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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 31

Abbu Zubair and Sister Zara Knows About Zafar’s Affair with his Choti Ammi.

Zafar and his stepmother Amina fucked every day till his father and sister came back from Delhi. Every day after his step brothers went to school, he fucked his stepmom before leaving for office and every night after his step brothers slept, they made wild and passionate love in his father’s bed. All this time, they fucked carelessly without any birth control protection, not knowing what the future had in store for them.

Even after his father Zubair and sister Zara came back, Zafar didn’t stop this taboo affair with his stepmom Amina. When his father spend the nights at his home fucking his sister Zara, Zafar would go to his father’s home to make out with his stepmother. He never confessed about this affair to his father or sister. But without his telling, his father came to know about their affair.

One night Amina was away at their mother’s home. So Zubair didn’t wanted to waste this night spending alone in his home. So he went to his son’s home hoping to have a threesome action with his son and daughter. But there was also another reason for him to go there.

After reaching there, Zubair had a tasty dinner with his children and watched some tv. Zara was telling about her sexperience with her father in Delhi to her brother. Listening to all this both Zafar and Zubair got horny and wanted to fuck Zara right away. Both holded one hand each of Zara and took her to Zafar’s bedroom to fuck her.

Zubair was stripping his daughter Zara while she was busy removing her brother’s clothes. When all three got naked, father and son sandwiched Zara between them and were rubbing their cocks on her pussy and ass. Zara was kissing one man while her hands played with cock of other. When their cocks were rock hard, they took Zara ro bed and made love to her.

Zubair got in between his daughter’s legs and put his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her hard. Zara was sucking on her brother’s cock who was sitting beside her face. After some time, Zafar wanted to put his cock iin her pussy, so he asked his father to switch places with him. Zubair agreed to his sons request and gave him his place between Zara’s legs and let him fuck her for some time.
After some time, Zubair wanted to fuck his daughter again. So he politely asked his son.

Zubair: “beta Zafar, you fucked her for quite a long time now. I want to fuck my daughter again. Can you please withdraw your cock from my daughter’s pussy???”

Zafar: “sure abbu….. I think Zara is tired of sucking your cock”

Zafar withdrew his cock from his sister’s pussy and let her go. But this time Zubair didn’t get in between his daughter’s legs. He got on bed and pulled her on top of her. They kissed for some time and Zara caressed her father’s cock. Zubair slapped her ass indicating her to take his cock inside her pussy.

Zara being a good daughter, took his cock and placed it on her pussy lips. Her father’s cock slowly disappeared inside her cunt as she sat on it. Meanwhile, Zafar was playing with her naked body, kssing her back and caressing her boobs sitting behind her.
Zara rocked back and forth on her father’s cock and after some time when Zubair asked her to bend forward so that he could suck on her tits, she bend forward and gave her tits into her father’s mouth. When she bended forward, Zafar was having a good and clear look at her asshole. He recalled the night when for the first time, he made an entry into his stepmom, Amina’s backdoor. She gave her asshole virginity to her stepson on that night.

Zafar was very happy when he teared the backdoor of his stepmom because even his father never fucked her in the ass. Even when Zubair came to know that his daughter and new lover Zara, allowed his son Zafar to fuck her ass, he was very angry and advised both of them to avoid fucking in the asshole. He thought that only cunt is made to take in the cock and not asshole. He really enjoyed fucking his wife but never did he thought about fucking his wife Amina in her ass.

Zafar came back to his senses and his eyes were fixed on her asshole. He saw that his sister still riding their father’s cock. He moved forward with his cock in hand and got behind her and placed it on her asshole. Zafar spat on his hand and lubricated his cock to make it slippery so that he didn’t had any difficulty in getting in her ass and also he didn’t want to give pain to his darling baby sister.

Zafar was successful in getting into Zara’s ass without any difficulty as her asshole was used to her brother’s cock. Zara was being double penetrated. Father’s cock in her pussy and her brother’s cock in her ass. But this was not the first time for her. She had been DP-ed by them earlier. For sometime they fucked like this only and then her father cummed in her pussy and her brother filled her ass with his cream. Then their conversation started.

Abbu: “I have a good news for you my kids……”

Zara: “what is it Abbu…. What good news do you have for us???”

Abbu: “well….. Zara…. This news is more good for your brother….and i think he knows it….”

Zara and Zubair, both looked at him.

Zafar: “what Abbu…. What news do you have……..i don’t know what you are talking about????”

Abbu: “well…. Today your choti ammi was not feeling well…..and we went to hospital…..”

Zafar: “what Abbu???? What happened to choti ammi ….. is she fine now????”

Abbu: “don’t worry beta….. both of them are fine now…..”

Zara: “both of them???? Who else was ill Abbu???”

Abbu: “actually beti, your choti ammi is pregnant……”

Zafar: “what????? Chhh……choti ammi…… is….. pregnant…..”

Abbu: “yes….. my wife is pregnant…… your choti ammi is pregnant……”

Zafar was shocked and didn’t knew what to tell. He was just thinking that if his stepmother Amina confessed to her affair with him.

Zara: “congratulations….. Abbu…. You are going to become a father again….”

Abbu: “don’t congratulate me beta…… you should congratulate someone else….”,

Zubair said looking at his son’s face.

Zara: “what do you mean Abbu….. why should I congratulate someone else…..????”

Abbu:”you should congratulate the person who impregnated your choti ammi…..”

Zara: “what….. you are saying that you didn’t impregnate your wife???? Then who did ?????”

Abbu: “betiii….. why don’t you ask your brother……????”

Now both of them were looking at Zafar. But he didn’t have courage to speak up and confess that he fucked his father’s wife and their stepmother.

Zara: “bhaiyyaaaa….. what is abbu talking about…. Do you have any idea???”

Zafar: “Zaraaa……actually…..abbu…..I……. I…..Abbu…… I……..”

Abbu: “beti Zara…. I will tell you……actually ….. this baby that is going to come soon in our family is not your brother or sister……. That will be your nephew or niece…..”

Zara: “Abbu…. What are you talking???”

Abbu: “yes beti….. your choti ammi is pregnant and I am not the father…. Your brother is going to become a father again….. it is his child…..”

Zara was shocked listening to this. She couldn’t believe that her brother was so mad for sex that he would end up fucking their stepmother even after he fucked his own sister.

Zara: “but abbu…. Hoe can you be so sure about that???”

Abbu: “beta…. When I went to hospital today with your choti ammi…. Doctor said me that she was three weeks pregnant……and you are a woman and you can calculate….. during those days, I was in delhi with my daughter….. and my cock was always inside your cunt….. and not in my wife’s cunt…..”

Zara was shocked when she realsed that what her father was telling was absolutely true. But she still had a doubt that it was her brother’s child. She believed that her stepmother was fucking some other guy and got impregnated by that unknown man.

Zara: “Abbu….. it can be some other person also….. your wife may have slept with some other person and may be you don’t know about him????”

Abbu: “no Zara….. do you remember that whenever I used to call at my home and my sons would answer the call….. every time, my sons said me that your choti ammi was with Zafar in other room….. and don’t forget that your brother Zafar was staying the whole time at my house when we were away….. if he can seduce his own sister to fuck him, then she is his step mother……”

Zara: “bhaiyya…. Is this true….. are you responsible for her pregnancy????”

Zafar: “yes Zara….. it must be mine…. But she didn’t tell me anything about that….”

Abbu: “that’s because she also came to know about it today itself…… “

Zafar: “but Abbu…. She could have told me after knowing this…..”

Abbu: “I think she is feeling very guilty….. she must have enjoyed your fucking…. But she didn’t plan to get pregnant by you….. that’s why she was not looking at me after she got the news about her pregnancy,,,,,, she wanted a reason to stay away from me…… that’s why she went to her parents home today……”

Zara: “bhaiyyaa…. Why did you fuck her in first place….. were Rubina bhabi and I were not enough to satisfy your sexual needs…..????”

Zafar: “its not about my sexual needs Zara….. actually I was attracted to her….. since she got married to Abbu…. I always fantasized about her….. when I went to Abbu’s home, I thought I can use her loneliness as an advantage in seducing her…. And look… I succeeded…..”

Zara: “so you….. love her…..????”

Zafar: “I love you more Zara…. More than I love my wife…. And yes…. This is also true that I love our choti ammi…… but I love you more than anyone… you are my darling baby,,,,,”

Zara: “I too love you bhaiyya….
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