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Memories of Mom & Aunt - Pt. 01


I am lying in the bed of a posh private hospital in Calcutta, recovering from a surgery for piles. I was under heavy sedatives for last 48 hours. Only that morning, I came back to full senses. A nurse was giving me sponge bath.

The nurse, Kana, was attending me all thorough, 12 hours every day. She was in her late thirties, married and was affectionate & friendly. She was fair, about 5'4", medium built, with heavy breasts and hips. 36d-32-38, I guess. She had a roundish face with sharp nose, large eyes and very attractive lips. As traces of hair were visible through her stockings, I was sure she was hairy.

From the very beginning, Kana and I went through a few interesting encounters and became good friends. As she first came in to my room immediately after admission, she had a set of pajama in her hand. She asked me to take off my clothes. As I was down to my vest & brief, I asked for the pajama.

She came close to me pulled at my vest and said I was to take off everything. "Genji ar jangia o khule phelte hobe."

I looked at her and said, "Madam, after child hood I never undressed fully in presence of a woman, unless she was naked too."

I waited for her reaction.

Her answer was smart & prompt, "You are being naughty, Sir. This is hospital and here you have to do as we tell you."

She didn't allow me to resist and pulled out my vest. Without waiting further, she pulled down my brief and I stepped out. I felt really embarrassed as I stood stark naked in presence of this unknown woman. She came close to me and made me sit on the bed. She applied talc on my chest and armpits. As her soft hand moved on my body, I felt nice. Some distant memories started coming back.

1978 I had just completed my graduation and got a scholarship to study abroad. I had three months' free time and was enjoying myself. Suddenly I met with a road accident and was admitted to hospital in an unconscious state. Fortunately, damage turned out to be external only. I had bruises all over my body, a hairline fracture in the elbow and suffered a lot of trauma. I was released from hospital with the advice of complete bed rest. At home, my mom had to do a lot of nursing for me. She used to teach in college. She couldn't take any long leave, but her Principal allowed her flexible timing, depending upon the timing of the classes she had to take.

As someone had to be by my side all the time, her younger sister, whom I called monima, offered to help. She was a housewife and her daughter was in a boarding school. So, she came and stayed with us and mom could go to college as & when necessary. At least one of them was always by my side and they did everything for me including changing clothes, bathing, feeding and even helping me in answering nature's call. I occupied my parents' bedroom as it had an attached bathroom. At night mom & monima slept in the same bed with me. Dad slept in my bedroom.

During those days of sickness, mom or monima used to apply talc on my naked body.


Her hand was very soft and affectionately moved on my naked body. It even touched my crotch. I was yet to get over my embarrassment for being stark naked in front of a clothed woman and my cock was fast asleep. It slowly started coming to life, as there was movement around it. But within a short while a pajama was in place and it went back to sleep again.

I couldn't talk at all as long as I was naked.

Once I had the pajama on, I asked her, "Madam, you could manage to strip me down. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Would you willingly undress in presence of a male doctor?"

She looked at me with wide eyes and then answered with a smile, "Sir, my gynecologist is a male."

She walked out of my room, but came back after a few minutes. She sat beside my bed and started talking.

"Sir, call me Kana. I am not used to such formal way of addressing."

I responded with a smile, "Ok, Kana, you also call me Ronnie."

She now talked in serious voice. "Ronnie, I have been in this surgical ward for many years. I am used to seeing patients, both male and female, in fully naked condition. Most of them are a bit resistant initially, but later they all get used to it. But none of them ever came up with an odd argument like you. I am wondering what you have in mind. Do you really want to see me naked?"

I felt rather defenseless, against such a frontal attack. I knew I couldn't avoid a direct answer and decided to respond very frankly.

"To be very honest with you, that logic came to my mind just as a way to resist undressing in presence of a woman. But now that you ask me openly, I must admit that it's my latent desire too."

"Thank you for coming out in the open. At my age, I don't expect to arouse any desire in a man. So, I am pleasantly surprised. But I don't really know, if I can or if I should, meet your desire. Any way, you are going to be here for at least seven days. Let's see how things go."

I pondered over her answer as she left. She came back again in ten minutes. This time her hands were full with towel, razor, etc. She said she would shave me. She unbuttoned & untied my pajama top & bottom and getting down from my bed I took them off. This time I was not as uneasy as the first time. She laid an oilcloth on the bed and asked me to lie down.

As she proceeded to wet my pubic hair, I protested. I told her, as surgery was to be in the anus what's the necessity of shaving the front. She agreed and asked me to turn around. She parted my bum cheeks and made the crack wet with water. She put shaving cream in there. As I quietly lied down allowing her access to my crack, I enjoyed the nice & cool sensation. Within minutes my crack was clean & smooth.

She moved her hand between my thighs and touched my balls. There was a lot of hair in the stretch behind the balls. She asked me to turn and lie on my back. She made me fold & spread my legs and repeated the shaving process under the balls. The sensation was exciting and I suddenly realised that my cock was getting hard. The hard on gave me a mixed reaction. On one hand it was embarrassing. On the other hand, I felt like showing off my size it's 8" in full erection. Kana did notice the hard on. She just moved her hand once over it and felt its size. Without any comment she cleaned the shaved area with a wet towel, applied some cream and made me wear the pajama bottom.

After I got dressed, Kana said she has half an hour before she finishes her duty. By that time, the dinner would be served. She asked me if I needed anything. I said I didn't need anything but would love to chat with her. Kana gave me a smile of comfort and we settled down in two sofas, facing each other. We told each other about our families. Kana was happily married and had a 16 year old daughter.

Kana suddenly made a remark. She said that she guessed that I did step out of my marriage for some fun at times. I thought there was no point denying it. So, I asked her how could she guess. She said it was her sixth sense. With a bit of hesitation, I asked if she ever stepped out of marriage for some fun on the side. I waited with bated breath for an answer. She kept quiet for a while and then talked.

"As a nurse, I handle a lot of male patients. So, lots of opportunity comes. Many of my colleagues have used the opportunities too. But I am very choosy and would like to cross the barrier of social taboo only if the attraction from the other side is irresistible."

Saying this she got up. It was time for dinner. I got up and went close to her. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. I felt nice as she kissed back on my cheek. As there was sound of dinner trolleys outside, she left after saying good night.

As I was very close to her, I got the aroma of her hair oil. The aroma was very familiar. But I couldn't remember where else I got this aroma.

As I was lying in bed, I suddenly remembered. My mom used the same hair oil!

1978 For first one week or 10 days, I was under painkillers & sedatives and was always in a drowsy state. While I was always in dazed condition, my mind was numb and my feelings & sentiments became rather blunt. I watched everything around me in a very passive state of mind. I still remember what went on around me.

I was made fully naked at the time of bath. I felt very comfortable as cool & wet towel touched my naked skin. I never realised that I was stark naked in the presence of my mom & aunt, for the first time after my childhood. Another thing I remembered the aroma of my mom's hair oil, as she oiled her hair sitting beside me.

The same aroma from Kana brought those memories back

Most of the days, mom gave me bath before she took her own bath. As she got ready for going to bath, she used to take off her blouse & bra and just one layer of sari covered her fair torso. Sometimes, she even took off her petticoat and sari was the only cover of her body. I could easily see the outline of her very soft breasts. Her brown aureoles and nipples were visible under the sari. Her arms used to be bare and I could see her armpit hair at the folds of her arms. When she lifted her arms, her dense & soft armpit hair was in full view.

Both mom & monima were very good looking women. Mom was 5' 4" tall, slightly plump and fair with a golden skin Her breasts & hips were large, 36d & 38, I guess. She had a nice sexy curve around her belly. I never saw her naked, but had a fair idea of her body. Monima, who was 5 years younger than mom, had a slim figure, extremely fair skin and was much taller, 5' 8". She was 34c-30-36.

Mom had a strong personality and at the same time she had a naturally affectionate image. Monima, on the other hand, had a very inviting & sexy look. She used to wear her sari well below her bellybutton. At bedtime, she used to wear a sleeveless nightgown, which covered up to her knee. As there was nothing underneath, her sexy body was quite visible.
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