she pushed two pillows under her stomach while Sita drew her thighs up, arching her back and pushing her smooth round arse towards her lover, desperate to draw her towards her and fill her deep craving for cock.

Kneeling behind her young daughter-in-law, her mother took her thick black cock into her hand and opened her mouth to let a large droplet of saliva fall onto its surface, before massaging the lubricant over the contours of her black cock with her hand till it glistened wet and shiny. Only then did she ease her thick cock forward to nudge against Sita's distended pussy lips. Sita whimpered at the sensation.

'Yes, there, that's it....push it in please....I need to be filled by a real cock....I need to be fucked raw my whore-mother....'

'Ohhh I'm sure you do my baby. I'm sure your gagging for your mother-in-law's hard cock. My son hasn't got a cock like this, had he? He hasn't got the equipment to satisfy a woman has he? It's my cock you want isn't it my dirty little bitch! You want a real woman to use and ravish you, to fuck you all night and ruin you for any man....isn't that right my slut Sita?'

As her throat tightened again with desire, Sita could whisper her assent into the pillow pressed against her face.

'What's that my dyke....I couldn't hear you. You want my cock don't you? You'll laugh at your husband's cock and want only mine in future wont you? You'll lust for my strapon and worship it like no man's wont you my whore?'

As she finished her words she lifted back the cock before slapping it against Sita's arse, spanking it against her arse cheeks, her anus, her pussy lips. At the same time she lifted up her hand and brought it down sharply against the younger woman's smarting arse cheeks.

'Yes!! Yes!! Totally, completely. I love your cock, your powerful hard lesbian cock. Use my pussy like the Indian sex-toy I am....show me the power of a woman's lust...you know I'm yours, know I'm your own lesbian daughter. Now take me please my love and possess me with your cock...'

Sita's mother-in-law took her strapon cock into her hand and directed it into the wet quivering flesh of her son's wife's pussy. Slowly, methodically, relentlessly she eased the thick black cock into the younger woman's kinky shaven pussy, watching intently as inch after inch of her black cock slid into lover's cunt until her own soft ample stomach pressed up against Sita's firm round arse.
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