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Mom will you marry Me ? -2

We reached office and the day was high on energy. In afternoon Mom called me inside her cabin to tell me that we are going out for lunch and she needs to shop some clothes and other household things so we will be going home from there.

I said ok mom and we left for local market. The moment mom sat in car and I started flirting with her.

Me : you are looking awesome today.

Mom : You are flirting with me once again. What do you want tell me and I will get you.

Me : Mom believe me you look so young no one can say you are 42. You look like 30 year old

Mom : I am impressed now can you tell me what you want.

Me : just your love mom and told you earlier also.

Mom : My love is always with you my love bus.

Me : I am sure they will think that you are my girlfriend

Mom: OK . Let check this out. I have to buy one saree let’s see what shopkeeper think.

I said done mom but tell me if you lose then.

Mom says whatever you say beta. Then mom asked and what if you lose , I said mom whatever you will ask. We reached local market and had our lunch then we went to a saree shop and we dint disclose our identity.

Mom took me to a new shop so that no one knows us. We entered and the shopkeeper asked mam how I can help you. I answered we need a designer saree and he made us to sit and started showing sarees and we were selecting and I said Vibha I think this red saree will look amazing on you.

Mom was shocked and looked at my face to which I winked and very softly said I can’t say mom deal is on. She smiled and said you are so naughty and I again asked her what you think vibha.

She was quiet but for my help shopkeeper said mam sir is saying right. This saree will suit you your friend choice is too good mam please try this once.

Mom was smiling and shocked I winked my eye shopkeeper saw me winking my eye at her and he misunderstood us as young lovers so as a special service he came very close to us and said mam why don’t you try this in our special trail room and sir can accompany you.

I was in seventh heaven. He showed us the way. It was separate trial room. He was with us he opened the door and said mam these are some more saree in red color, try them out and then while leaving he said you can take your time and smiled.

We both were blushing like newlywed couple leaving for honeymoon and we entered the trail room. Mom said know what to do how I should change in front of you. I said mom it’s okay leave the trail first congratulate me on wining the bet.

She said ok you were right , now what.

I said now my gift.

She said what you want

I said not now will tell you on the right time. She was confused as to how to do the trial of saree. I sensed that and told her don’t worry I am going out. I came out and after some time mom also came out in the saree.

The saree was transparent she was looking awesome, I put my hand on my heart and said mom you are killing me. I wish I can hug you and kiss you. You are looking like angel mom. Mom said Anand can we be serious. I said mom I am serious always when it comes to your beauty or love.

If you don’t trust me let’s ask the shopkeeper and have bet in that as well. She said no I trust you so we are finalizing this saree. I said yes but mom I wish I could hug you now in this saree and she smiled and said ok come inside and hug me.

We entered the room again and I hugged her very tightly and I whispered in her ear mom you don’t know how beautiful you are and I kissed on her neck.

She said beta even I love you and she put her hand on my head. I put my lips on her neck and again kissed her.

Mom said is it done can we go out and smiled and things were moving but not very strongly though these were the sign that we are coming close to each other but not that strong as it could be innocent love of a mom towards her son. I was in double mind how to go ahead and propose her and when we were coming back I did full on flirting with her.

I said I am your man mom as per the shopkeeper. How are you feeling and she was blushing on my comments and just said you are very naughty Anand you are so crazy I never knew.

I said mom this is nothing , you haven’t seen my craziness just give me a chance and I will show you how much I love you. This was a daring comment from me and I was waiting for her reply.

But things were not easy and her reply was a stamp proving that target is very far. She said anand it’s done now nd please it’s a joke take it as a joke. Don’t forget you are my son and should know your limits and after this and I said sorry mom and we reached home.

Mom was tired and said i am going to take shower nd need to try all my clothes also. I said ok and went to my room to use the golden opportunity.

I opened my system and her mom was nude in front of webcam and taking shower her body was shining like marble and she was applying soap.

After washing and she placed her leg on the bath tub corner and start massaging her cunt that was new for me.

I was excited and my Dick was fully erect. She started fingering herself and I was stroking myself and my bad luck was that only a portion of my mom body was visible through that cam and I was missing her face and boobs during this.

I wanted to see the facial expression but anyways that was in my imagination and I was watching the live show where my own mom was fingering and her fingers were going in and out of her cunt and I was becoming mad looking at that my strokes were becoming harder and I ejaculated a huge amount of cum .

That was the life’s best masturbation I had and the moment I shot the loads of sperm within seconds even mom got satisfied and she cleaned herself with the towel.

I was getting restless and making plans every day to make my mom mine forever.

Finally I thought of breaking the wall. The day was mom birthday and I planned everything and I bought a bridal dress for mom and Mangalsutra.

I wanted to marry her and my love was flooding in my heart. I came home early from office decorated her room with flowers and placed a cake. I was waiting for mom to come now. My heart was beating like the rail engine.

Finally Mom came and she was shocked to see the surprised.

She hugged me , kissed me on my forehead and said thanks son for such a wonderful surprise. We cut the cake in my mind was to put the cake on her fair body , on her boobs which were awesome with pink nipples and to eat cake from those boobs.

I wish I could have put the cake on her pussy and ass and the eat with the taste of love juice but it was normal birthday celebration but real bomb was still not exploded.

After that I handed over the gift to her and I knew it today could be the worst day of my life or it could be the best day no middle way.

I said mom this is for you but before you open it , I need to talk with you.

It’s about your and my life.

Mom said ok beta tell me what happened.

Mom I want to be very straight from so many days I am trying to concentrate on anything.

I am in love with you and please listen me first before you react or say anything.

Me : Mom it’s been months now that I am in deep love with you and I am not able to concentrate on anything .Every time every second it’s your face , body your voice is in front of me . It’s like I am under some hallucination. I just can’t think anything beyond you .I wanted to tell you this but I was afraid.

Mom : Slapped me and said how dare you. Are you mad and she slapped me again. I was standing like a pillar no moment in my eyes down and she shook me and said are you listening me

Do you know what shit you are talking and I said Mom I know what I am saying and I mean it and no one can change my love for you ?

I love you from the core of my heart and will do that for my whole life and there was one more slap on my face and she started shouting on the top of her voice. You want to love you mom and one more slap.

Do you know what it means and you are my blood and now you have grown so much that you wanted to make me your love It is Sin.

You were going with me for shopping and everywhere thinking I am your girlfriend. You know I am your mother and her face was red and she was breathing hard in anger her face was looking very cute and her boobs was coming up and down with every breath. She was taking my eyes was fixed on her face and boobs.

She saw my eyes and lost her temper again and slapped me 4th time and she hold me from shoulder and shook me and said you bastard are you listening to me or just standing here. I was numb no reaction just standing in front of her.

She again slapped me and said Anand your silence is killing me.
Tell me it’s all a joke and you don’t have any intention to do what you are saying. I was stone silent didn’t reply as a result of which I got one more slap my cheeks were paining now.

But I remain calm and silent and she then shouted bloody you want to fuck me and slapped me listening this and I got angry and I hold her hand.

Mom do you think I want to fuck you. Do you think that I lust for your body. Mom make it very clear in your mind that my love is pure and yes as a part of my love if care is priority then making love is also there .

I have you ever thought when all boys of my age are enjoying their life either in vacation or with their girlfriends. I was the one who was giving everything to you and your business after college my friends you to ask me to go with them for movies or to party but I always make sure that.

I should be in office after college to help you when boys and age doesn’t know what all things are required to make tea.

I am getting up at 5 am in the morning to make breakfast for you is it lust is it what make you think and I want to fuck you.

Mom if want to fucked you I can do right now but I am standing here and getting slaps from you because I love you and I can die to prove that.
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