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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 25 - Pt. 1

Aunt Zara With Her Father (My Grandfather)

When I woke up, I found two legs and two hands on my body, but they belonged to two different women who were sleeping naked on either side of me. I recalled the incidents of last night and remembered that how I surprised Zara phupi by revealing that I was fucking my own mother. I got up and jumped down from my bed and went to my bathroom to pee.

I came back and saw that Zara phupi got close to my mummy’s naked body and cuddled her. now I didn’t find any space for me to get in between them. So I got into bed, beside mummy and spread her legs. Mummy woke up when she felt a wet tongue working on her pussy. she got ready for our next session and pushed Zara phupi away from her naked body. Zara phupi woke up. Mummy put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her pussy.

Mummy: “oh Zaheer, it feels so good to get woken up like this beta…..”

Phupi: “bhabi, your son never gets tired of fucking…… he is always ready to put his hard cock into a pussy….”

Mummy: “oh yes Zara…. my son is really a strong man….. his wife will definitely be very lucky to have such a man in her life…..”

Phupi: “she will be lucky obviously, but just to get fucked by your son….. but I also think that she will be not so lucky……”

Mummy: “aaahhhh………why are you telling like that Zara…”

Phupi: “because bhabi, now only your son is having incest sex with you and me….. who knows how many lovers he will have when he gets married to some young lady…..???”

Mummy: “Yes Zara, you are right…… I am sure that he will have many lovers…..”

Phupi: “will you let him fuck other women???”

Mummy: “I cant control that… I am his lover….. not his wife….. but I promised him that he can fuck me as long as he liked…. And he promised me to fuck me all my life……”

Phupi: “you are so lucky bhabi…..”

Mummy: “you are luckier than me Zara…. I just fucked my hubby and son, but apart from your husband, you also fucked your father, brother and nephew…..”

Me: “shut up you two….. you can talk all these when I am not around….. but now, I want you both to take care of me and my cock…..”

Mummy: “sure beta, what do you want us to do…. You know we can do anything you ask for….”

Phupi: “yes Zaheer…. Bhabi is right…. We will do anything for you…. after all you take care of us so much….. we can do anything for you in return of your love for us…..”

Me: “I know that you ladies are not lesbians……but, I want to do my first real threesome with you……”

Mummy: “I am not going to do anything with another lady Zaheer…..”

Phupi: “yes Zaheer…. You mummy is right…. Even I am not ready to do anything with my bhabi…..”

Me: “I am not telling you to do anything with each other….. I want you to make love to me at same time…. Last night I was fucking one of you while the other was just watching me fuck…”

Mummy: “how Zaheer….???”

Me: “see mummy, when I am doing oral sex with one of you, my cock will be busy with other….. this way I can pleasure both of you simultaneously….”

Mummy: “so what are you waiting for beta, get started…..”

Phupi: “what do you want to take first Zaheer…. My pussy or my body…..”

Me: “I will take your pussy first……and mummy, you will sit above phupi, infront of me and offer me your big boobs…..”

We got into our positions. Phupi laid back on bed after asjusting pillows for her comfort and I got in between in legs, after spreading them wide. Mummy got infront of me and sat on top of phupi with her breast right infront my face. Mummy started to kiss me while she held my cock to get it hard.

When I was hard enough to penetrate, mummy positioned my cock in front of phupi’s cunt and asked me to push in. when I pushed my cock into Zara phupi’s pussy, mummy gave me her boobs to suck. I asked Zara phupi to use her fingers on my mother’s clitoris to give her pleasure.

After sometime, mummy asked me to fuck her. Zara phupi got up from bed and mummy took her place. Now my dick was pleasuring mummy and my mouth sucking Zara phupi’s boobs. I wanted to make it different this time. So I asked Zara phupi to stand infront of me instead of offering me her boobs. when she standed infront of me, I licked her cunt and pleasured her with my mouth while my cock was pleasuring my mother’s cunt.

Our threesome session continued this way for a long time. When I was ready to ejaculate, mummy removed my cock from her cunt and asked her sister in law to take my cock in her cunt. I ejaculated inside my pregnant aunt’s cunt. we got up and had a shower together.

While taking bath, I was playing with my mummy. Zara phupi was feeling very jealous for the attention I was giving to my mummy. soon we came out and both the ladies went to kitchen to prepare the breakfast.

Everything was normal for the rest of the day, we had breakfast, then we watched TV for some time. Neelu also came to do her work and she came back. Obviously, my aunt, Zara phupi didn’t yet know about my past affair with Neelu, our maid. But, Neelu knew that I was fucking my aunt because now everyday she found my aunt sleeping naked in my bedroom. But she didn’t knew that aunt was pregnant with my child nor she knew that I had threesome with mom and aunt.

I went out with my new, college friends in evening to watch a movie and when we were back, I invited them to my home for drinks.my friends met my mummy and Zara phupi. Many male friends were looking at my mother and aunt with lust and the female friends complimented on their beauty. after having some fun, they left to their homes and I was alone with my sexy mummy and pregnant aunt. We had dinner and then I asked both of them to join me in my bedroom.

Mummy: “beta, we are not coming to your room. Tonight we will sleep in my bedroom…..”

Me: “but mummy, you don’t like any other woman to get fucked by me in your bed…..”

Mummy: “Yes beta, I told you that….. but Zara already fucked your father in that bed….. so I don’t have any problem if she fucks our son in that bed……”

Mummy: “beta Zaheer….. please ….. no more playing beta….. I want yo

Mummy: “I would have killed you if I came to knew about this some months back…. Now that I am cheating your bhaiyaa with his own son…. I don’t care about who he fucked…. So I am not angry with you for fucking my husband…. infact I am happy that now I came to know a biggest secret of his….. I can use it to my advantage….”

Phupi: “how bhabi???”

Mummy: “if your bhaiyya comes to know that I am fucking our son, then I can ask him about your affair…. He will not have any objections to my fucking our son after he knows that I know about his affair with you…...”

Me: “wow mummy, I never thought about that….. this way I can fuck you infront of daddy….”

Mummy: “yes beta…. You can fuck your mother infront of your father…. And even make me pregnant……”

Me: “mummy….will daddy allow that….. to have my child in your womb??”

Mummy: “don’t worry about that son…. I will take care of all that….. you wll just have to fill my pussy with your potent sperms….”

Me: “come on now ladies…. Lets get into bed….. I want to take you both again….”

We went into my parents bedroom. Soon we stripped down naked and got into bed. I was in between while both ladies were on either side of me. while one was kissime to fuck her. Giving her what she desperately needed, I got in between her legs and inserted my rock hard cock in her cunt withou

Phupi: “why Zaheer?? Now that your mother is with you…..Don’t you want to fuck me anymore....”

Me: “No sweetheart, you know that I can fuck you forever…. But not right now….”

Phupi: “why Zaheer…..???”

Me: “first you should tell me about your affair with your father…. How you fucked with my daadaji….”

Mummy: “yes Zara, he is right…… I am also very excited to hear about my father in laws incest story….with his own daughter…..”

Phupi: “well bhabi, I will tell it now….”

I asked Zara phupi to get in between both of us. now these two ladies were lying naked beside each other. Phupi started to narrate her incest story with her father.

Phupi: “it happened when Zaheer was around three years old…. It was summer time and I came to stay with my brother for some days. Bhaiyya asked bhabi to go to her mother’s home with Zaheer….so that we could be alone in home and fuck all time….. I really liked this time because I would get a lot of sex.

Every day and every night bhaiyya fucked me…. and my husband Naeem came to spend the weekened nights with me….. while he fucked me at nights…. Bhaiyaa fucked me in mornings…. Sometimes, bhiayya even fucked me after Naeem fucked me in night….”

Me: “how phupi, if Naeem uncle was at home, how could daddy fuck you…??”

Phupi: “after fucking with Naeem, I would tell him that I am not getting sleep and I wll go out to watch TV. When he was in deep sleep, I would go to bhaiyya’s room and there he fucked my brains out…..”

Mummy: “see beta Zaheer…. Your father fucked his sister here while I was spending my nights alone at your grandmother’s home…. Ok Zara, what happened next??”

Phupi: “we would be alone at home during those days. Our Abba (father) was staying with our stepmother, whom he married after our Ammi (mother) died. He was having a separate family in another home. We had two step brothers. He came to meet us very rarely as we were staying separately from him.”

Phupi: “during one such night, I and bhiayya went out to watch a movie. After coming back to home, we both were very horny. As soon as we entered the main door, we started to undress each other.
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