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The easiness in getting made me greedy

It was an old but gold story. In 1998 i was in a foreign country. well off with a beautiful wife and 2 kids. We had been to the village in india for a summer.leave. I was a very fearful man in the sex. I never had sex other than my wife even though when there was a lot of chances. Always fear and loosing prestige etc used to come in middle. .All are due to my middle class upbringing and orthodoxy. On reaching home wife have moved to her mothers place. Also told me not to call her and kids for 15 days. I had to meet my friends and to stay with parent s for a week and them to have parties with friends.. It was on the way to my friends I have met my younger brother(cousin) whom I have helped to get a job in a foreign. country.Since long I was not having any information from him. I knew that he have got married since 7 months. He could not take his wife due to some tech problem. He has requested me to settle with his employer whom I knew well. Since he was on way to the airport he has asked me to meet his wife ans mother in law for the papers. .His mother in law was known to me since my child hood. In Fact she was a teacher in our school. Not simple teacher but a beauty queen of that town. She have married with a black and ugly teacher of that school. All were so jelous of him, I remember. There were many stories about her and why she has fallen to him was a mystery. I also used to have wet dreams on thinking of her. She was known to our family and that was the reason for brothers marriage.
After two days I had been to their place. It was an old house. Brother was not very well off then. He was wandering with out a job or good education. It was me helped him and also his brother who was an NRI with his wife i in another country. Earlier I have never met his wife since the marriage was a sudden programme. When I have reached the teacher have identified me. Also brother have informed her the work to be done. It was after 30 minutes I have met his wife. I was almost mad in seeing her. It was a copy of her mother about 20 years ago. In fact she was 100 times beautiful than her and was taller ( as her Father ?). My pennis has got errected and was suffering inside my pants. I have gone to those teen age and has remembered those nights. I have avoided looking her face or chest since I could not control. Only My eyes have kept on her feet. Even that was difficult ,since it was so beautiful golden and pinkish and sheapy. I have got up to leave. But the m in law have forced me to stay. She has started telling all their problems. They could stat together only for 2 weeks since marriage. If his job is not changing she will not get a visa. She was sure that I have a say on that employer. So she was forcing me. I have avoided her telling my problems etc.But in fact I was jealous of my brother. Why I should not get a beauty like her( even though my wife was very good, but nit in that age and princes like )she was 20 or 21 and I was about 40. Since there was a relation I was to avoid and basically I was not dare enough..
Finally they have made me to read all papers and made me to stay till eve. After tiffin she has called her son in law and made him to compel me to stay that day. He has even told me that he shall get permission from my wife. Thus I was with them. After dinner ,Which was a great one, I was busy with many a calls. I knew that I could help him with a simple phone call since I was having an upper hand in his firm. But did not tell that. I want to see her again before leaving the vacations. Just to have a mental fuck at least. After all my work I was to sleep. Then only I could know that they have only 2 bedrooms .So to accommodate me teacher has shifted to her sisters house in that compound itself. Sis in law has told me that I was called to tell ,but was bust in calls. She has arranged the bed in her room and was moved to mothers. I was very angry in these acts. I have forced her to stay in her room. Finally I have moved to the teachers (M.in law) room. It was then she has come with copies of all papers and has requested me again to help her out. Her husband has phoned her to request, also her mother. Finally I have told her that I shall try. .I have told her to go and sleep. But she was not ready. She want A definite answer. She told me that she shall do any thing I want for that.. It was then I have got a click in my brain. The leaving of mother and staying of the girl with an unknown man was something new to me. I have looked her carefully and found that she was the best with good dresses and a sleeveless cholly in that cold night.. I have remembered the old stories of my teacher who could make the men under her feet. I do not know how I could get that guts, I have asked her to come to me. She in fact was waiting for that. It has started with a french kiss. Breasts were crushed and dresses were removed one after another. She has objected meekly. But my 6 foot fraim and strong grip made her as a doll. .I have licked and kissed her whole body ,in fact thinking of her mom , my teacher..I was ready to have M in law at least once before leaving. Any how she was about 45 or so with maintained figure. I was sure she will agree with her daughter in a threesome also if asked. I have asked her that I like oral sex. She has no experience. I have forced her to do and by the end of night she was an expert. The pdick in her sweet mouth was as if in side the pussee of a teen ager.
Later she became free and talkative. She told me that I am handsome than her Hus. Even taller and stronger.. She want me for her whole life. I have also agreed that since from 23 she will be fit at least for 15 years. I fave fucked her 3 times with hwe heavy cries. It seems her hus wa not having a standard prick on his 1.5 long body. Poor girl was with many scratches and bit marks in the morning. I Have assured her that she will go in a month to her hus. Also told not to tell her mom till visa comes. She has told me to come again before leaving. .The relations have started from then. Teacher was taken to a hotel while returning. She was ready when I have told my crush for her in school age. Even though with good colour and plump body she was a marvelous one but with a loose pussee. But her mouth was a gold for me. I have told her that the work is done for her mouth.
Later I have reached that foreign country after 2 years and was having her as my 2ne wife or better one who could be used in all ways. Her and my daughter was about 2 years on my arrival. They had another boy almost looking like me in me school time. .Since my power the other brother also was asking for favours. But then my second wife was ther to arrange his wife for me. I don't know what she has done but I have used her better that my wife on my first night. No force at all. She was known to me earlier but never thought of her for sex. But on getting I found that she should have been used earlier. Then she was 34 or so and I was in 45.. she was a bold women who liked to take active dominant sex. Being soft and slightly plumb she was juicy and with a sweet smell when in bed. . The bonus was also there since I was supplied with one of her cousin, for whom I have arranged a better job in my company .Even though not as good as the first she was bit tanned but with clean skin and excellent body. I have used her many a time when her Hus is on tour. Even they both were so friendly that I could use then for one or two time in threesome..In fact I have turned to a greedy man for sex. Reason may be my luck or easy availability of ladies that also homely and free of strings.. . Now in my sixties I am at my village. Happy and rich and healthy. When ever comes they used to meet me and I used to get them .The Younger sis in law is with 2 of my kids and the other with one. In Fact my kids are all very tall and beautiful. Both families are thankful to me that they knew that I am responsible for their prest rich and happy condition.
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