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Your Sister For Mine

Ajay still in your bed wake up da our classes are commencing today.

We had planned to reach college early to avoid ragging. This is what I said when I called my closest friend this morning. Me (Sudhir) and Ajay have been friends since our play school and have no secrets between us. Since we were friends even our parents became friends and now they too are very close to each other. I wanted to go to a engineering college after school but Ajay was stubborn about doing Viscom. I changed my preference just for him. True my mom was not happy about my choice but couldn’t force me to change my decision. We fortunately scored almost same score in the public and had a good percentage too. So admission into that prestigious Arts & Science College was not difficult. Today is the first day and yesterday Ajay me and few friends had late night party to celebrate the college opening. I don’t booze like Ajay and stops with just a small in any party. Now coming back to the story after so much of shouting Ajay finally woke up and told me he will be ready in fifteen minutes. I took my bike and went to Ajay’s house.

The door was opened by aunty and seeing me she called me in and said Sudhir still not believing myself you both were kids till yesterday and today going to college anyway take care and don’t be naughty and be sure you attend classes. While she was talking Ajay’s sister Boomika who is now in her puc came around and told aunty mummy you thought Anna and Sudhir has joined college for studying never just ask Sudhir what he did yesterday. I stared at Boomika and actioned her not to talk about yesterday but she ignored me and continued talking to her mother mentioning about the late night party Ajay and myself had with friends. Aunty even when Boomika was talking went inside the kitchen to do something I got up and went near Boomika and pinched her waist telling loosu why tell aunty about the party. She in return pinched my cheek and said you refused me join right that’s why I am telling. Ok a short note about Boomika and me since all of us went to the same school including my sister Vandana who is also in the same class like Boomika we all used to play together till Boomika and Vandana became major girls and our parents stopped all of us playing together. Still when our parents went for some marriage together we all will meet together either in my house or Ajay’s house and play. We used to touch each other pinch and so on but never had bad intentions.

In the same spirit first I pinched Boomika and immediately she pinched me back while she was pinching her mom saw that and without shouting in front of me she called her inside the kitchen and started shouting which was audible even form where I was standing silently I moved away from the place and went inside Ajay’s room. Ajay had dressed up of course a new set of formal dress and said to me vaadaa Sudhir lets have breakfast and move to college I am not taking the bike today and we will pick an auto. After he spoke I told him Machan some casamosa happened now Ajay asked what my mom advised you how to behave in college is it I said no da if aunty had said that I would literally closed both my ears and not listened but she saw Boomi fooling with me and she became furious and pulled her into the kitchen and blasted her. Ajay was also angry and he said Sudhir so many times I have told you keep your dirty tricks when mom and dad are not at home. Fucker if you you are so crazy about Boomi take her out fr a movie and finger her not inside the house. I retorted saying Ajay she started it all pouring the jug about we getting drunk yesterday in the party for that only I pinched her to keep quiet but she instead pinched me in my cheeks and that’s when ur mom say it. I am not responsible mind you.

Ajay made peace with me and went down saying by now mom would have cooled down. Breakfast was served on the table but no one was there I like a fool peeped into the kitchen to see if aunty was there she was standing there fuming I tried to return back immediately but aunty called me said Sudhir you know you are a grown up guy and going into college from today Boomi is still a kid and you should treat as if she is your cousin sister you also have a sister of the same age and if Ajay misbehaves with your own suister will you permit? Hearing this I was about to respond by saying who talking about Ajay he was the guy who first made my sister taste beer and have a smoke I was quiet that day because I didn’t want to fight with him for the mistake which was not solely his mistake. I however told aunty just a simple word sorry and without even having breakfast pulled Ajay and went to the college.

On the way Ajay asked me what happened why I was so tensed. I just told him that I was little afraid about ragging in the college. While we were getting down from the auto near the college campus Boomi called me on my mobile I was hesitant whether to talk to her and avoid. But even after disconnecting the call twice she kept on calling Ajay asked me Sudhir who is on the line I lied to him it was my cousin and had to respond the next time. Boomi said sudhi you idiot why you are not answering if you are angry with mummy why not talk to me in fact even Vandana is also next to me and she knows what happened in the morning. I whispered Boomi I am inside the college campus you I cant talk on mobile now I will talk to you in the evening bye and switched off the mobile. I am sure Ajay knew that it was his sister who called and he always pretends he was not aware of anything similarly I also ignore whenever Vandana calls Ajay. Since it was the first day after the address by the princi the classes were suspended and we were asked to go back. Time was not even 11 and I said to Ajay lets go for a movie. Ajay told me that he didn’t bring enough cash with him afraid of ragging and suggested we go home pick up cash and then go for movie. I agreed. We reached home and found that Ajay’s mom’s car was not in front of the door.

I asked Ajay hey your mom has gone out but the doors are open that means Boomi is home what to do Ajay said comeon yaar as if Boomi doesn’t know we bunk classes in school too and go for movies. We went inside on one was in the hall Ajay shouted Boomi’s name and asked where has mummy gone. Boomi came out of her room and along with her Vandana also came out. Ajay was surprised to see Vandana there but I was not since in the morning itself Boomi had told me she was there. Boomi and Vandana came out and Boomi told Ajay mom has gone to chachi’s place and will be back only in the evening. Ajay told her that he and myself are going for a movie but both Vandana and Boomi in one voice said hey we are also alone at home we are also coming. I had different ideas if four of us go to the movie it will cost a lot of money instead we can as well stay home chatting since no one else were at home. When I suggested this both Boomi and Vandana readily agreed and Ajay had to fall in line. Ajay closed the main door and said we can go to his room. Ajay changed his jeans and got into a boxer and threw one for me. Already Boomi and Vandana were in their skirts and tops. I knew fully well things are going to hot up. It was Boomi who suggested we play spin the bottle we have played this game before but the penalties had always been childish like showing monkey face or putting sit ups so on. Today Ajay had different ideas.

I was shocked to hear what Ajay was talking about. He was explaining the rules of the game which went as follows;

1 Boomika will be sitting next to me and Vandana next to him

2. when the bottle is spun everyone’s eyes should be closed with their kerchiefs and if any one is found cheating they will be the loser of that round.

3. the person against whom the mouth of the bottle is pointing will be the loser and he or she will do whatever the person sitting to his or her right asks them to do.

4. if the loser refuses to do then all the other three will force him or her to do that and finally the main rule

5.this will be a adult game and if someone is not willing to play should opt out now

Surprisingly both the girls were willing to play the game and of course me and Ajay were more than willing. Then Vandana raised a doubt suppose aunty comes early what will happen Boomi pacified her and said she will make plan for that. According to her plan she will go through the back door lock the front door and come back through the back door. She knew her mom didn’t have the spare key since it was with her dad and dad had gone out of station early in the morning will be back only late midnight. Ajay was surprised his sister was so cunning but didn’t object to her plan since he was wanting to play with Vandana as I wanted to with Boomi.

Boomi went out and locked the door and came back and from mobile called aunty. Mamaa it is boring here I am going to Vandana’s house now when will you be back. Aunty should have replied by the evening for which Boomi said mama you don’t have the keys shall I lock the door and take the keys with me or will Ajay bhaiya come now Ajay almost burst into laughter but I closed his mouth. Aunty must have said Ajay beta wont come and must have said you can go for which Boomi replied thank you mamaa I love you bye.

So aunty problem was solved and we decided to sit in the hall on the first floor which has a balcony and if at all someone comes we can see from the balcony.

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