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My Experience with Mom

Hi, this is Tony. I am a guy of 23 and having my own well established business. My father died 5 years back. After that I had the responsibilities of my house. I stay with my mom. Her name was Reema. We livied happily. This story is my experience 2 years back with my mom. I didn’t know anything about sex when I was in college. Then one of my friend showed me some blue films and gave me some magazines to read. Then I started masterbating. I used to masterbate 2 to 3 times a day. And then I read the different fantasy stories in that magazine. Then one of my friend showed me this site of Human Digest and I started reading stories regularly. Once I was going through that site. I came across an incest story. That story was about mother and her son First I didn’t believed it . I started reading it and was getting excited. When I was reading this story I was imagening that son to be me and the mother to be my mother. I was so excited that after reading the story I went to toilet and masterbated two three times. Then while on the bed, I thought about my mother. Now my mother,she was 43 years of age. With a stunning figure of 38-26-42. Having big breasts and the biggest ass.
While thinking about her my dick started to get hard. I just watched the time, it was 12 at night. I got up from my bed and went to my moms room to see her. While I entered her room. I saw her lying on the bed in her pink nighty. And her nighty went above her knees. And her thighs and legs were clearly visible. What a thighs she was having. Then I went to bathroom and released my pressure thinking of my mother. Now it became regular for me to watch her while she is busy in her routine work. I never miss the chance to get the glimpse of the clevage of her breasts. And to watch her big ass swaying in the air. Day by day I was getting desparate to fuck her. One day I woke up at mid night as I felt thirsty. So I went to kitchen and had some water. When I was returning back to my room, I saw the light in moms room. I saw the clock, it was showing 2:00 at night. I thought she might be having some problem. So I went towards her room to help her out. Her doorwas opened slightly. As I peeped in her room, I was shocked to see that her nighty was upto her knees and she was masterbating by inserting a candle in her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning”ahhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooouuuuiiiiiiiii”. And pressure started to develop in my pants. I went to my bathroom and then masterbated and then I went to sleep. Now it was clear that she also wants some cock for her pussy.
And it became regular for me to getup at midnight and see my mom masterbating. One day when I got up from the bed, I decided to do something today and as it was sunday. When I went for the lunch in the afternoon, I watched my mom was wearing a sexy nighty. It was a white one and one can watch her body through it if it is wet. And as she was sweating, the thin material of her nighty stick to her body and I can cleary see her body. And she didn’t wore anything under it. She caught me watching her breasts and she just gave me a mischevous smile. After the lunch, she went to take shower. ANd I went to my bathroom to masterbate. Then at night I cant control my self and went to kitchen where she was working, and caught her from behind. And my cock was touching her ass. And then I caressed her both breasts with my hands. At that point she just pushed me away and went to her room. I went to my room. Then suddenly she called me and asked me,” Why u did that to me”. I told her” I love u mom, and I want u badly”.
“What else”, she asked. I said “Mom u r the most beautiful and the most sexiest woman I have ever seen on earth and I know u also need it. I have seen u many times masterbating with the help of candle”. She asked “Have u ever had sex with any girl before”? I said “no”. She asked “Do u want it now”? I just jumped on her and then we kissed eachother on lips and started kissing passionately as if there is no tomorrow. Then I kept my hand on her breasts and started caressing her breasts. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and then licked and sucked her whole mouth. Then after 20 minutes of passionate kissing, I removed her saree. THen her blouse and then peticot. then I removed her bra and panty. I took her in to my arms and took her to the bed. I laid her on her back. Then I took her one breast in my mouth and started sucking and biting. She mas moaning heavily and making sounds like”aaaaaaaasssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh”, “chooso aur chooso, ye sab tumhare liye hai. Aur zor se chooso”. One hearing this I became mad and started sucking both of her breasts madly one after the other. Her nipples increased in size and her breasts became firm and hard in excitement.
After sucking her breasts for around half an hour I moved downwards. I sucked her navel. Again I moved down. Now it was the turn of her pussy. I started sucking her pussy and then inserted my tongue in her pussy and started sucking it. And she became mad with pleasure. She caught hold of my head and pushed it in between her thighs on her pussy. She was moaning heavily. She was making sounds like”ahhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. While moaning she was telling,”ahhhhhhhhmmmmmaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaaaaaayyyiiiii”. I sucked her cunt for 45 minutes and during this time she cummed 3 times and I drank it all. Now I asked her to suck my cock. She refused first but after sometime, she agreed. She started sucking my cock slowly but she started enjoying it. And she increased her speed. I was in heaven. I was moaning like anything. Then I told her that I was cumming and shot the load in her mouth and she drank it all. THen I lifted her again to the bed and I inserted a pillow under her ass and thenstarted inserting mu cock in her pussy. With a hard push I was half in and she was crying with pain. She was very tight as not been fucked since five years. Then again with hard push I was completely in. Then I started to and fro motion. She was mad with pleasure.
She was using dirty words like”fuck u madarchod, aur zor se mujhe chodo. ye chut 5 saal se pyasi hai. Aaj phad do meri chut ko”. And I was increasing my speed. She was moaning”aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhh ahhhhhhsssshhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. She said ” itna chodo mujhe ki meri pyaas bujh jayee. Aur zor se chodo. Mujhe apne bacche ki maa bana do.” And I was about to cum, so I asked her where to cum. She replied ” cum in my pussy only and make me pregnant. I want to be the mother of ur child.” On hearing this I shot my load in her cunt. And she also reached her orgasm. Then I fell on her and remained there in that position with my cock in her pussy for half an hour. And again my cock started to get erect. And now it was the turn of her ass. She resisted first but then she agreed. Then I fucked her ass for other half an hour. That night I fucked her nearly ten times. Five times in her ass and 5 times in her cunt. Then we went to sleep and we awoke in the afternoon. There again I fucked her once. Then we went to shower. There also I fucked her. And then we had our Lunch. And again our fucking session started. Now it was regular for us.
Now when I come from office, we used to fuck. After dinner we used to fuck. When I wakeup, we used to fuck. In house we didn’t wear much clothes. Now my mom had found a new world in me and I in her. So she was happy. We used to fuck minimum twice a day. Then we married with each other. In front of world we were mother and son. And in house we were husband and wife. And then after marriage we went on honeymoon to switzerland. There we checked in a 5 star hotel. As Mr. and Mrs. Mehta. We booked a honeymoon suit. Then in the room we used to fuck whole day and night. We went to see many properties I was interested to buy. There I bought a farm house with a horse farm. After that we shifted from hotel to farmhouse. There I fucked her in saddle of horse. And we enjoyed. And she became pregnant and now I am proud father of a daughter. Still we fuck in many different places. And I also fucked many of her friends. Once I fucked a padosan.
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