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Meray Jija Jee Ka Lund Saab Say Accha -2

The soap suds ran down my graceful HOT body, making it slick and slippery all over. My long black hair was wet and as I pulled it over my shoulder, I exposed my lovely naked wet back to him. I turned my head a little to watch his reaction. I knew my behind is exquisite. Well rounded globes of firm hot flesh, covered with glowing creamy skin that, he said, is as soft as my full round breasts. I knelt in the tub, looking at him from over my soapy shoulder. He was watching the muscles of my butt cheeks flex slightly as I maintained my balance in the tub. The soap suds cascaded down over them, making them deliciously slippery and shiny for him. All the time I was watching him and was getting more and more aroused. I felt as if he was touching my body with his eyes. His eyes followed the crack of my ass to where it disappeared down between my legs. He was going crazy to watch my butt cheeks squeeze together as I wobbled slightly on my knees, but it was done intentionally< Irshad BHAIJAN SLAMMED HIS LUND INMY ASS AND WAS SHOUTING UFF SHAMU TERI GAND TO TERI NASREEN BHABI SE ACHI HAI, I WAS SHOCKED KYA BHAIJAN APNE NASREEN BHABI KO CHODA HAI, HAAN JANU MAINE NASREENKO FRAHa KO AUR RANA SUBKO CHODA HAI, TERI RANA BHABI KO TO RAPE KARNA PADA BADI ZIDDI HAI WO., By now, my entire body was covered in a soapy lather, like some extreamly shear lace negligee, except for my. I went into the tub and summoned him to the side of the tub with my eyes.

He came and stood there. The raging hard on of his was pointing at my cunt. I ran a fingertip along the length of his burning, stiff rod. It flexed convulsively. I smiled. "Mmm! It looks the biggest and stiffest ever. Let me see." I said as I caught his erection. I tugged gently but insistently several times. As his inflamed cock bent at its base under my gentle tugging pressure, it sent waves of extatic pleasure through his body, that I knew as a result of his shivers. Then I paused from my gentle tug of war with his pulsing erection. I was really enjoying this wonderfully agonizing, playful torture to my dearest Irshad BHAIJAN, I WAS LUCKY HE IS FUCKING ME CUZ HE FUCK ALL MY BABHABIS AND SISTERS TOO THE LUCKY LUND OF IRSHAD BHAI IS SO HOT... First, my fingertips carefully ran along the edge of the leg hole, down around his testicles, gently brushing them. Then back up and slowly inward, until I had finally, lovingly grasped his manhood. I took his frenzied cock and slowly pulled it out through the leg hole. It jutted out rudely, pointing up and to one side directly in front of my face. I could feel his cocks intense heat as it pressed against his leg. With the backs of my fingers, I slowly stroked the veins underside with one upward motion. His knees buckled as I did this. And he let out a low groan.

I looked up at him and smiled teasingly, "Ouuu! It's beautiful!" As I wrapped my fingers around his manhood, the muscles just below his testicles flexxed and strained wildly. His cock jerked uncontrollably in my hot wet hand, which pleased me very much indeed. He I stepped into the tub, facing me. His cock was swinging and jerking freely now, in front of me at face level. The bath water swirled around his shins and calves. I reached down into the bathwater and retrieved the bar of soap. Sitting in the warm water for so long, it had a thick melted coating that was very soft and creamy. I also retrieved a washcloth. As I slowly began to work up a lather with the soap, I said, "Let me do you first." I wrung the washcloth with one hand, just above his raging penis, letting the water trickle freely over it. I dunked the cloth in the hot bathwater and again squeezed it above his jumping bobbing rod, sending waves of magical delight through his quivering body as the water ran down over his shaft tickling his straining testicles. The suds covered his spastic cock completely as I squeezed the washcloth. With my other hand, covered with the slimy soap, I took his cock gently in just my fingertips, the way that a flautist holds a flute. I knew he was going crazy, wanting more. I teased his cock with my fingertips, gently, slowly, sliding them up and down the rock hard shaft. I was delighted as it bobbed and jerked violently between my fingers. He stood before me, getting so dizzy that he had to reach behind me and grab onto the shower faucets.

My index finger on top and thumb underneath, sliding up to the crown of his wildly jerking boner. It finally jerked so violently that it jumped from my slippery hot fingertips. I held my hand there, motionless, staring at his cock as if hypnotized by its frantic little dance. I then took it with the same hand, now wrapping my fingers around it completely but very loosely. Slowly, I began to stroke. First down its length, until my pinky was buried in his pubic hair, then up, very slowly. My pinky was the only finger left wrapped around the flair of its swollen purple head. As each dainty finger passed over the flair, shock waves ripped through his body, causing his hips to lurch forward uncontrollably. He was in a frenzy, having my hot slippery hand running all over his stiff cock, just barely touching him, Teasing him. As I stroked him, my other hand traveled up the inside of his leg, starting at his knee, with only my fingertips, until I reached his churning, cum filled balls. I began to caress them lovingly, working up a lather. And as I did this, I extended my index finger to gently rub the area between the base of his cock and his rectum. This was too much! He was about to cum at any second. He tried to beg me to stop. He wanted this to last forever, but he was only able to get a groan out. I sensed his condition and stopped just before he climaxed and spewed his load of jism all over my face and breasts.

He was very glad that his sister in law was understanding and kept him from climaxing then, because he wanted to feel all the excitement he can. Taking my hands away, I turned around in the tub saying, "Now you do me." He knelt behind me. With the both of us on our knees, he straddled my right calf. My toes would now and then brush up against his own calf, a constant reminder that this wasn't a day dream, but was actually happening. He scooped up the now half melted bar of soap and washcloth and began to work up a rich lather. The aroma of the soap swirling around his legs was intoxicating. As was the scent of my body. He started on my smooth shoulder with the washcloth. It was heavily laden with rich soapy water. As he caressed me, the suds ran down my supple back, making its way aimlessly, following the contours of my back muscles, down to the little vee at the top of the cleft between my flexxing butt cheeks. My skin was extra sensitive by now and I was able to trace the path with the skin and it tickled me.

I began to twitch and wriggle slightly. He ran the soapy cloth across my back to the other shoulder, then down, down to my buttocks. I moaned and quivered, "Oh my dear. That feels so good. Mmmh." He eventually traced his hands over my hips and around to my firm tummy. As he brought his hands up past my beautiful deep round belly button to cup my tender shapely breasts, I leaned back against him and his throbbing hot cock slid up against my right hip. My hand dropped to my side to meet his insanely jerking member. I began to gently rub his pounding cock against my yielding, smooth hip as he caressed my soft full breasts. Ever so gently rubbing and rolling my beautiful swollen nipples between his soapy, slippery thumbs and index fingers. As he did this, I closed my eyes and layed my head back against his shoulder. I began rocking back and forth with my hips, causing his wildly spasming cock to slide between my soft soapy hand and my equal.
Irshad bhaijan fucking me badly from back to front uff what a taste and while fucking shouting my elder sister name ufff Shahnaz baji baji baji and came in my choot.Now I am proud mother form my Irshad bhaijan he make mom and I am so happy now when ever we get chance we fuck.
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