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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 08

First Threesome - Son, Mummy And Maid

Me and my mummy Ruby continued our affair. It was still my holiday time and daily I would go out with my friends to play cricket or football in a park nearby. When I returned back to home in evening, yummy dinner was ready for me and followed by a sweet fuck from my mummy.

We fucked each and every night, but with some exceptions. The nights when my mother had her periods, we avoided sex. During those times, I had some problem with my sex addiction. Instead of unlimited sex from my mother, I would get limited sex from our maid Neelu during daytime when she came to work.

Mummy agreed to let me fuck her sometimes, including when she was in periods. Mummy just helped me with her hand and mouth, but never allowed me to touch her pussy during her time of the month. The reason behind this was mummy also got sex addicted, after starting affair with me. She would get dangerously horny even if something touched her pussy for more than a minute.

One day mummy informed me that her period time was over and we can fuck that night. I told mummy that I also want Neelu that night with us. She agreed and asked our maid Neelu to spend the night at our home. She said she will be back in night after making some arrangements for her children at her home. We had dinner and soon Neelu was back.

She asked my mother, why she was needed in night. Mummy said to her that I wanted to do something with her that night. Mummy said that she will be available only after she completes watching all her Tv shows. When her last show was over, mummy asked me what to do. I told mummy to take Neelu to bedroom and instructed Neelu to give my mummy a complete massage.

I also ordered Neelu to strip mummy completely naked, but gave her an option that if she wished she can keep her clothes on. Mummy took Neelu to my bedroom as I was not allowed to take Neelu to her bed.

They went inside my room to get started. Mummy was making up my bed by putting an old bed sheet on my bed to avoid staining from massage oil, while Neelu was getting all the stuff required for her massage. I went to mother’s room to get her jewelry.I wanted to fuck my mother with her expensive jewelry on her beautiful body.

When I reached inside my room, I saw Neelu undressing my mother. One by one,she removed all clothes that covered my mother’s sexy body. When she got completely nude, mummy laid down on my bed on her stomach. Neelu sat beside her and looked at me.

I was sitting on my study chair. I told Neelu to massage mummy and follow my instructions. She first started by putting some oil on her back. She massaged her back for some time. Then I asked her to massage my mother’s long legs.

After that she massaged my mothers shoulder and neck from behind. After she was done with all of mummy’s body from behind, I asked mummy to turn around so that she could massage her from front. She started with her legs, then stomach, hands, shoulders and then her boobs. I told her not to touch my mummy’s pussy until any further notification.

When she completed her massage, I asked Neelu to take the jewelry from study table and put it on my mother.

One by one, she helped my mother in getting her ready for me. First mummy wore her bangles, in both the hands. Then she put on her golden payal on her legs.

After that she pinned those long ear rings into her ear which were moving like a pendulum whenever she moved. Then she wore a big gold necklace and a long pearl necklace around her neck. The gold necklace covered the area above her cleavage and the pearl necklace went inside her valley between those big milky boobs.

She had around 3 diamond rings, two big gold finger rings and remaining were small gold rings. She had rings in 8 of her 10 fingers. To complete her sexy look, I also got wedding jewelry for her, which included a big nose ring, a big pendant type that a bride wears on forehead and a big waist belt made of gold that a bride wears over her saree.

Now my mummy was ready in all her glorious beauty and jewelry. Now I understood the advantage of a husband working abroad in gulf. Because of daddy’s high paid job, she was able to own such huge amount of gold, pearls and even diamonds in her jewelry collection.

I told Neelu to go to our kitchen and get a box of olive fruits from refrigerator.After she left, I got on bed and started to kiss my beautiful mother. Mummy wanted to start fucking right away. To get me hard, she got down on my cock and started to stroke it then later took it in her wet mouth.

By the time I got rock hard, I saw Neelu standing near my bedroom door and fingering herself while looking at us. I instructed her to come inside and get undressed. While she was getting undressed, she looked at a mother licking her son’s cock like a child lick his first lollipop.

I was sitting on my bed, with my back resting on the headboard of my bed and mu mummy in between my legs sucking my cock. Her ass was raised up in air and the room was filled with noises. This time the noises were not of our groans and moans as it was just our starting point. The noises were of bangles moving in mummy’s hand while she was moving her hands up and down on my hard cock.

After Neelu got completely undressed, I told her to get behind my mother’s ass and lie down on bed and look at her pussy from under her. She did as she was told. Then I told her to place some olive pieces inside my mother’s pussy.

When her fingers touched mummy’s pussy, she couldn’t take it and started to move her ass from right to left. After Neelu filled mummy’s pussy with 6 olive pieces, I told her to get up. Then I pushed mummy on her back and pulled her to me by grabbing her thighs. I raised her legs up in the air and rested them on my shoulders.

Then Neelu saw a son attacking his mother’s pussy like he was doing some treasure hunt. One by one but slowly, I removed all the olive pieces from inside of mummy’s cunt using my tongue, lips and teeth. By the time I was fininshed, mummy was shouting loudly as she couldn’t bear what was happening with her pussy. She wanted me to fuck her then and there. But I had some other plans.

Next, I told Neelu to massage my body with a lot of olive oil. I wanted to have both our bodies to be wet and slippery. Mummy shifted to one corner of a bed and me and Neelu were on the centre of my bed. Neelu started to massage my back, legs and shoulders.

She wanted to play for some time so she poured some oil in my ass crack and started to lick it. When her tongue reached my ass hole, she inserted her tongue inside and was rotating it. For the first time in my life,i was getting licked on my asshole.

I got onto my knees and raised my ass up in the air and asked mummy to get on under me. When she was beneath me, I took her one boob and started to lick it and suck it. now this was the first act of our threesome. When I could take it anymore, I pushed my ass back at Neelu indicating her to stop, when she stopeed, iasked her to massage my front body. Again she did the same thing with my front parts. I pulled my mummy and made her sit on my face so that I can lick her pussy while Neelu sucked my cock.

When I was too hard to stay in mouth, I took a condom and asked Neelu to roll it down my hardness. After she did so, I kicked Neelu down from bed and pushed mummy down on her back. With all that jewelry on her body, mummy looked like a bride getting fucked on her wedding night.

When I entered inside my mothers cumt and started fucking her, Neelu came and sat behind me. She held my cock in her one hand and mummy’s ass in other and was making us mate in passion. On one side she pulled my cock to ram it into mummy’s pussy and on other side she pushed mother’s ass up to take my cock as deep as she could.

After some time we changed our positions. I got on my back and mummy straddled my cock. Neelu lay beside me and offered her black tit into my mouth. When I was ready to cum, I told mummy to get on her back again and when I entered inside her, she wrapped both her arms and legs around my body and was moving with my body with each stroke she received.

When mummy said to me that she was about to cum, I also made up my mind to release my load at the same time. When her body began to shake in understood that she was having orgasm and I too ejaculated inside condom while my hard cock was still fucking mummy’s cunt. Exhausted, we lay still for some time, recovering our breath. I was in middle and had both ladies on either side of me.

I fucked my mother three times that night and all this while, Neelu was helping us and serving for all our needs. Whatever she was ordered, she did it happily and when we were finally done with our last round of love making, me and mummy slept in my bed and Neelu made her bed down on the floor of my bedroom.

Next morning was a Saturday and Neelu woke up early and completed all her work. We told her that after completeing her work, she can go back to home and take Sunday leave to spend with her family. Before leaving Neelu gave us a shocker.

“Saab, i enjoyed very much watching you fuck your mother like this……”

“we also enjoyed very much Neelu…..”, I said to her

Mummy said, “thank you Neelu for coming and fulfilling my son’s wish to have his first threesome.

Neelu said, “memsaab, for the first time, I got to know about a real incest relationship between a mother and son….i not only got to know about it but I also saw you guys doing incest sex so passionately in front of me”

Mummy asked her, “you are telling that you saw mother son incest sex…..for first time….. did you see any other relatives fucking within family….. like a father and a daughter?”

Neelu said, “No memsaaab, I never saw a father fuck his own daughter….. but I know some other people who do incest….
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