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Return to Rejoice - Pt. 02

Six months back, she happened to witness a cow-bull fuck. On the way back home from temple, she was passing by a cow shed. An adolescent servant boy, inside the shed, was leading a bull to mount on a cow. Santha's legs pulled her to a stop, but she moved a bit forward under the shade of a tree to pretend a respite. The boy brought the young bull behind the cow. The bull sniffed the cunt of the cow and bared its teeth. It sniffed so at it a few times. The cow stood still willingly. A thin stream of mucus could be seen shining out of its cunt. As the bull smelled on, its cock ejected itself out of its sheath. Then the bull mounted the cow and buried its cock deep into the cunt of the cow. The cow bellowed, 'Mmmaaaahhh', but bore up. Discharging its seeds in, the bull dismounted the shaky cow.

At that instant, an elderly man in clean dress entered the shed and shouted at the boy.

- Hey, what is it that you're trying to do with the cow?

- It was in heat, sir. You can see it by the sticky fluid out of its reproducing organ.

- So?

- So, I made the bull mounted her.

- Idiot! The bull is this cow's own calf. Don't you know that?

- Is it? But, baron, it went smooth.

- Nonsense! Go and mount your mother; it'll go smooth too.

- Aren't you the one, sir, doing it already?

- What do you mean, boy?

- I've seen it, you mounting mine mom.

- Then don't drum it out, you fool.

Santha felt wetness between her legs. All of a sudden clouds gathered above and a chill wind shook her to awareness. She hurried away to her home.

That night she threw one of her legs over her husband's thighs and invited him for a fuck. But he snarled at her saying, they had grown up children fit enough to get married and it was not right to have sex. She begged him to comply only once. On her persistence he agreed at last, but his cock didn't lift its head at all. She took it in her mouth and sucked at it until her jaws started aching, but it didn't stir. Frustrated, she turned her back to him and wept.


And after six months, in this night in a lodge room, in another town, she had quenched her thirst; doused the fire that scorched her cunt by none other than her own son; his steel stiff cock, double the size of his father's.

- Bala darling.

- Mmmm.

- Thank you, darling.

- For what, mum?

- For the fuck. I never had one like this in my whole life, my boy.

- I'm happy to know that I've satisfied you, mom. But you were fantastic.

- You liked it with me?

- Mum, I loved it.

- More than with Suma?

- Mummy!?

- I know it, thief.

- How?

- I viewed it with my own eyes.

- When?

- When I wondered what a brother and sister would do behind a closed door.

- Mum...why didn't you prevent us then?

- I wanted to, but I couldn't.

- Means...

- I myself was sex starved, then, with your dad became useless. Seeing the size of your cock splitting your sister's little cunt in two, I wanted to rush in, relieve her and render you my big hole.

- Mom!?

- And I was dreaming and scheming all these days.

- Really?

- And today, your foolish decision to die would've left my dreams dead.

- And I wouldn't have entered the heaven I was made in.

- You rogue.

She crushed his mouth with her own and flexed her cunt muscles around his cock that was entrenched in. It infused life into his thing and it started growing. She smiled at him and her eyes shone bright. Grinning, he moved his palms on her massive breasts in circles and manipulated her nipples. His cock became rock hard again, extending its head into her womb. She loosened the grip of her thighs around him and hiked up her cunt a little, as a green signal. Pressing at her breasts he moved through her in his lengthy strokes, so natural with his long cock. She closed her eyes and thought, enjoying the sensations through out her tunnel, that it was a boon to mate with a cock like that. And into the night their fucking extended...

Bala jerked up from his sleep. The lights were on. By his side, his mother was sleeping spread-eagled on her back. Her heavy thighs apart, a pale red gash smiled through the stout dark lips of her hairy cunt. And a globule of thick white substance is hanging at its lower rim.

There was a knocking at the door.

Bala jerked his mother to wake. She was quick. She threw his clothes on him and told him to get out of the bed and feign sleep on the sofa. She gathered her sari, blouse, bra and petticoat and threw them as a bundle into a cupboard and closed it; and pulled out a nightgown from her bag and slipped herself into it. Jasmine flowers that she had on her hairs the previous evening had now scattered and found crushed all over the bed. She scooped and dumped them into the bin.

By then the knocking had sounded several times. As she opened the door she shot the first accusation.

- Why the hell do you disturb our sleep in the dead of night?

- It's already dawn; six O'clock morning, you lazy woman.

- Morning?

- Yes. I like to have a nap. Wedding is only at ten. Wake me at nine.

Bala's father stretched on the bed and sunk into sleep at once. Loud snoring from him started echoing on the walls.

Bala was fully awake. He got down from the sofa and went into the bathroom; but his mother slipped in with him and overtook him to sit on the toilet. A noisy stream of urine jetted out through her fatty lips. Once she completed and got up, Bala stood over the toilet and started urinating. His mother came around behind him and took over his pissing cock from his hand and directed the jet into the drain.

- Mum, daddy may wake up!

- He won't. Can't you hear his snores? Even if we fuck on the bed by his side, he won't find out.

- So?

- I want to have some fun. You want it this time in my mouth or cunt?

- As you like it.

She knelt in front and took his cock into her mouth. With little effort his erection became threatening. She was not able to accommodate even half of his cock, but sucked at it enthusiastically. With her one hand gripping the base of his cock, she fondled his testicles with the other hand. He could feel her expertise and no soon he started rocking. He moved his hips to and fro and fucked her mouth. She held his bums and tightened her lips around him. He fucked into her tight warm grip. She lifted her eyes and looked up at his face. He looked down. Their eyes locked. Her eyes were dark and large. The liner that was applied around them was smeared then, but that gave her a vampish look. A shiver ran through his spine. 'What's it?' her upward eyes questioned him. 'Nothing,' his downward look answered her. 'How do you feel?' 'In heaven.'

When his cock tightened to approach his bursting point, she released him abruptly and got up. Gasped by her let-down, he tried to press her down pleading with his eyes. She swatted his hands off, but pulled him into an embrace. She hissed in his ear.

- You are too big. I have another mouth too, down there in between my thighs. It's deep enough to take in all your length. Give it there and finish the game.

- Oh, you...

- Whore?

- No! God forbid.

- That's what you thought looking down at my liner drawn eyes, while I was at your cock.

- Ah, you mind reader! I thought you had a vampish look.

- But I like to be your whore.

- No arguments. Show me that deep mouth.

She tried to lye down on the bathroom floor, but it was quite chill. So she went down on her four and wagged her buttocks at him. He knelt behind her, pointing his cock for the attack. She, bringing her hands backward, deliberately pulled out her bum cheeks and the fatty lips of her cunt down below. Her red gash was drooling to feed on some big thing. She threw back her head and looked at him, over her shoulder, invitingly. Drawn by her whoring gestures, he moved in and fed his bulbous knob in between her pulled out lips. She released her hands so as to let her cunt lips meshed around the head of his cock. He held her hips and plunged in. She let out a groan. Then it was not he who did the action, but she who moved her bums back and forth and fucked his cock in and out.

Half an hour later, as she trembled by the intensity of her climax, he took charge on the show, fucked her at a high speed and emptied his balls into her womb.

Leaving her to take bath, he went out of the hotel room and entered into a saloon. When he came out of the saloon he had removed his beard and trimmed his mustache. By the time he reentered the hotel room he found his mother had completed her bath and was standing before the dressing mirror. She beamed at his shaved face and rushed to kiss his smooth cheeks.

- So, you've come out of your misery?

- You made it possible, mum.

- That's a compliment, of which I'm proud of.

She pulled him inside the bathroom and kissed him on his mouth. She didn't forget, before coming out, to give his limp cock a squeeze and leave him had his bath.

When they arrived at the wedding hall, it was already crowded. Bala's father went away and mingled with his age group. Santha was so beautiful in her mango yellow silk sari with sindhoor red border. Her son Bala said that it was she who looked like the bride. Santha was pleased at his comment, yet she felt a bitter jealousy within her raised its head when she noticed lot of young girls gazing at her son, now, clean shaved and well dressed. And she decided not to leave her son alone. But, at that precious moment, the mother of the bride ushered her away to ask her for some help. And she walked away from him while sashaying her hips as she moved.

When santha returned to the spot where she left her son, there she saw lot of young girls baring their teeth, surrounding her handsome son. She felt as if to kill those sluts, trying to snatch away her jewel. She called him by his name and he joined her as soon as he spotted her. She led him to upstairs. The wedding hall was a big one with few rooms upstairs.
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