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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 25 - Pt. 2

Phupi: “No Zaheer, your father, my bhaiyya never came back that night..... after he left, Abba (father) came and sat beside me. I was feeling so ashamed sitting there, covering my naked body with this thin blanket. He asked me for how long we were having sex. I told him that we were having sex for more than three years..... we began our affair some months after I was married...”

Mummy: “so what did Abba tell you knowing that??”

Phupi: “bhabi, he asked me if Naeem was not able to satisfy my sexual needs. I told him that Naeem was good in bed. He asked me then why I had sex with my own brother. I told that bhaiyya seduced me into having sex with him when we were alone at home as bhabi was away at her mother’s home. Abba asked me that how his son seduced his daughter..... I told him that he seduced me on the pretext of teaching me about married life and keeping my husband happy.... I told him that bhaiyya taught me to keep my husband happy by giving him proper sex and he taught me how to do proper sex and controlling my husband via sex....”

Me: “daadaji believed your story...???”

Phupi: “yes, he believed me.... and then he started to seduced me...”

Mummy: “how Zara??”

Phupi: “he asked me that what bhaiyya taught me about satisfying and controlling husband by giving him proper sex. I told to Abba about everything that bhaiyya taught me.... what he said next shocked me very much.... He asked me to show what his son taught me.... he said that he wants to see if bhaiyya taught me everything properly or not..... he asked me to do all those things with him.....”

Me: “so you did all those things without resisiting???”

Phupi: “no Zaheer... I resisted.... I told him that he was my father and how could he ask his own daughter to have sex with him.... he said that since I already fucked my brother, there was no harm in having sex with father..... he said he wanted to see if I was doing sex right or not.... actually it was just an excuse to fuck me.....”

Phupi: “I didn’t had any other option infront of me. I had to agree to what he asked for.... Bhaiyya also left me alone with Abba. He never once thought what Abba will do to me.... I was very angry at him to abandon me at such time, when I needed him the most......”

Phupi: “Abba started to remove his clothes and when he got naked, he pulled the blanket from my naked body to expose me..... he asked me to come to him and he took me in his arms and pushed me back on bed. He got inbetween my legs and got on top of me.... and asked me to show what bhaiyya taught me about sex..... when I was telling him that bhaiyya taught me this and that..... he said me not to tell about it but to show how I was doing it. so for the first time, I kissed my old father passionately on his lips. I took his tongue into my mouth and sucked it. my father said that I turned into a very beautiful woman after marriage. He even told me that I was more beautiful than my own mother and step mother. Abba then sucked my boobs.”

Phupi: “after sometime, he got up and asked me to show how to suck a cock. I thought it was very disgusting to suck my own father’s cock in my mouth. But when I saw the hardness of his cock, all the disgust turned into pleasure for me. Abba’s cock was very big and fat. Bigger than bhaiyya’s cock. till then I was feeling like I was being molested by my own father. But when I took his hard cock into my hands, I myself wanted to do all those nasty things with my father. I was willing do anything at that time to get that cock into my hungry cunt because I was very horny that night. Bhaiyya left me all dried up and horny without satisfying me after Abba caught us.”

Me: “Zara phupi, was daadaji’s cock bigger than mine??”

Phupi: “Zaheer, bhabi must have told you that your cock is fatter than your fathers, but your father’s cock was a bit longer than yours. And my father’s and your daadaji’s cock was the best of all the cocks that I had. It was longer and even fatter.”

Mummy: “don’t worry about that beta.... As I told you earlier, you are very young and just turning into a man..... your cock will grow more and it may even get longer and fatter than your daadaji’s cock....”

Phupi: “Yes Zaheer, bhabi is right..... I also think that you will have the best cock in our family....”

Me: “ok phupi, now continue.... What happened next???”

Phupi: “I started to suck Abba’s cock. he was very happy seeing me suck his cock in a nice way. He was getting a lot of pleasure while I was sucking him. he even told me that his second wife didn’t suck his cock properly, but my mother loved sucking his cock. at this point I was very open with my father. We were making love like we were lovers for a long-long time. Abba said me to show how I took a cock in my cunt. he pushed me back on bed and spread my legs and got in between them.
Even though my pussy was still very tight for his fat cock, he didn’t had any problem in
penetrating me as I was all wet with my juices. He started fucking me and gave me a lot of pleasure. We were just fucking like newly married couple. When he was close to ejaculate, he said he will remove his cock from my pussy. but I asked him to continue fucking me. finally he ejaculated inside my cunt.”

Phupi: “after some time, he removed his dick from my pussy when it started to get small. We kissed and played with each others body for some time. He then asked me if I allowed bhaiyya also to come inside my pussy and I said that bhaiyya always ejaculates inside me. I even told him that it was bhaiyya who made me pregnant for the first time. He asked me that was I happy after fucking him. I told him I was very happy. We didn’t sleep that night and fucked three more times that night in different positions.”

Me: “didn’t daddy come back that night???”

Phupi: “no Zaheer, bhaiyya didn’t come back that night. He was back next morning....”

Me: “did you tell him that you fucked your father??”

Phupi: “I didn’t need to tell him. when bhaiyya came back, he saw me sleeping in our father’s arms and we both were naked. He caught us red handed after fucking in this very bed..... he understood that Abba fucked me....”

Mummy: “didn’t he get angry that you fucked your own father??”

Phupi: “ he got angry at first, but I told him that it was his fault that he left me alone with Abba in the night.... I told him that if he would have stayed and confronted Abba together with me, I would not end up fucking our own father. Finally he understood and accepted it.....”

Mummy: “wow Zara.... your incest story is really very much interesting... I got really horny after listening to all this....Zaheer, beta I want you to fuck me right now....”

Me: “yes mummy, you are right..... I am also very horny.... Look at my cock.... without a blowjob or handjob, it is in all its glory mummy.... we don’t need to do any foreplay.....right mummy??”

Mummy: “yes beta.... I just want you to put that big cock of yours inside my hungry
cunt...right now....”

I spread my mother’s legs and inserted my dick in her pussy and started to fuck her right away. She was maoning like a bitch in heat. Seeing me fuck my own mother, Zara phupi started to pleasure herself by fingering her. I saw that I pushed her hand aaway from her pussy. instead I offered her my hand service. She took my hand and I inserted three fingers into her wet cunt. now I had two bitches in heat, moaning loudly. Mummy moaning to my cock fucking her and phupi moaning to the pleasure she was getting from my fingers.

Mummy didn’t like the idea as my attention was distributed. Even though she was having my meat pounding inside her cunt, she was not happy that I was not looking into her eyes and instead looking at Zara phupi. She pulled my hand away from phupi’s cunt and asked me fuck her properly. I then gave her my 100% attention and fucked her real hard. Now Zara phupi was not happy because she was also horny and needed my cock inside her.

Phupi: “enough bhabi, I also want some fucking from your son.... Please leave him and let him fuck me now....”

Mummy: “shut up you bitch..... my son in fucking me and I am not yet over with him.... you can have him after he satisfies me.....”

Soon mummy got an orgasm but I was still steady and continued fucking her. mummy also didn’t stop me. but Zara phupi asked me to fuck her. mummy asked me to continue fucking her and ignore Zara phupi.

Mummy: “Zara, I agree that my son gave me a wonderful orgasm just now.... but he is still hard and can fuck me more..... you just stop nagging and let my son fuck me properly.....”

Zara phupi was helpless as she knew that I loved my mummy more than anyone. She knew that I will not stop fucking mummy until she asked me to stop. So she sat silently looking at me fucking my own mother. mummy got another orgasm from our fucking and after that she asked me if I was close to ejaculate. When I said yes, she asked me to fuck Zara phupi.

Zara was very happy to get my cock before it ejaculated. Without any delay, she spread her legs, grabbed my cock and placed it near her pussy entrance. I started fucking her and for her displeasure I came soon, just after a couple of strokes.

Zara phupi was mad at me because she didn’t get satisfied. She was very angry at mummy. to cheer her up, mummy said that she fuck me again and she will not interfere.

Mummy: “Zaheer, beta after getting a good fuck from you, I am feeling very sleepy now.... I don’t want to wake up till late..... I have to rise up early in the morning.... To prepare your breakfast..... why don’t you take Zara to your bedroom and fuck her in your bed...... she didn’t get enough of your cock tonight.....”

Me: “ok mummy.... you sleep now.....
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