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Surabhi's Brother - An Awesome Experience

Hai, iam Surabhi. I would like to share a few experience of my life for all of u. I stay in chennai. We are 2 sisters. My aunts house is very near by. My cousin lives there. This happened when i was in my 8th standard. Once my aunt & uncle had gone to their native. My cousin hadnt gone as he had to go to school ( 10th). So he was alone at home & we used to give him food from our house.

One day night i had gone taking food for him. The door was locked from inside. I tried knocking for few times but nobody opened. Then i thought of going to the backside of the house & check in through the window. When i went to the backside of the house , fortunately or unfortu nately i had to see my brother pissing near a tree. I coulndt see anything as it was qiute dark & i went out of the sight. My brother should have g ot a shock & he asked who it was? I told hiding from the site its me. He finished his piss & he got back to the house & i went inside. He was totally embarrassed.

I cotrolled my smile & gave him his food. He ask ed me to do some egg & i was preparing it. But i was getting an urge to piss. I didn t know what to do. I said i have to go but he refused to send me so soon as he was getting bored. Howmuch ever i gave reasaons he was not listening to it. Finally i had to tell him the reason that i had to piss. He laughed & he told that i can do it thereitself. But on one condition,his toilet was having a problem so i had to piss outside. I refused but he didn t send me. I had to accept. While i was pissing i could see him trying to peep . But i was sure that he couldn t see anything. We sat to see tv both of us next to each other.

Then i asked him why he had to peep while i was pissing. He replied that i had seen him so he saw me. Slowly it became an argument. We were fighting for a while. Suddenly he asked me that question how was it i was shocked & i smiled. He persuaded me to answer. Then i asked him how was mine? He said he dint see anything. He asked me how will it be. I felt shy. I told him that there will be a hole from which piss comes. He asked where will it be & touched me in my crouch & asked whether it is here. I was shocked but i didn t take his hands off. He touched still down & asked the same question. I pushed his hand away. He became excited & me too. He aske d me to show him. I dint react.

He slowly lifted my skirt. I didn t know what to do. I kept qiuet. I was wearing a black panty. He tried removing my top . I was wearing a black bra. He now asked me if i would like to see his. I kept qiuet. He removed his lungi & his brown underwear. Hi s stick popped out with a slime at the tip. He could see my panty getting wet. He removed my bra. My breasts came out of the prison, hanged free. He kept his hands on it took one in his mouth. He took my hands to his stick i grabbed it for the first time. He got courage to remove my wet panty. My secret was naked now.

He started to move his hands over it. I closd my eyes & played with his stick. He came down & licked my secret area spreading my legs. He put his fingers in it & moved it rhythmically. Now he came down & put his stick inside me & moved it inside & out. We were contracting to the heights. At the maximium he removed his stick & came out with a sticky fliud. I asked him what it was & he explained to me about everything. The next few days we repeated it again & again. Now when ever my aunt & uncle goes to their native, the episode repeats.
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