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My Mom Cheated On Dad

Hi friends ,one of readers mailed me about his mom`s sex affairs so i am writing here.my parents were happily married before 20 years .my dad rajan is worker in one of reputed private company.my mom radha stays at home and looks after agriculture.we got 10 agricultural lands and cattle.my dad was only son to grand parents and i was only son to my parents.when i was fifth standed my grand parents passed away.my dad didn`t know anything about agriculture so mom started to look after it.we got 3 farm workers papi(55),subi(39),malli(43) and venu(18) who looks after cattle.

my dad leaves the house normally before 9 am and return house after 8 pm.few months passed mom get well attached with farming and every worker became close to my mom .it was winter and wednesday.i got holiday due some meeting held by faculty.probably i will leave to school by 9 am as it was holiday and winter i was too sleepy so i didn`t wake early even i didn`t inform mom about holiday.my mom left to fields early in the morning along with workers .i woke almost at 10 am and found dad also left .i had my freshup and breakfast then i decided to go to fields.

i reached fields found no one but i saw bullock cart and malli cycle.when i move into the fields they were busy in their workers.papi was old got dothi on him.subi and malli got similar personalities ,they are almost 6 feet height ,got strong body .subi is more darker than malli and malli got ugly look with oilly face,fat nose.they both are in lungi with baniyans on top .i ran towards them then more than my malli and subi shocked to see me they spoke something out in low pitch so i didn`t caught what they said.my mom gave a laugh then she took keys from me and hand over to them.she asked to take something from room.then two of them left from there.after few minutes mom and i walked back to home.as my mom was working from early in the morning she was sweating.she decided to have bath.we got bath room outside of the house that is in kitchen yard.

then subi and malli came to the house and went to kitchen yard .soon my mom came out of her room and said me not to go anywhere .then i switched myself to tv,mom went out to kitchen yard and locked from her side.suddenly i mind got attention that workers are working in yard then how mom can have bath,inorder to infor her i knocked the door but she didn`t remove.then i went to store room ,we got widows that can view some part of kitchen yard.i went to store room and opened the windows .then i saw my mom sat on tool with gangalam beside.then i saw malli and subi bringing hot and cool water ,poured into it.then they removed their lungi`s and baniyan`s,subi was in browish underwear and malli in dark green undies.then malli removed mom`s towel.mom got red colour with flower painting panty and white colour bra.

subi took a jug of waterpoured on her slowly while malli got her close to him sniffing her.then malli took mom`s lips towards him and having french kiss deeply.after he broke subi started while malli pouring water on her and licking her chest soon he undid bra.he put his both hands on both of them and pressing them hardly.he took them into mouth and sucked them for a while .then he went down removed her panty and smooching it.he put his fingers in pussy and fucking it ,having juices out to taste.then malli got up he removed his green underwear.malli got really strong heavy body with broad shoulders,hairy body,his cock was semi hard but it was big ,fat (almost 4 in diameter) and black .he pushed mom`s head towards him and put his cock in her mouth.she started sucking it and subi licking mom`s pussy .both of them got their on of their hands on boobs and quizzing them.after some time he took mom`s leg on his shoulders slowly put his cock in her,soon subi removed his underwear.

he got same physic but long cock subi put his dick in mom`s mouth.they both were enjoying alot.malli fucking her hardly then they exchanged their positions for a while .then they bent mom in doggy way and fucked her for few minutes.malli sat on cement seat with his dick in mom`s pussy and subi on top with his dick in ass.they both are fucking hardly while my mom making sounds aahhhahh mallllliiiiiiiahhhhhhh subhiiiiiiahhhhh,,,,,.i could see their cocks in and out of her.the rythme of their balls are so nice.they fucked her for few minutes then they filled her pussy and ass.after they removed their cocks cum is flown out of pussy and ass.they both laughed at mom.then they got few jugs of water on them.again mom took their cocks in mouth one after other till they cum in her.after that they gave her nice bath.all of them were dressed up .i pretend as if i didn`t see any thing.
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