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One Night With My Son

My Son and I was traveling to my sister’s place for my niece’s wedding. Karan my son at first didn’t want to come along as he was busy with his university studies, but since it was a family thing, l convinced him with the old “responsibility to family” lecture. My husband has passed away 5 years ago and all I had left was family and my only son, Karan. Due to being a wedding season here in India, it was hard to find hotels that were not booked, but since the drive was long we had to spend one night in a hotel before we reached my sister’s place. We arrived at the hotel at around 6 in the evening and got to our rooms after an hour of waiting.

“Let’s get unpacked a little bit, freshen up and then we’ll go get dinner in the restaurant downstairs.” I stated

“Aaah mom, where is my room?” Karan questioned

“Look dear, they had only one room, you saw us waiting downstairs at the lobby for an hour, so we have to make the best of it” I answered

“Buuut mom there’s only one bed and no sofas or anything, I can’t sleep on the floor, due to my back”

“It’s alright, we’ll share the bed, it’s only one night honey, so I think we can make do. Plus we have to sleep early and wake up early because your aunt we be waiting for us, and all we can do is make the best of it” I assured him.

After freshening up and resting for a bit we headed down to the hotel restaurant and had a good dinner. Bought some water bottles in case we get thirsty for our room and went back to get a good night sleep. Once in the room I headed to the shower and after that put on my red nightie. Karan was already in bed with his shorts and t-shirt.

“All settled in? Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” I mentioned as I started applying body lotion on myself. “We have to be well rested, my god the dinner was delicious tonight” I saw Karan staring at me, a look in his eyes I have not seen before. I noticed that he was staring at my cleavage which was showing as I was applying lotion. I quickly covered up, put down the lotion bottle and turned off the light. Then went to bed and went under the covers. I was sleeping on the left side of the bed and my son was sleeping on the right. It has been a long time they we had slept together in the same bed. He’ll be 19 soon, and is a ditto copy of his father in the looks department, just more athletic figure than his dad ever was.

Karan kept moving a lot in bed, and his feet were cold as ice, whenever it would sweep against mine. If he kept moving like this I would never get any sleep, and would be miserable tomorrow.

“Your feet are like ice Karan, put them against my feet and get it warm” I offered.

I had my back to him, so he turned around and put his feet against mine, it was freezing….but that’s not what got my attention. Something hard was poking on my back. At first I thought maybe it was his knee or those jeans buttons from his pants. I put my hand behind me to move it aside only to be more shocked. I turned around immediately.

“Do you have an erection?” I asked shockingly

“Yeah, I can’t help it, that’s why I can’t sleep” He answered right away.

“Well make it go away. Think other thoughts” i said.

“It won’t go away” he stated

“Try harder, this is shameful and most inappropriate Karan” I said in my disciplinary motherly voice.

“Mom, I’m trying and have been trying for the past 30 to 40 minutes, but it’s not working” he argued back.

“Uffff Karan, we have busy day tomorrow, let’s see what the problem is” and with that I turned on the bedside table lamp and removed the blanket. I was in more shock and awe. My son, Karan had the biggest erection I have seen. I haven’t had sex in a long time and just seeing a cock like this after so long made me feel tingly in my pussy. I licked my lips and stared for a bit, only to snap back to reality. This is my son.

“Oh my god Karan, this is totally bad, you are bad boy. We need to get some sleep. This is very inappropriate you know.”

“Sorry mom, but it’s not going down, I know we have a busy day tomorrow…..”

I cut him off, while still staring at his hard cock. “Hmmm ok, let it be like that, go back to bed and just stay still, think about something else, ok? And try to get some sleep”.

I turned around again, and turned off the light. Once again my back was to him. I tried to go back to sleep but the image of Karan’s cock was poping up in my head. Oh gawd I thought to myself, I’m a sick mother, he is my son, and the sight of his cock is keeping me up and in a way turning me on. Now I was moving in my bed. We were both moving now in bed trying to get comfortable and once in a while his hard cock would brush against my ass or my hips.

“This is not working mom” he said with a tone of frustration in his voice.

“Uffff, it’s not working cause you keep moving young man. Ok tell you what, just like you put your feet on mine, why don’t you put it against my back. This way you will stop moving, and hopefully that thing will go down.” I advised.

I turned around again and kind of stuck out my ass. My son came closer and he spooned with me. His hardness was now right on my ass. I tried not to think of his hard cock, but I couldn’t. Every time I would twitch or move a bit, Karan would press his cock against me, humping me. I closed my eyes and tried not to move, after a while he positioned his cock so that it was rubbing close to my pussy through the nightie. He was delicately and slowly humping me through my nightie. I wanted to stop him, but I was getting wet. I was enjoying it and it felt good. I don’t know if he thought I was asleep or if he was just getting bold with his own mother, but he then slowly moved up my nightie above my legs and over my hips. I didn’t wear any underwear to bed so now I was nude from the waist down. I couldn’t see but his cock was now out of his pants and was touching me skin to skin. His hard and warm cock was near my pussy. He started rubbing back and forth, and my pussy got even wetter. Any minute now, if he was smart enough, he would figure out I was ready and horny.

His hands were now on my hips as he moved down a bit and positioned himself again. I could feel the head of his cock poking me on my pussy. His hands were rubbing my hips, caressing them. I was in ecstasy and wasn’t thinking of the consequences. I took his hand and put it on my breasts and started moving my hips as he poked my pussy with his tool.

“Don’t Stop” I cooed as I groaned and moaned with his tool rubbing me. I was surprised when he raised my right leg and put his middle finger in my pussy.

“God mom, you are really wet” he stated happily. He then took his cock and entered. I held onto his hand as the pressure built and I ran out of breath. My son’s hard and wonderful cock was inside me and it felt good. He held onto one leg, keeping it raised while fucking me.

“oh god, oh god, oh god” I started moaning as I held tight onto the pillow and bed.

Karan suddenly stopped and said “I can’t take it anymore” and with that he turned me around and got on top of me. He pulled off my nightie over my head as well as his shirt as we both became naked in bed. I couldn’t make eye contact with him as he looked right into my eyes for a while. Then he spread my legs and entered me again, all the way to hilt. At first I grabbed onto the side of the bed, but then slowly my hands moved to grab his arms as he was driving in deep with his cock. He was making hard and deep thrusts and it felt like his cock was hitting something. He tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned to the left and he just pecked me on my cheeks. Fucking him wasn't right and kissing my son like a lover would push me over the edge. The thought of it made me cum as I dug my nails into Karan’s arm as I orgasmed. I haven’t cum like this in a while and it felt amazing. No amount of masturbation can do what a good hard cock does to a woman.

Karan stopped again with a big grin on his face. I was just too relaxed to care or react. He gave me a 5 second break still hard and inside me, then pulled me up and flipped me over.

“I always wanted to do you doggy mom” he blurted out without any consideration or respect to his mother. I was at fault too, I was at the whims of my son, and barely protested to what he was doing to me. My god my son made me cum. I was the vilest human being. Before I can continue with this train of thought, he grabs my ass, slaps my butt cheeks with his still hard cock, then slowly enters and holds it. I grab onto the pillow in front of me. He starts riding and fucking me doggystyle like an animal. Fast and rough he keeps pounding my pussy from the back. He grabs my hairs and bends over to kiss my shoulders, going in deep. I was going to cum again. My god how was this possible. Pushing my hips down as my belly was touching the bed, he started speeding up fucking me. I could feel his balls slapping against me, making thapping sounds. His arms were now on my sides as he put his entire body weight into fucking me doggystyle.

“I’m going to burst mom, oh gawd I’m going to burst” he cried out.

“Don’t cum inside me, baby, pull out.” I yelled back

He suddenly tensed up and pulled out immediately. He dumped his cum on my butt cheeks. For a second I thought it would never end as he came a lot. After that he slumped back on his side of the bed all tired. I got up and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. I was in shock as to what just happened. I just had sex with my son, and even though I should be feeling guilty, I wasn’t because it felt so good. After I came back to bed, Karan got up to go clean himself in the bathroom. The room and bed smelled of sex and us. I think I wanted to talk about what happened with Karan, but he came back to bed turned around pulled up the blanket as if nothing happened.
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