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Me And My Father In Law Part 13

I tried to move away in mock but he continued pressing against my body. I was surprised! Did he know I was FIL's slut? May be! I looked at him and saw him looking into my blouse. I knew he would be able to see my nipples as I was slightly bending. This excited me! I let him look and then moved away. He looked frustrated and took the sugar and added to the tea. I moved aside and stood by the kitchen platform looking at him. " Seema beti! I have Bahu just like you. She helps me a lot and looks after my every need. Every need! Her name is Neelam. And she is a real Gem! I have told your father in law about her and he too has met her. I need not tell you anything more but he will tell you everything. OK? So don't feel shy in front of me. I like what just happened! So nice! I liked what I saw too. You know what I mean?" I understood what he meant! He was openly flirting with me. I liked that. I knew FIL had told him everything and wanted me to please him. I just smiled at him and said, " Kaka! I too like what you did but somebody may see us. We have to take care." "Beti! We all are very good friends and we all have enjoyed together. We have had women.

We shared them among us. So there is no need to worry. Feel free and enjoy what I do." Saying so Bhide caught me from behind and rubbed my breasts with both his hands. His touch was experienced and just like my FIL. I loosened my body and pressed it against him. he put his hand inside my sari and started to fondle my thighs, moving his hand lovingly. I felt his hard lund pressing into my ass cheeks and I had an urge to take that lund right into my choot. I was behaving like a slut! I wanted his lund! My FIL wanted him to fuck me and how can I deny that? I was his slut and sluts are supposed to take each and every lund they can! So here I was allowing Bhide Kaka to fondle me. " Come on Kaka! Lift that sari and fuck me! Do it fast! Somebody may walk in!" Bhidekaka lifted my sari and unzipping his pants took out his lund. He placed my hand on his erect manhood and I knew I had a big 8 inch lund at my disposal. I placed it at the entrance of my choot and pushed myself back. Uncle pushed his lund in my choot. it was thick one and I had to wiggle my ass to take him inside. About half of his lund entered my choot and I placed my hands on the kitchen platform and bent down.

This made our fucking comfortable and uncle caught my ass cheeks for support and pushed his lund in. ooohhhhhhhh! It went in easily, may be because I am always wet for a lund. He started to fuck me slowly, pulling his lund out and them pushing it in to the hilt. His technique was good and I knew I would love this fucking. I was breathing faster and pushing my hips onto his lund. I was enjoying this! Suddenly Uncle's body went limp and I felt his lund explode inside my choot. I felt hot cum spraying on my vaginal walls. Uncle had cum! I was still to cum! But I had to accept the cum in my choot. I loosened my choot and took all the cum inside. Uncle was breathing faster and lay on my back. When all was over he straightened up and said, " Seema your choot is very tight. My bahu, Neelam's is a bit loose and that made me cum faster. I am sorry I could not wait for your orgasm. And I was so excited! I could not control." " It's ok uncle! I enjoyed it. Do you fuck your bahu? That's nice! I love FIL and he too fucks me! You know, I am his slut!" "Ya he told me so. And he had sent me to help you just for this!" " Ohh that's nice uncle! I did not know FIL was so forward.

I loved it and will do anything for my Baba." Bhide Uncle removed his lund from my choot and I felt his cum run down my thighs. I lowered my sari and straightened up to fill the tea we had prepared. Just as I was lifting the tray, my father in law walked in. he looked at me and then Bhide uncle with knowing smile. I smiled back at him and winked. " So you finished so soon! I thought my friend will take longer. I think your tightness made him blow his gun so soon. How was she Bhide?" " Ohhhh She is a fine piece and I really enjoyed it. As you say she was tight and that made me cum fast. You can finish what I started dear friend!" " Hell no! Others are waiting for us. Let Seema bring the tea and show her assets to my other friends." I took the hint and unbuttoned top two buttons of my blouse and pushed my sari down to show some of my hips to these horny old fellows. Both of them walked out and I followed them with the tray in my hand. My paloo was fallen and my breasts were clearly visible and bulged out more than half! I was walking in such a way that my hips moved and swayed seductively. The jerks I gave while walking made my breasts heave and bounce.

I sneaked a look at all the friends and found them staring at me openly. FIL looked proudly at me and asked me to serve the tea. I bent down near Mr. Bhosale and handed him the mug. While giving the mug my hands were shaking and suddenly the mug fell from my hand and the hot tea spilled on Mr. Bhosale's pant. He cried out and got up making me fall with the tray. All the mugs fell to the floor and I fell in the hot spilled tea. FIL got up and straightened me he asked Bhosale to remove his pant and pour water on his thighs. FIL pulled my sari and removed it and threw it aside. Bhosale had removed his pant and was pouring water over his thighs. This was an emergency and nobody was shocked with this but soon when all seemed normal all the eyes were on my breasts and half-exposed ass. Even Mr. Bhosale's lund was hard and peeking out from his underwear. I looked at it and then at my FIL. He was smiling! Some tea had spilled on my blouse and FIL asked me to remove it and wash it so that the stains will vanish.

I started to go in my room but FIL stopped me. Now what? Was I to remove my blouse in front of his friends? Ohhh god No! " Seema there must be burns inside so let me apply Burnol come on let's go to your room." I felt relieved and we both went to my room. I was about to close the door but FIL asked me to keep it open, as his friends may feel awkward. I looked at him and he smiled again. The same knowing smile! I was his slut and I had to obey him! He made me stand near the door so that all his friends could see me and asked me to remove my blouse. I looked at the drawing room and saw all of them looking at us! I was excited and thrilled too! I removed the hooks on my blouse and took it off. Ohhh god here I was standing half-naked and showing my breasts to five old men! Ohhh god! I was real slut! My FIL came near me and put his hand on my breasts to examine if there was any burn. " Ohhhhh Baba! You are showing my breasts to your friends! I don't understand this!

You allowed Mr. Bhide to fuck me and now you are exposing me! Ohhh Baba! What are you planning? Do you plan to gang fuck me? I am your slut and I don't mind anything. Go on knead my breasts before your friends!" " YES Seemu! I wish exactly what you said. Is that you want? I know you are a cock hungry slut! I am going to fuck you and show my friends how depraved you are for sex. Come on remove your petticoat and let me put my lund in your choot and fuck you in front of my friends." I removed my petticoat and exposed my naked body to his friends who were watching us from the drawing room. My father in law came behind me and spreading my ass cheeks found out my choot. He spread my choot and then in one go pushed his lund in my choot. his hands held my buttocks and now as he fucked me he started to spank lovingly. It was more caressing and it felt nice.

My head was towards the door and when I lifted my head I saw FIL's lecherous friends looking at us with their lund in hand. Ohhh god! I could see five of them rubbing their lund as they watched the show. Five Lunds of old lecherous friends of my FIL! FIL moaned in my ear as he fucked me, " Seemu! See them getting hard and excited looking at us. Ohhhhhhh! I want you to masturbate for them after our fucking is over. They will jack off and cum in front of you. Today I am not allowing them to fuck you but just give them nice show dear laadli Bahu!" " Ohhh Baba! How can I? But yes I will do it just for you. Let them know I am your slut and whore! Ohhh Baba! Fuck me now and cum in my choot. I want you to cum on my face and I will show them how dirty bastard you are. Fucking his own Bahu. Ohhh God! Fuck me baba!" FIL was now fucking me and holding my dangling breasts in both his hands for support and occasionally biting my back.

I was enjoying the fucking in front of FIL's old and horny friends. I watched them and saw that they all had their lunds out and were fisting them as they watched us fuck. Then I felt FIL's lund expand and then contract. He was about to cum! I dismounted FIL and took his lund in my hand, jacking him off so that he would spray his cum all over my face. " Ohhh Baba! Cum on my face! I want to apply the cum-cream to my face and show your dirty friends how their Daughter in law's should behave. How they should be sluts of FIL's. Come on Baba!" Baba sprayed his cum and first drop landed on my nose, running down to my lip and sides of my mouth. Other drops sp......
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