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Seducing My Cousin Brother - Pt. 02

When he stopped to relax me before launching himself into more kissing, I asked him, "Tor baada ta toe akyebarey khadaa hoeye aachey." (Your dick is strong and erect.")

He answered, "Ki kori bol. Khaadai thakbey. Eitakaay boshabaar jonnie jaa kortay hobay ta to kara jaye naa." ("What can I do about that? What I need to do to make it subside can't be done here.")

I decided to get naughty and make him realize that the taboo of incest was making the relationship more exciting and said, "Tui neejer Didi kay chumu khacchheesh and tor baada khadaa hoye jaachchey." ("You are kissing your own cousin sister and getting a huge erection.")

Mintu did not say anything.

I added, "Tui neejer Didi bhebey ammakay aador kor. Aaaro aaador kor." (Love me. Love me more. Like your cousin sister deserves to be loved.")

He kissed me more. But avoided going down to my breasts or feeling by butt or feeling my slit from over my maxi.

I whispered to him, "Tui amaar maaiye chumu khaabi na?" ("Won't you kiss my boobs?")

He said, "Joto tuku exposed aachey shekhanei chumu khabo." ("I will kiss only that part which is exposed.")

It almost appeared to be loss of woman power.

It was nearly 4 AM. I suggested to him that perhaps we should sleep a while.

Soon he was sleeping. I remained awake, very keen to see what a man's dick looked like. Not one of little children. Non performing assets, I slowly propped my self on my elbow, looked around and pulled the cord of his pajamas and slowly pulled the elastic band of his underwear and took out his half erect dick.

I lowered my self onto it and kissed the tip. I could feel the strong smell of pre cum on his dick. I stuck out my tongue and with one small flick picked out the pre cum and licked it off.

My head was racing with desire and the adventure I was having. Yet, I too dropped off to sleep.

Next morning, the routine was same. Breakfast followed by bath etc. When I went in for my bath I inspected my self. My breast appeared a little swollen, the nipples flared and amber. My pussy was puffy with the juices having stewed it the whole night.

When I tried to soap my slit, I felt it was raw and the clit hood was truly sensitive to touch. I realized, what I needed was a very good fuck, And this Mintu had set my loins on fire. I wanted him. I needed him.

Mintu once again got into a pair of white shorts and then slid a loose trouser on top. My brothers too got into their swim gear and got ready. I got into a cotton saree. Crisp and freshly laundered and starched.

Soon we were at the beach again. We started frolicking in the water. My Mother was screaming from the back ground with announcements of what could happen to us if we were not careful.

I had to hitch my saree to knee height. When the waves hit, I would have to grab Mintu's hand and try to balance myself. In that physical activity, there was a lot of touching, grabbing and his hand brushed my breasts several times. Each time it did so I felt an electric shock passing down my brain right down into my crotch.

Once when I was falling, he stopped me and I could feel the male strength in his arms and dreamt how it could be if he caught me like a prey in a bears arms, when all you can do is to get eaten. May be, he will hold me hard and strip menaced, fighting and scratching and protesting and make love to me royally.

Soon it was lunch time. While we were proceeding towards the hotel back for lunch, I took a detour to ostensively buy some face cream. I walked across to the small chemist store. Bought myself a pack of sanitary packs (to put out doubts if any in my Mother's mind) and one tube of antiseptic cream and one pack of six ultra thin condoms. I wanted to take no risks. Just in case, Mintu gets going he would ravish me. And an unwanted pregnancy, that too with a cousin would be blasphemous.

After lunch as we walked back to the beach, I asked Mintu, "How does one have a sea bath any way. You know what I mean. My Mom is yelling al the time against my having bath."

Mintu was clever. He suggested, "Just fall down into the water. You can slip and fall isn't it?"

Lunch break.

After two hours went into water again. Frolicked.

I thought to myself, "I have got to get wet. Then my Mother would start screaming that I should go back to the hotel and change immediately. I can ask Mintu to escort me back. Then I have a good chance of getting my sexual needs met."

I could not think of any method by which I could get wet quickly well before it was sunset. I decided to ask Mintu as to how I could bathe in the sea with my mother around.

When I asked, Mintu immediately said, "Just fall down. Your Mother can not stop you from falling down!!"

I thought to myself, "What a great idea." I realized that I was so deeply immersed in my sexual desire and attending to the fire that Mintu had raised in my loins, I had stopped thinking and was getting dumb.

I walked into mid calf deep water, waited for a small wave to come and made it appear that I slipped and fell into the water.

My Mother saw that and raised a shrill reprimand and Mintu rushed to help me. He quickly pulled me up. I stood there, dripping with seas water. My cotton saree messed up and clinging to my body. I was looking like sexy rat dipped in water.

My Mother was upset. She yelled at me, "Go back to the hotel and change. I had told you not to go into the water. Now who will go back with you and attend to your silliness??"

I murmured to her, "I will ask Mintu to come along with me."

"Okay. Mintu. Could you please go along with this silly sister of yours and let her change? And Khuku. Please do not come back to the beach. You stay back there. You are only trouble for all of us."

That is exactly what I hoped she would do.

Mintu walked back with me to the hotel. As we neared the door of the room, I looked around, saw that there was no one nearby. I suggested to Mintu, "Why don't you sweep me up into your arms and take me in? As you would take your girl friend into the bed room?"

Mintu simply scoped me into his arms and pushed the door open and took me inside and placed me on the bed. I gestured to him to shut and lock the door.

He shut the door. I then fished out a new bra, blouse, petticoat and saree. Mintu said, "Let me step out. You can change."

I said, "No. No. I can change with you around. There is nothing secret that I have which no other girl has." I un-wrapped the dripping saree and dropped it to the floor. Then I unhooked the blouse from behind my back and then the clasp of my bra. I faced away from Mintu and peeled off these garments and dropped them to the floor. I knew he was ogling me. I asked, "So what the naked back look like? Sexy?"

He answered, "That is great. But that bra has made a mark on your midriff."

I picked up the dry petticoat and took it over my head and held it with my teeth over my torso. I pulled out the drawstring of my wet petticoat and let is drop.

While I hoped he would step forward and grab me, making me drop the dry petticoat and rendering me totally naked, he was too much of a gentleman. He didn't do that.

I quickly got dressed. He picked up my blouse and bra and sniffed them and said, "That smells real nice."

I asked, "Why. You have never smelt a woman?"

He shook his head to signify "No."

"Do you want to?"


I was facing him. I could see the huge bulge at his crotch.

I asked, "Kee rey. Ota abaar khada hoye gachhey naaki? Bon kay dekhey?"

He blushed and said nothing. I added, "Tui jodi akta mayekey shunktay chaash, ami tokay shuktey deboy aaj rateeray. Aei blouse ta chhhad. Akto janto may eke shukay dakh." ("If you want to smell a woman, leave all these clothes alone. I will let you smell a real life woman tonight, directly.")

Mintu said, "Tai naa kee? Aasto maye kay shokajabey?" ("Is that so? Can I smell the whole woman?")

I nodded with a naughty smile.

He asked me, "Tui kono byata cheley kay shukay chhish?" ("Have you ever smelt a man.")

I answered that smelling them in the bus with their sweat etc was not what I wanted to do.

We stayed in the hotel for the rest of the time. With us kissing and petting each other.

Night fell and the routine of chatting under the mosquito net again came about.

By 1 in the morning we had kissed enough and then I decided that he had to see my upper body naked and I wanted him to atleast kiss and suck my breast, in spite of his gentlemanly behavior.

I suggested to him, "Shunkbee?"

He said "Hain." ("Yes.")

He sniffed me like dog all over making all efforts to avoid touching my crotch. Much that I raised it a little bit to make him sniff my snatch.

While smelling me up, his elbow hit my temple and I was hurt a little.

In order to ease my (very minor pain) he kissed me on my temple and suggested that I must be feeling better. I agreed with him and continued with the kissing each other and caressing each other's face and neck.

The kissing became more and more passionate.

As he was devouring my face and neck and eyes with his kisses, I whispered, "Amaar maaeeye chumu khabie na?" ("Wont you kiss my breasts?")

He whispered back, "Jaa tui khola rakhchchish, shekhanei chumu khaabo." ("I will kis only what you have kept exposed.")

"Taar maney tor girl friend kay nijei nangto hotay hobey na ki?" ("That means you want your girl friend dot strip herself down for you.")

When we stopped for some time, I asked, "Tui tor girl friender maii tipeesh ni?" ("Have you fondled your girl friend's breasts or not?")

He shook his head and indicated "No".

I said, "Shey ki ray. O to nishchoi bhabchey jey tui akta gobyate." ("Shit man. She will think that you are an ass hole, not taking her breasts and caressing them.")

I realized that my strategy to make him tear my clothes off would not work. I suggested to him, "Ne amaar maxi to khulay nay. Maii tey haat diye dakh kirokom laagey.
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