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Look Who's Peeking - Pt. 02

"Mom...!" Kanan jumped at the sudden contact; then he relaxed. To my cold fingers, his cock appeared hot...very hot. I got a firm grip on his throbbing cock, and slowly began to move the foreskin skin up and down.

He watched me intently as I stroked his hardness. His eyes were bulging with excitement. My condition was no better. My pussy was dripping profusely. It was getting more difficult with every passing second.

I realized that now there won't be any turning back. I had succumbed to my lust. I must have that masterpiece between my pussy lips.

"I think you should put that thing back..." I pointed toward the laptop that was lying idle on one side. "You don't need it now."

While I played with his rigid tool, he quickly closed the lid and put it on a side table. Then he turned his attention back to me.

"It feels good mom..." His voice was hoarse with excitement. He was breathing with a quickened pace. "It really feels very good."

I smiled and suddenly let go his pulsating rod from my grip. He moaned and stared at me with disappointment. I pushed his naked hip. He got the hint and moved far on the bed. I climbed on the bed and settled between his spread legs. Once again, I gripped his cock, this time with both hands. My eyes were glued to his enormous hard on.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...! Mom...!" He moaned loudly.

"Honey..." My voice came like a hoarse. "I want to kiss it..."

"Yessss..." He thrust his crotch excitedly. "Please kiss me...suck my dick mom...please."

I took hold of his teenage cock, my eyes glazing with lust. I bent my head and flicked my tongue out. I touched the swollen head of his cock, then slowly ran it over his tiny peehole. It drove him wild with desire.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...!" His thigh muscles flexed and he cried.

I ignored his moans and slowly engulfed his cock between my lips. For some time, I sucked his cock head like a lollipop. Then slowly I began to gobble up the length of his cock. Within seconds, almost full length of his cock was deep inside my sucking mouth. His cock head touched against my throat. For a second, I almost choked. So I released a part but kept the remaining length embedded inside my mouth. My hand moved down, to the base of his cock and I grasped his balls.

"Suck me, Mom!" Kanan gasped. "Oh, suck my cock!"

I clamped my lips around his cock, and slowly began to move it up and down. He also responded by thrusting his tool into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it, licking and slurping. His cock was hot and so hard; and the way it throbbed in my mouth sent violent ripples of delight through my body. I could feel the crotches of my panties were soaked with my juice. I even felt the wetness seeping onto my thighs.

"Mmmmmm!" I stared at my son. His eyes were bulging; he was continuously emanating a strange guttural sound.

I tweaked with the curly hair at the base of his cock and then began to caress his balls. Stroking them, squeezing them; Kanan went wild as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

"Ahhh...mom... suck it...!" He moaned. "Suck it hard, Mom! Ooooh God, your mouth is so wet and hot. God I love it."

Encouraged, I sucked him even harder. The heat between my legs was getting more and more intense with every stroke of my lips over his tool. I was moaning, grunting with lust. I couldn't recall when I sucked my husband like that. My lips began to ache but I didn't stop. It was so wanton yet so exciting. My son's sawing through my hungry mouth and he was watching me doing that. God... how much I loved doing that.

His cock began to swell in my mouth, slowly growing in size. It moved like a piston in and out of my mouth. I ran my tongue over his dripping pisshole each time he withdrew, sucking up any drop of precum that oozed out of his tiny peehole.

I could also feel the buildup of an approaching orgasm between my soaked thighs. Kanan was pumping excitedly, completely oblivious of my condition. His cock almost leaving my clenched lips before it plunged back in to my throat.

My cunt was on fire.

"Mom! Ohhhh, Mom! Yes, suck it, Mom!"

I felt his body stiffen, his thighs pressing against my head. Sucking in frenzy, I moaned and sobbed with rapture.

"Mom...!" Suddenly there was a panic in his voice.

I didn't hear him. I was too much occupied with my task and the wild heat in my pussy that was growing wilder with every passing second. I clenched my thighs in an unsuccessful attempt to curb my impending orgasm.

"Mom!" Kanan cried in lustful agony as his hot cum gushed into my sucking mouth.

His handsome face was contorted with the rapture. His cock throbbed and throbbed, hot cum shot out of his cock in rapid successions, filling my mouth before I could realize that he was cumming in my mouth. The taste of his juices, sent my body into a shattering convulsion. I came in hot waves of spasms, clutching the head of my son's cock with tight lips as he spurted his love juice into my mouth.

I sucked furiously. The taste and smell of his pungent fluid was driving me insane with passion. I gulped down the huge load of cum that he was ejaculating relentlessly into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his love juice.

Finally it was over. His cock stopped shooting. But I didn't let him go and sucked his cock hungrily. Squeezing every drop of cum that was remaining. Satisfied, I let him go.

Kanan pulled his cock from my mouth. It came out with a sot sucking sound. He slumped back on the bed staring at me with sparkling eyes. He looked very happy.

I stared at her handsome face lovingly.

"I'm sorry, Mom," He tried to appear innocent. "I didn't mean to cum in your mouth."

"Never mind...honey," I smiled at him. "Mommy loved the taste."

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I showed him a part of his thick sweet juice still adhering to my tongue and lips.

"Want to kiss mom?"

He didn't reply; immediately got up and moved closed to me. I held his shoulders, bent my head and kissed him. He responded with fervor. I inserted my cum coated tongue deep into his mouth. Kanan sucked, licking his own cum off my tongue and swallowing down his throat. My one hand moved down his thigh and I caressed his flaccid cock.

We kissed for a long time. We sucked each other tongue, tasting the mix of our saliva and my son's cum. Finally, I broke the kiss.

I gazed up at him, gently squeezing his soft cock. "Do you know... you're the first one I've... sucked off?"

He grinned. "Then...was it okay, Mom?"

"Yeah..." I could not resist a giggle.

"Then it's okay if I cum in your mouth?"

"Any time you want honey...any time."

I climbed off his bed and stood by the side of his bed. I stared lovingly into his eyes. He licked his lips but said nothing. I knew what he wanted.

I also wanted the same.

I didn't wait and began to undress. In a swift move, I undone my gown and dropped it on the floor. I wasn't wearing my bra. My heavy tits jiggled as I removed my gown. Then I stood in front of my son wearing only white cotton panties.

"Please...take that off too." He begged. His hands fumbled with his cock which was showing the signs of new arousal.

I gave him a wanton grin, inserted my fingers into the elastic band and began to slip my panties down my thighs. As it moved out, I bent forward hiding my dripping pussy from his lecherous eyes. I took them out of my legs and threw on the side.

"Please...mom!" His voice was choked with excitement. "Please let me see your pussy."

I smiled and stood. A gasp came out of his mouth as he eyed my hairy pussy. As he examined my naked body, I felt a little ashamed. Never before, I had exposed my body so wantonly to anyone other than my husband. I knew that I was not in my primes. I was a simple housewife. I had never been to a gym. Yet years had treated me well and I was proud of my voluptuous figure. My thighs are little fleshly and there is a fleshly mound over my tummy. My fat pussy lips are adorned with thick raven jungle of pubic hair that I kept trimmed to a particular length.

I stood beside his bed, completely naked. He could see, the moist lips my fat hairy cunt. His eyes moved from my jugs to my bushy cunt. His eyes were wide with awe and admiration.

"God...Mom!" He exclaimed. "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks...honey..." I was pleased with his admiration. He wasn't lying. I could read it in his eyes. "Mommy is an old woman now."

"No...mom...you're the most beautiful woman I've seen. All my friends talk about you."


"Yes mom. They don't talks in front of me. But I know they'll die to see you like this. God you're just out of the world." Then he pointed at my bush. "You have so much hair there. I've never seen anything like that."

"You don't like hairy pussy?"

"No...I didn't mean that. It's beautiful. Actually...Linda keep has pussy shaved."

"I know most women keep it shaved nowadays. I love it this way. Shaving irritates my skin."

I moved and climbed on the bed and settled beside him. "So you've seen her naked."

He gave me a shy smile.

"But you didn't fuck her."

"No she doesn't let me. She only allows me to touch her there...and...and," He hesitated for a moment then spoke slowly. "sometimes she let me kiss there."

His face turned red again.

I giggled like a teen aged girl.

"Then you know how to kiss pussy. Why don't you show me."

"Mom..." He responded excitedly.

"Come on show me." I quickly changed my position. I was now lying on the bed, my legs wide open, my hairy twat open to his lustrous gaze. He positioned himself between my legs. I spread my legs so that he could look right into my wet slit. He was now on all fours, his head only inches away from my dripping pussy.

"Now...show mommy how you kiss pussy."

Kanan inhaled deeply, feeling the musky aroma emanating from my snatch. I was dripping so profusely that even I could smell it. He gently touched the hairy lips of my pussy with his fingers, slowly spreading the dark bush to expose the pink slit.
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