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Rahul Nisha Part 1

Most Asian families are large and closely knit. Even after moving to the United States, (which we did when I was about 5 years old), we maintained close contact with our uncles and aunts. As time passed, many of them moved here as well which was a great source of relief for my parents – they had always wanted to have their extended family as close to them as possible.

Our uncles and aunts got married and had children at different times. My dad married before any one else did among her peers, and as a result, my siblings and I are older than our other cousins. Our families stayed tight and visited each other frequently. There were numerous sleepovers and we always traveled to other cities where our cousins were settled.

Being older (and in some cases much older) than our other cousins, my sister and I often had to baby-sit them whenever the elders decided to have an outing of their own, or left us kids in the house together for extended periods of time when they went to work during our family visits. Both my sis and I were in college now, but lived at home. Our house was in suburban Amherst, Mass., and traveling to Tufts University wasn’t a problem at all. Besides, my dad had a teaching job there and he didn’t want us to attend any other university. Since ours was the most affluent family amongst our extended relatives, we often had visitors to our house either asking for help or guests just staying over since they happened to be in the state or somewhere close by.

My sis and I never complained about being around children. We had grown up to be responsible kids and had babysat all our teenage years. I always had a special knack for becoming a child among children. Acting way too young for my age, I often played games with them and behaved like I belonged to the age group of the kids I was supposed to be looking after. My sister was the serious one, however. Maybe because she was older and more responsible, or maybe just because she was a girl. Girls tend to be more responsible and mature for their age than guys (although that’s not always the case I am sure). She was also more career-oriented – working towards a law degree. And as for myself? Well, let’s just say my major was undecided at the time.

So needless to say that even though she didn’t mind staying at home with the visiting kids and myself, she didn’t really get involved with any games which I played with the kids. I should add that this is not a case in which a sister lusts after her brother secretly and then they have wild sex. My sister and I have always been mature and usually carried ourselves pretty well. Sometimes though a chain of events takes place in ways that people have no control over and as they let the chips fall where they may, things always get how they weren’t supposed to be. This is just one of those stories.

One hot summer, my paternal uncle’s family came over to stay at our house for the entire period their children were out of school. This uncle was my dad’s younger brother and was settled somewhere on the West coast. I don’t remember exactly where he was during those days – he moved up and down the gold coast so much I lost track of where his family was at what times. So his wife and 3 kids decided to spend the summer with our family while he traveled to Asia for business. My dad was always out working. My sis and I were home since none of us took any classes during the summer. All of our friends from the university had gone back to their homes and we were stuck with our family. It was almost like we thought of the guests as a welcome vacation from the boredom. My mom and sister would spend time with the lady while I hung out and played with the kids. We played all sorts of games which kids like to play, all in good innocent fun. Hide and seek though was our favorite.

Apparently the visiting kids had invented their own version of hide and seek which they called ‘dark room.’ One person had to count to a hundred while the others found places to hide around the house. Then the person had to find those who were hiding before anyone hit them on their back and yelled “caught you!” If they found everyone without being caught in the back, someone else took their place. And if they got “caught”, they had to wait, count again and look for the ones who were hiding. It was pretty exciting, and during the bland summer months, when no one had anything better to do, it was particularly enjoyable. We would crank up all the air conditioners in the house and play dark room. As the name suggests, all lights would have to be turned off, the curtains had to be drawn to close and no windows would be left open. Of course this game was impossible to play while the adults were home. But whenever my mom and the visiting aunt went out, we always played dark room. My sister usually went out with the ladies and I had fun playing the game with the kids.

About two weeks before the visitors were about to leave, they decided to visit our other relatives in the area. It was really hot and humid outside and my sister decided to stay home. She wasn’t very fond of visiting our relatives. The only times she actually went out was when the ladies would go shopping and buy her stuff. The kids were happy that they had an extra partner to play ‘dark room’ with but my sister wasn’t really excited about the game. After much convincing, she gave in however, and we all had a good time.

This became a sort of a routine. Whenever the adults went out, my sister Nisha would join us for dark room. Obviously we knew our house better than the visiting kids did so we always did great in the game. None of the three kids could ever find me and Nisha. We would hide behind the curtains, crawl under our parents’ bed or sometimes just hide in strategic corners where it was easier to “catch” the kid looking for us. Pretty soon, however, the kids got smarter and they discovered all of our hiding places. As a result, Nisha and I found ourselves to be the hunters more often and we got caught more often too! But I was having none of this. I had to outsmart these little rascals!

One day as we were playing the game and the kid Rahul (the 14 year old and the slickest one) was counting to 100, I was having a really hard time finding a viable place to hide. Suddenly an idea struck my head. There was a big wall unit in our living room. It held most of our electronics – our TV, the VCR (that was it as far as hi-fi gadgets went in the late 80s), and a tape deck with some audio cassettes. There was an entrance door right next to it which opened inside the living room, right into the wall unit. “What a perfect place!” I thought to myself. It made total sense. It was an ideal place to “catch” the kid as he was entering the dark room looking for me and no one else had thought of it yet. The only problem was that the space between the door and the unit was really small and I didn’t think I could squeeze in there. Still it was worth a shot. I could hear Rahul count loudly,

“81, 82, 83…”

With the speed he was counting with, he would be in the room any minute and I would be a dead duck! I had to act fast. Without much thinking, I ran towards the space between the door and the living room. I suddenly remembered my mom kept a folded up rug in that little space which she brought out whenever we had guests over. “Ahh screw the rug, I will just throw it on the floor.” Thinking this, I started to move towards my would-be hiding place.

“91, 92, 93, 94…I am almost dooooneee!” screamed Rahul.

“Friggin’ kid….” I thought to myself and stumbled towards the space in the dark, finding my way with my hands against the wall.

“99, 100!” Rahul yelled, “I am coming inside the dark room to get you all!”

I had no time left to take the rug out now. If I threw it on the floor, he would notice it before entering the room and catch me. I had to somehow squeeze myself in the little space with the rug. I had no other choice. I tiptoed towards what I thought was enough space for me and tried to fit myself in.

I couldn’t see anything in the dark. Rahul was now getting closer to the door. He had already “captured” Sanjeev, his little brother. Bragging and cheering loudly about his quick first victory, Rahul was now looking for me, Nisha and his other brother and he sounded certain we were all hiding in the living room.

“Here I come…” he announced.

I hurriedly for the rug. I wanted to flatten it against the wall somehow so I could squeeze in. My hands were about waist high as I stumbled into the space. But I tripped on something and fell forward.

“Omph…” I grunted and barreled into what I thought was the rug, to get enough of a grip on it to prevent myself from hitting my head on the wall. Curving my hand upwards, I tried to hold the rug, but felt something really soft. That was no rug! I had broken my fall and was now twisted backward toward the person in the space.

What I had hit was not a rolled up rug in the corner of the wall unit! And I didn’t realize it until I felt a soft protruding bubble like object pressing me on my back. Needless to say it was a human being’s boob. It had to be my own sister’s tit! None of the kids were playing with was older than 12 and they were all boys!

My hand had accidentally hit exactly on the pussy area of her crotch. The thin Indian pajamas she was wearing did cover the body entirely but were very easily penetrable. My index finger had actually cupped her pussy and being the man that I was, without thinking, I had actually rubbed the lips a little bit before coming to my senses and realizing what I had done!

What had amazed me was that she hadn’t moved one bit. She didn’t even try to retract her pussy from where my hand was. Of course a girl’s natural reaction would as follows: 1. move back, and 2. rudely reject the guy’s hand away.
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