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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 02 : Pt. 02

I thought that now to do the same to her front body. I told her to turn around and she did. I started by pouring oil on her stomach. Then I massaged her hands, shoulders and thighs. Now I concentrated more on her private parts. I took some oil and started massaging her boobs. She was enjoying it very much. Mummy closed her eyes and was moaning in pleasure slowly. I got on top of her and sat above her stomach as the previous day.

I was tickling her nipples and hard squeezing her big boobs. Her nipples got hard. I noticed that I was also getting very hard. I thought to stop here or I will explode so I moved down.
She suddenly opened her eyes and asked me if everything was fine. I said everything is fine but I am hungry and want to eat olives. She asked me why now? I told her that smelling her like olive made me hungry. I then nakedly ran away into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took the olive box and moved back towards my parent’s bedroom.

While I came back and got into bed again, mom told me, “If my smelling like olive made you hungry, you can eat me”. Now I got a clear green signal from my mom. I knew that now she wants to get fucked by me.

I said I will eat her also along with the olives. We both laughed loudly I wanted to fuck her right there, but I thought of some foreplay before that as she was enjoying very much. I again got on her top as in previous position and now I went into the shoes of her lover and took the oil bottle from the side table.

I poured some oil on her chest, just above her gigantic breasts and in the middle. The oil started to flow down between her globes and began to spread on her stomach. Some oil went to the sides of her waist on left side and some got accumulated in her naval.

I moved my head towards her belly bottom and started to lick the oil from there. Then I put some oil on her boobs and placed two olives on both her nipples. My mummy was laughing when I did this and the olives fell down from her boobies. I asked her to stay still and she did.

I again took the olives and put them on her nipples. One by one I ate the olives from her breasts and also bite her nipples too. Mummy was moaning with the pleasure. Then I moved a bit down and picked some olive from its box and placed in between her globes in a line and took this line till her belly button.

I ate them one by one as I picked the last olive from her navel, I kissed her there and her stomach was shaking. She loved this kind of foreplay. So I thought of extending this love game for some more time. When I looked at her, she had this complaining but naughty look on her face. She told me that I am not massaging her and getting naughty with her.

I went near her face, put my hands in her loose hair around her head, puller her head so that her ears were near my lips and whispered “don’t worry mummy, tonight you will be getting the best massage of your life.”

I will rub each and every place of your body, even all places that you never thought of tonight will be the best night of your life. She listened to me and smiled then I moved my head away from her ears and then looked at her pussy. She also looked where I was looking then again I looked at her and said get ready mommy. She thought I was going to fuck her and but I did not I took 3 olive pieces from the box and moved towards her pussy.

I spread her legs apart and she happily spread them for her new lover and I touched her pussy and inserted one of my fingers. She was just thinking what I was going to do with her and after spreading my mummy’s pussy lips, I put these three olive pieces in her pussy one below the other. I arranged them in such a way that half of the fruit was in her pussy and remaining half on the outer side. Till now she got an idea of what I was going to do with her and then I got in between her legs.

I moved my mouth lips to her hairy pussy lips. I started from the bottom one. I took the first one with my teeth. Then for the other one, I took my tongue out and touched her pussy a little as there was some place vacated by the olive that I had just eaten. Now there was only one olive left in her pussy. I wanted to take time on this. So I just rolled out my tongue and licked her bottom of the pussy. I moved my tongue a little bit inside.

There I tasted her juices. She was already wet from my seduction. I moved my tongue more inside her pussy and was licking her juice. She suddenly put her fingers in my hairs and pushed my head more into her pussy. I licked it upwards towards the olive in her pussy.

Once my tongue touched the olive fruit, I didn’t use my teeth. Instead I pushed my tongue more inside her pussy so that I could remove the fruit with my tongue.
I took some time to tongue fuck my mommy as the fruit came into my mouth, I began to eat her pussy along with the fruit as the hungry lions eat their prey. She was moaning loudly. She was shouting loudly “aaaahhh beta do it slowly eat it. I was dying to get this kind of pleasure. Your daddy never gave me such pleasure. Do it son, do it to your mother.” She was moaning so loud that, if anyone else present in any corner of the house can listen to her moans.

I thought to myself that being alone with my mummy in such a big house was an advantage for me today. When I finished, I took an olive from the box, placed them in my lips and moved towards her face. Once there, I indicated her to eat the fruit. She took the fruit with her lips from my mouth. The next thing she realized was that along with the fruit, she was also chewing my lips and tongue. Yes, we were kissing passionately.

Now, we were lying side by side on her big queen sized bed. One of my hands was caressing her right boob and other was in her hair pulling her head towards me. My mother’s both hands were on my face pulling me towards her and she made sure that this kiss lasted very long time. Finally I broke the kiss as I was choking, to get some air. She then got up a little and told me if you like to lick there, then why you did not shave me completely.

You must not have enjoyed due to my hair and I said no mommy I like some hair on you and you call it pussy or cunt in sexual language. She then moved her right hands towards my cock and asked me and what do you call this? Taking her hand away from my cock I told and we call it cock why are you asking this entire mommy and dad must have used all this words when you fuck him.

She told me “no beta, your daddy ever uses English words while having sex with me, he always uses Hindi words, and what is this ‘FUCK’”, she asked me. I told her that doing sex is called fuck then she asked me “Don’t you like when I touch your cock with my hand?” I told to her “No mom! I like it very much and my cock gets rock hard when you touch me but I don’t want to cum or ejaculate right now. I want to enjoy you” and she took my face in her hands and said, “Then son, if you want to enjoy, don’t give your cock to my hand give it to my mouth. I want to eat your cock”. I told to her, “Tell you want to suck my cock”. She told “Yes, I want to suck your shaved cock.

Your daddy never shaved his cock hair completely and he just used to trim it and I don’t like to take his hair in my mouth. When I tell him to do that, he used to say that its place is not in the mouth but in my cunt hole. Sometimes he allowed me to take it in my mouth, but only after he emptied his entire load in my pussy.”

I told her, “sorry mommy I am too hot now. I don’t think I could control for some more time. I don’t want to give my cock in your mouth right now”. She asked me “Then when will I get to suck on your cock.” I put my hand on my mummy’s ass and pulled her on me partially and said “Mummy, I don’t want to empty my first load in your mouth. I want to put my virgin cock deep into your pussy and fuck you till I cum in your pussy.”

She got down from my body and put her hands on my face and kissed me full on lips and said “Don’t make me wait more my love. I want to take your virginity in my pussy. I am dying to get fucked by a manly cock please fuck my brains out.” I too did not want to wait anymore. I just got on her top and she spread her legs to give me a quick access into her pussy. She guided my full hard cock with her right hand from under her thigh and placed it on her pussy lips.

I told her “Mommy, I may not last longer this time but I promise I’ll give you a good fuck”, to which she said “I know sonny that this is your first time and don’t worry about it but just try to hold on as long as you can.” I kissed on her lips and said “I will try my best mommy.” Saying this I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt after it went half inside, I took it out again and then again pushed it. She put her hands around my body and holds my shoulders tightly.

I began to increase my speed even though I was a virgin; I knew how to fuck a lady, as I have watched that in porn a million times. Soon I was fucking her with great speed and she was moaning in ecstasy. She was telling “Yes son put it in there, my cunt is hungry for your juice and give me all your juice, please son, your daddy leaves me here full hungry for cock give me your cock help me beta.”

My mummy’s legs were wrapped around my ass and I was getting aroused by listening to all this and felt like I was to explode anytime. I tried to control a lot but finally after six minutes of banging my mummy, when she told loudly “Fuck me beta……. make me yours….. make me unfaithful………. I wanted to be unfaithful to your daddy……… he does not cares for me, for my love for him. I loved him so much and in return he cheats on me……. he is happy fucking there with that bitch. You make me your bitch. I want to be your bitch. Make mummy your bitch.”

After hearing all this; I felt my sperms boiling inside my balls.
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