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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 26 - Pt. 1

Rubina Mummy Anal-ized by Her Son Zaheer

After a lot of intense fucking, mummy got tired and wanted to get some sleep. She asked me to take my aunt, Zara phupi to my bedroom and fuck her in my bed. We both left for my bedroom and mummy asked us to switch off her bedroom lights before leaving. We got to our bedroom and started making out. Aunt Zara sucked my cock and asked me to fuck her real good. She was happy at what she got from my fucking. After fucking, she got on top of me and kissed me.

Phupi: “ohhh... Zaheer..... you are too good...... just like your father and grandfather.....”

Me: “now that you fucked all three of us.... whom do u like the most.... Who was the best in bed....??”

Phupi: “for sex, personally, I enjoyed a lot with my father, your daadaji..... because he was so much experienced and so big..... I really liked his cock working in my cunt....”

Me: “and what about me??? don’t you like me..???”

Phupi: “I didn’t said that..... you asked me about the best and for me my father was best.... Just for you your mummy is best..... atleast better than me.....”

Me: “yeah.... My mummy has the best pussy, a perfect match for my cock....”

Phupi: “why not.... you came out of that same pussy many years back..... and you know what when you came into this world from her womb..... your father was fucking me here, in this house.....”

Me: “and what about my daddy..... didn’t you like sex from your brother....??”

Phupi: “I liked him...... no, I loved him.... bhaiyya is the real love of my life..... after I was married to Naeem, I thought he was my real love, but after I had sex with bhaiyya for the first time, I realized that bhaiyya is my real love. He cared for me so much.... Even when I would be with my husband Naeem, I would think about bhaiyya..... when Naeem fucked me, I closed my eyes and thought that it was bhaiyya who was on top of me and his cock inside my pussy..... but Naeem’s cock was not as big as bhaiyya’s.....”

Me: “what about my cock??? is it bigger than Naeem uncle’s cock??”

Phupi: “that is one of the reasons I am staying with you”

Me: “so you are staying here with me for my cock....??? I thought you were staying with me for our child....”

Phupi: “you know... this child of ours.... Growing inside me.....is our symbol of love..... but it gave me an excuse to stay with you for some more months.....”

Me: “oh.... By the way did you tell to Naeem uncle that you are pregnant....??”

Phupi: “No Zaheer.... Not yet.... He came here to fuck me two weeks back..... I will ask bhabi when to tell about my pregnancy to Naeem....”

Me: “Zara phupi, see you are already pregnant..... and the sooner you tell it to your husband, it will be better..... we don’t want any problems from him or his family....”

Phupi: “yes my love, you are right.... I guess I should tell him tomorrow....”

Me: “ok.... By the time I come back from college.... You give this news to your husband..... but I don’t want you to lie to him...”

Phupi: “what do you mean Zaheer.... Should I tell him that he is not the father and you are the father.....of this child???”

Me: “you don’t need to tell about the father.... Just tell him that you are pregnant.... Tell him that you are having a baby inside your womb..... he will definitely think that it is his child....”

Phupi: “yes Zaheer, you are right.....”

Me: “now lets get some sleep..... I have to go to college tomorrow.... I have a very important class.... Good night phupi.....”

I switched off the lights of my room and got back into bed with my pregnant aunt. She got closer to me and winded her nude body to mine. She put her head on my chest and asked me something.

Phupi: “Zaheer.... Do you really love your mother or you just lust for her sexy body....??”

Me: “phupi.... I loved her always.... But as a son.... And when first time I saw her topless and her big milky boobs.... I started to see a woman inside her..... I had a feelings of a son, but at the same time, my dick was thinking as a man.... I started lusting for her body and made this plan to seduce her to fuck me..... and fortunately I was able to get her to have sex with me....”

Phupi: “so still you lust for her body???”

Me: “I lusted for her beautiful and sexy body when I just fantasized about her.... now I can fuck her.... so I don’t lust for her anymore.... It’s pure love..... a big love..... a sons love for a mother combined with a man’s love for his woman.......”

Phupi: “do you love her more than your father....”

Me: “yes.... I love her more than anyone else.... My father cheated on her with you and my maami.....”

Phupi: “does she loves you or just lusts for you....???”

Me: “obviously she loves me..... as a mom, as a lover.....”

Phupi: “and does she loves you more than she loves my bhaiyya??”

Me: “yes phupi.... She loves me more than she loves my daddy......”

Phupi: “how can you say that...??”

Me: “you only saw that how she fucks me.... she also wants to have my babies.... That
means she loves me more than she loves my father....”

Phupi: “does she do something special with you....??

Me: “like what, Zara phupi??”

Phupi: “I’ll tell you about it tomorrow..... when we all go to bed together.... I want her to prove that she loves you more than her husband....”

Me: “sure.... You can see it tomorrow night.... Because she will do anything for me.....”

We got tired and retired for the night. Zara phupi had something running in her mind. To find out what, I had to wait for the next night. The next day again was as usual. Mummy came to my room to wake me up. Zara phupi wanted to sleep some more, that’s why she was not disturbed and I went to mummy’s room with her. we had a bath together and made love in shower once more before I went to my college. While in fucking in shower, we had a little conversation.

Me: “mummy, last night after I fucked Zara phupi, she asked me something that I also want to know...”

Mummy: “what is it beta?? What did she ask you??”

Me: “she asked me if you love me or just lust for me...??”

Mummy: “beta you know that I love you..... I am your first lover honey....”

Me: “I know that.... But she asked me if you love me more or daddy???”

Mummy: “beta.... What kind of question is that...... your father was my only lover till you came into my life.... Now I fuck with you daily.... I am cheating on your father with you, my son....”

Me: “but whom do you love more..... me or daddy..??”

Mummy: “I don’t know that beta..... I can’t answer that..... because your father is my first love... he took my cherry.... Took my virginity on our marraiage night..... and I am your first love..... and I took your virginty, in my bed, right where your daddy fucks me...... and by now you should know that first love always remains close to your heart.... So I can’t answer that question honey....”

Me: “mummy.... Zara phupi told that she wants a proof that you loves me more than you love daddy..... and I told her that you can do anything to prove that.....”

Mummy: “beta.... I don’t know if I can prove anything or not.... but I definitely love you beta... let’s see tonight what she wants me to do to prove that.....”

After fucking and washing each other, we had breakfast together and then mummy came out to say bye to me as I was going to college. Before leaving I asked her to smooch me. she was hesitant at first, but after checking the surrounding and finding no one watching in our garden, she gave me a smooch. Happily, I left for my college. Infront of our main gate, I saw our milkman standing there. He said hello to me and asked mummy to get the can to take milk. I wondered if he saw mummy smooching me.

I had a lot of fun in college during classes and breaks. My friend’s who visited me last day at my home, asked a lot of questions about my family. The girls wanted to know what my mummy thought about them and all that bull shit. They were asking like if mummy may select one of them to be my bride. And the boys, as usual asked about my daddy and uncle.

They were thinking that how such hot women stayed without their husbands. But little did they know that neither mummy was looking out for my bride as I was happy fucking her and nor did boys knew that I was the only male in my home who had these beautiful women in my bed all the time and my cock in their pussies.
I came back from college and then after taking food, I went to hang out with my friends.

Mummy wanted me to go out and have fun. She thought that I should not always stay at home fucking the women in the home and avoid socializing. She wanted me to enjoy my youthful days.

As soon as I came back, I wondered what Zara phupi would make my mother do with me to prove her love for me. we had our dinner and ladies sat down to watch TV. I went to my room, sat down on my PC to do my assignment which I had to submit within a couple of days. When it was getting late, Zara phupi walked in to my room and stood behind me. she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on my cheeks.

Phupi: “Zaheer, we have been waiting for you..... when will you fininsh your work....??”

Me: “Phupi, I have to fininsh this assignment as the submission date is coming near....”

Phupi: “your mummy is waiting for you..... she already got undressed and asked me to get her son to fuck her....”

Me: “what??? She already got naked??? She must be very horny then.....”

Phupi: “yes Zaheer.... She cant wait to know what I want her to do with her son.....”

Me: “oh yeah phupi.... I forgot about it.... now I don’t care about my assignment, I am also very excited to know what I am going to do with my mother tonight.
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