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Meray Jija Jee Ka Lund Saab Say Accha -1

Hi, all fans! Its SHAMEEM from INDIA. One day, my husband went to office and my sister-in-law was in school. I was alone at home, feeling very horny. I called my home and my mom got the phone. I asked her if my jijaji Irshad was there. Luckily, he was at home and I told him that none was at home and it was the right time for both of us to love each other. From his voice, I understood that he was not less excited than me. we had fun lot times before marriage when Irshad bhaijan use to grab me all the when ever Shahnawaz baji not around at our house Irshad bhaijan gives me pleasure and I love to suck his cock and he love to suck my juicy pussy, that my elder sister Shahnawaz never did to my bhaijan sucking and giving this taste so we had this things, and e time and touch his huge lund on my ass and suck my arms and explode on my ass, but never fuck me only I was virgin but I promised him after my marriage I will give him chance to make me mom.
I was waiting.
The time seemed going too slow. I went to my bedroom and put off all my clothes, stood beside the mirror of my dressing table. The complete nude structure of myself was in front of me. I became glad and proud to see what was in front of me. My white complexion with creamy skin was glowing. My 32D sized breasts were standing up proudly. The nipples were hard and bigger as a result of over excitement. My eyes went down. The big, round and deep navel of mine was excellent on my flat white belly. When I moved down I found my clean shaved cunt hidden between my thighs. I parted my leds a little and found the pink canal glistening for the dripping juices. I moved a little at a side and found my curvy D-shaped hips showing their full glory. I smiled and put my both hands on my both boobs. A sudden shiver went through my body from toe to head. I was really excited! I pinched my nipples with my fingers and they were already rock hard. I then went to find a good dress to greet my sweet brother. I put on a red sleeveless tight blouse that was of thin material and was showing my nipples. Then I put on a red bikini panty.

I was glad to see that it covered only a little space of my lower abdomen and my sexy navel was fully exposed and was glowing at the middle of my belly. I then put on my red chiffon sari. I tied the sari in my panty, instead of a petticoat. I didnt wear a petticoat. I was watching myself in the mirror. I was surprised to see how sexy I have made myself! I thought if I were a guy, I would have jumped right then to the structure in the mirror. While I was watching myself, the door bell rang. I looked outside the window and saw my dear bhaijan Irshad is holding his cock and shouting uff Shammu rani pilade pani meri rani ban ja meri rand dede apni gand.. I rushed to the door and opened it. I found a pair of surprising eyes trying to pop out of their place. Before any neighbour see us, I hurriedly grabbed his hand and moved him inside and closed the door. When I was closing the locks, I felt his warm hand on my belly. I closed that, but remained at the same position. He took his time and went on rubbing on hand on my belly and other on my neck and face from behind. I moved my hand to the back and placed it on his pelvis area.

His pant was rock hard and bulging in that region. The hand on my neck moved me towards him. I closed my eyes. I felt his warm lips touching mine. We went on with a long passionate kiss. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing my waist and hips. Then I guided him to my bedroom, pushed him on the bed and jumped on him. I hurriedly put off all his clothings and he began to do the same to me. I felt him tremble in lust while putting off the sexy clothes that I wore and I was glad to watch the results I wanted. After that we had the wildest session of love ever. I didn’t cum so much in my life, I was begging bhaijan Irshad bhaijan bana do mujhe maa pls unka lund kam nahi karta mujhe beta chahiye dedo na… After the long long fucking sesssion, I came times, we both were wrapped with eachother, my boob, against his chest, his dick inside my vagina where those two were almost glued as a result of a sticky mixture of both our cum. We were loving each other and talking. Suddenly, I proposed, “Lets go for a bath together.” His eyes lit up. This was going to be a new experience for both of us. He slowly withdrew and we both entered the bathroom. I turned the shower on and began to enjoy the water after a great sex. I looked at him and he told me he was going to enjoy the sight first. I began to rub the soap.
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