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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 04 : Pt. 02

My mummy pushed me and said “do whatever you want,take the money from almirah and just make sure that she keeps her mouthclosed.”

I got out of bed and wore my pants, took some money and moved outtowards kitchen. Neelu was working in kitchen; I went inside and started talking to her. “Did you enjoy the show???...” I asked Neelu. She replied “I still can’t believe that a lady like memsaab, who is very conservative and religious, can have sex with anyone….not anyone but with her own son….” I told“now you believe that….”

She said“Yes, now I do believe that….but I cannot understand one thing Zaheer babu…..”I asked “what is that???”. She said “you knew that I was at home and you will get caught, then why did you call me inside to watch you having sex with your mummy???.”

I told her,“ I knew you got suspicious about us when you found condoms in mummys bedroom and when you were asking about someone else presence at home. I knew that youwere thinking of mummy having sex with some man. Now that you know about us, Iexpect you to be quiet and not a word about us should go out from this home.”

She said,“saab, I know that memsaab was missing her sexual life very much. I want to see her happy. Don’t worry saaab, I will not tell about your affair to anyone. You can trust me on that.” I told her, “ I trust you Neelu, just don’t tell about it to anyone and we all will be happy…..mummy will be happy to have a nice sex life back……I will be happy to have sex with such a beautiful women even if itis my mummy and we will make sure that you will also be happy.”

She got a confused look on her face. I took money from my pocket and gave it to her.“just a small price to make sure that you don’t open your mouth in front of anyone…not even your family or husband…..” she was not taking the money, “No saab, I don’t need this. Your familytrusts me so much. That is enough for me….”

I insisted that she takes money and said, “just keep it….for your memsaab’s happiness.” She took that money from meand was happy, and then I told her, “Complete all the remaining work and thenyou can go…..no need to clean mummy’s room, she wants to be alone for sometime….”

Neelu said,“I’ll go and talk to memsaab and tell her not to worry…her secret is safe with”,I stopped her saying, “don’t worry about her, I’ll take care of her, you know I can do it better…..”, and I grinned at her. She smiled and then went away to complete her work.

I insisted that she takes money and said, “just keep it….for your memsaab’s happiness.”She took that money from me and was happy, and then I told her, “Complete allthe remaining work and then you can go…..no need to clean mummy’s room, she wants to be alone for some time….” Neelu said, “I’ll go and talk to memsaab and tell her notto worry…her secret is safe with”, I stopped her saying, “don’t worry about her, I’ll take care of her, you know I can do it better…..”, and I grinned at her. She smiled and then went away to complete her work.

Soon Neelu left after completing all her work. Then I went to my mummy’s room. She had locked her door. On knocking, she didn’t reply at first, on second knock, she told, “beta, I want to be alone for some time. Please leave me alone….” I was worried and told her “mom you didn’t even take breakfast. You are angry with me. Don’t punish yourself.” She said “I’ll eat later….” I told, “mom I also didn’t take breakfast…I’m hungry..”

She opened her door and told, “you go and take breakfast…..and I’ll take in room itself….” I didn’t argue with her and gave her breakfast in her room and I also had my breakfast. I thought it was waste to sit at home as mummy was not in a mood to talk and I also had to go out with my friends to play cricket.

I was back to home in the evening at around 7 pm. As soon as I came home, I saw mummy was still in her home. I peeked in through the window and found that she was sleeping. Withour disturbing her, I proceeded to watch TV. After half an hour, our phone rang, and I answered it. My daddy was online. Our conservation was something like this….

Me: Helllo….

Daddy:Hello beta….

Me: dadyyy….

Daddy: howare you Zaheer???

Me: I’m fine daddyyy…how are you…

Daddy: I’m also fine…where were you…I also called 1 hour back….

Me: I went out with my friends to play cricket….

Daddy:OK….what happened to you mummy??

Me:Nothing daddy….why????

Daddy: I called her this afternoon…she was crying…

Me: Did she tell anything???

Daddy: No, that’s why I’m asking you….

Me: I don’t know daddy…may be she is missing you…

Daddy: yeah…may be…but you know I don’t like all this crying and missing shit….

Me: yeah I know dad…. Don’t worry about mummy…I will talk to her….

Daddy: you better do….and take care of her….

Me: I’ll dad….and don’t worry…. She will not miss you…

Daddy:Ok….where is your mummy??

Me: she is sleeping dad…

Daddy: OK then, I’ll talk to you later….

Me: OK dad….bye….

For sometime, I got worried as I thought mummy herself must have confessed everything to daddy before someone else leaked our secret to him. But I felt huge relief after talking to daddy and I knew our secret is safe, at least for time being. While watching TV, I slept on the couch itself in our living room.

I woke upto the sounds of utensils coming from our kitchen. I went into kitchen and saw mummy making dinner for us. I went near her and sat on the kitchen table. I thought it was a bad time to speak anything about Neelu witnessing us making love in her bedroom. We had our dinner and mom was avoiding to speak any thing on that matter. We just spoke about other stuff. After dinner, we sat on couch watching TV serials and then I begin our conversation.

“Mummy, Daddy called this evening and was asking about your health……”

“Oh….yeah…..he called me in afternoon, but I was not in condition to speak…..”

“Yeah, he said you were crying…. What are you worrying about mummy??”

“It was because of today’s event….. I felt terrible while speaking to your daddy….”

“Well, if you behave like this, then he will think that something is not wrong here and he will enquire about this from some other source, if feels that we are not telling him truth…”

“I was thinking if someone ever blurted out our secret to him, then he will divorce me and leave us……”

“What difference will it make to you mummy?? He already left you and is leaving there in gulf happily with his mistress, my maami, that too without maamu’s knowledge. He is getting all the happiness from her that a wife provides.”

“Yes, you are right beta, but I’m not only thinking about your dad, but also about this society.”

“I don’t care about society mummy.”

“But I do son. I think our secret is not safe with Neelu…....”

“Don’t worry mummy, I talked to her and she said she will not tell to anyone.” I went and took mummy into my arms.

“She may not tell to anyone outside, but she will definitely tell to someone whom she trusts, like her husband or her friends.”

Feeling concerned about this I said, “Yes mummy. You are right. She may break this news to her hubby…..”

“I want to tell you one more thing beta….you are not getting tofuck me unless I’m sure our secret is safe with Neelu….”

“Come on mummy, don’t give me so harsh punishment….you are not only punishing me but to yourself also…I know you can’t stay without having sex with me…..I will talk to Neelu once again…..”

“I’m telling you beta…..our secret is not safe with her….unless………..” mummy stopped without completing her sentence.

Expecting her to continue I asked, “unless…..what mummy???”

She continued, “Unless we have some secret of hers….so that we can use it against our secret….”

The only thing that came to my mind when I hear the word ‘secret’ was Neelu having sex with someone. I got an idea soon into my mind which I couldn’t hold to myself. Soon I blurted it to mummy.

“I think we should make a sex tape of Neelu……”

“This sounds good beta….but will she allow us to make her sex tape…..” mummy said feeling concerned.

“Don’t worry mummy. She said, she will do anything for us…..”

“Any thing is different and doing sex with someone is a lot different Zaheer…..and we don’t even know if she has sex with someone other than her husband”

“Mummy, I think we should plan it according to our situation…..”

“According to our situation??? Like what beta….???”

“How about I seduce Neelu into having sex with me and you make our sex tape???…and we canuse this to keep her silent on our affair…..”

“It sounds good beta, but I don’t like you fucking some maid…..”

“Don’t worry about that mummy. I won’t make her pregnant. I will use condoms with her….”

“It’s not that beta…..i think if you fuck her once and then she asks you to fuck her daily…then I will get a competition in our house itself…”

“Oh come on mummy….no one can compete with you…..you are the most beautiful and most fuckable woman I have ever seen…..i promise you, that you will have my cock whenever, wherever and however you want”

“OK then….let us not delay our plan….we need to get into action immediately before any damage is done……”

“Sure mummy, I will call Neelu now itself, and ask her to come to our home and we will complete it tonight itself….”

“I’m fine with this beta…..” mom said and stretched her hands to get cordless phone and gave it to me….”

I dialed Neelu’s mobile phone number to call her.
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