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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 10

Maid Reveals Her First Incest Secret

That night Neelu came with her kids to stay at my home. As usual her husband was away on roads, driving truck at night. After making her children sleep in guest room, Neelu came to my room. She thanked me and mummy to letting her children stay with her at our home.

Neelu then came and started to undress me and then she also got undressed. We took our naked bodies to my bed and slept there cuddling each other. We kissed for some time as she was rubbing my cock with her hands while I was fingering her black pussy.

She got down to take my cock into her mouth but I pulled her back on bed. I told her I am not going to fuck her before she told me her incest story. She agreed and sat down on bed.

I told Neelu to come and sit in my lap. She straddled me on my lap and kissed me. I instructed her to begin her story.

Neelu: “Saab,when I got married, I was very happy. In our small two rooms home, only me, my husband, our baby and my husband’s parents lived. My husband fucked me regularly and worked near our home only. I lost my virginity to my husband and within a year our first baby was born. But after two years of marriage, he got a job as truck driver and for that he had to drive the truck at nights only. From that time, he used to stay out for a lot of nights. One day I came to know that he is fucking cheap whores to satisfy his needs when I found a condom in his pocket. But I didn’t want to cheat on him. Then after my mother in laws death, everything changed.”

Me: “what happened after she died….”

Neelu: “it was one of those nights when my husband was away. Only me, my baby and my father in law were at home. I called her BABA. Baba worked as stone breaking labour. He was very good and always treated me like his daughter. It was raining that night. After having dinner, I was breast feeding my baby who was not even a year old at that time. We were in our main room when Baba came from work. All his clothes were wet. He asked me to get the food ready for him and till then he will change into some dry clothes. He went to my room and got changed. When he came out, food was ready for him. I looked at his body. He was just wearing a lungi without anything on his upper body. While he was eating, I waited there infront of him to see if he needed something else. I was looking at his body when he was not looking at me. But he saw me watching at his well toned body which was due to hard working.”

Me: “Neelu,what was his age at that time??”

Neelu: “he must be around 50 years old and I was just 23 years old, my husband was 30 years old”

Me: “then what happened….did he tell you anything for looking at his body?”

Neelu: “No saab, he didn’t say anything. he just completed his dinner and then went to wash his hands. I followed him to bathroom to give him water to wash hands. I was bending down to pour water for him to wash hands. While he was washing hands, he was looking at my breasts which were clearly visible from my nighty. He knew that I was watching him. After that I went to my room with my baby to sleep. Some time later, current went away because of heavy rains and whole house got dark. My baby started to cry. After some time I saw a light approaching my room. Baba came into my room with a candle. He came and put the candle beside my mattress and sat down beside me. My baby was still crying. He told me to feed the baby. I turned away from Baba and started to feed my baby by removing one breast from my nighty and giving a nipple into my baby’s mouth. My baby stopped crying and started to drink my milk. Then I felt a hand on my waist. I turned my head around and saw that Baba was laying down behind me just in a lungi. I got aroused but didn’t knew what to do.”

Me: “then what did you do??”

Neelu: “I just lay like that only. I didn’t remove his hand from my waist nor did I tell anything to him. After all he was my father in law. Getting encouraged, he also put one of his legs on my legs. Still I didn’t said anything to him. Till now my baby was slept. Baba came near my face and asked slowly if my baby was slept or not. I told he slept just now. he then put his hands my breast which was feeding my baby and removed it from my babys mouth. He pulled me around towards him so that I was facing him. I asked him what he was doing. He said me after his wife’s death, he was feling very lonely and didn’t had anyone to fulfill his desires. He said he can fuck whores by paying them, but he earned very little to spend them on filthy whores. He also told me that his son, my husband was always away at nights and that he can satisfy me. But he was good and treated me good. He didn’t force me. He asked me politely, that if I want to get satisfaction, he can give it to me whenever I wanted. I was already horny and he also pulled on top of him and pushed one hand on my pussy. He started to rub my pussy through my clothes only. I thought for some time about his offer. Baba was giving me an open offer that he can satisfy my needs and I have to satisfy his. In this way, our secret will remain safe as we will have sex in our home only and no one will suspect anything about us. I thought that if my husband can get his needs satisfied from cheap whores on highways, then I was getting sex at home only. But I was feeling shy to admit it to him.”

Me: “what did he do then”

Neelu: “Baba kept fingering my pussy and asked me once again. He asked me that if I don’t want to have sex with him, I could atleast give him a blowjob. Feeling so loved, I kissed him on lips and told him slowly that I am ready to have sex with him, but it should always remain a secret. He promised me that no one will ever know about our affair. Baba was so horny after getting a woman after so many days since his wife died. He pushed me on my back and tore my nighty. He removed his lungi and got in between my legs and started fucking me right away. He was fucking me like his new bride, with lots of love. We fucked like that for some more time. He was also sucking my boobs and drinking my breast milk from them while fucking. His cock was thicker than my husbands cock and it was very tight in my pussy. He wanted to change position. He told me to get on top of him and fucked me in sitting position. While we were making love, my baby woke up and started to cry. Baba released me and told me to make the child stop cryinig. Again I lay down on mattress and started feeding my baby. Seeing me nude, feeding my baby, Baba wait anymore and raised one of my legs and entered me from behind. He was fucking me while I was still feeding my baby. Soon he came inside me.”

Me: “was it over after that Neelu?”, I asked her.

Neelu: “We didn’t stop there that night. After our first time, we were cuddling in each other’s arms. He was so sweet and loving. He told that he will always love me and treat me like his wife in my husband’s (his son’s) absence. While we were talking, I was playing with his cock, making it ready for second round. When he was hard again, he fucked me. While we were fucking, the lights came back and I saw nude body of my husband’s father on top of me. I saw his thick cock in all its glory ramming in and out of my body. We fucked three more times till morning. Whole night we slept nude, taking break in between our intense fucking sessions. I didn’t get this much enjoyment on my wedding night also.”

Me: “Neelu, did he came inside you all the times?”

Neelu: “No saab. We were not protected and he didn’t want to take the risk. He came inside my pussy only for the first time. Remaining times, he removed when he was ready to ejaculate his load. Baba was very careful in not making me pregnant. He cumed on pussy, on my ass, on my breasts and face also.”

Me: “did you drink your father in law’s cum?”

Neelu: “yes saab.He liked it very much. He always wanted me to drink his cum. Most of the times, he gave his load in my mouth only.”

Me: “so who else knows about your secret affair with your father in law?”

Neelu: “No one saab. You are the first one to know about my affair.”

Me: “and your brother in law……doesn’t he know that you fucked his father also.”

Neelu: “No saab,he also doesn’t know that. There is one more secret from our affair….”

Me: “what is that Neelu?”

Neelu: “Saab, out of my three children, only first one is legitimate, and of my husband’s. The other two are illegitimate love childs.”

Me: “you are telling that your father in law impregnated you…..”

Neelu: “Yes saab.He made me pregnant…”

Me: “that too two times??”

Neelu: “No saab,only one time. The second child, my daughter is my father in law’s child”

Me: “what about the third one? Who is his father?”

Neelu: “father of my youngest child is my brother in law….”

Neelu: “you are first person to whom I am telling the biggest secret of my life.”

Me: “so you had babies with all your lovers. Huh??”

Neelu: “yes saab.”

Listening to this story of incest involving my maid and her father in law, my cock wanted some service and I really need a good fuck to relieve my aching cock. we were already naked and didn’t need any foreplay as I was ready to enter her pussy. I pushed her on her back and spread her legs. Without saying anything I got in between her thighs and entered her pussy and began fucking her.

Neelu just laid on her back and was having her fingers play with my hair while I rammed my long hard cock in and out of her balck cunt. We fucked in different positions and finally I was unable to control the spunk boiling inside me. Still pumping in and put of her cunt, I released my potent cum inside of my maid’s unprotected cunt.

Neelu just laid on her back and was having her fingers play with my hair while I rammed my long hard cock in and out of her balck cunt.
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