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Lessons in Lust - Ch. 01 - Pt. 01

Chapter 1

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” Rohini Woods cried loudly as Sooraj pumped his hard cock into his beautiful wife’s cunt.

Room was filled with the screams and moans of extreme rapture, and the sound of a male organ slicing through a wet cunt. Sooraj had always enjoyed the frenzied moans his wife emanated every time he made love to her. He knew Rohini loved fucking, and even after twenty years of their marriage, she behaved like a horny teen-ager in bed.

He also knew that he was approaching his orgasm.

“I’m gonna shoot baby.” He said hoarsely, thumping her cunt feverishly. “Get ready to take your daily quota of fresh cum.”

“Don’t make me wait darling… pump your seed inside me.” She moaned under his unrelenting thumping. Her ass was gyrating in ecstasy…thrusting up and down…again and again, trying to get hold of her husband’s beautiful cock deeper into her sucking cunt.

“It’s here baby.” Sooraj lurched forward for the final time, boring deep into his wife’s delicious pussy and let loose his canons.

His cock erupted deep inside the heavenly depth.

“Ohhhhh…Gaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd!” Rohini could not take it anymore. A shrill ran through her entire body. She squeezed her legs around Sooraj’s waist trying to clasp his spitting cock into her violently pulsating pussy.

The monster cock jerked again and again, filling the sucking pussy with white gluey fluid. Gradually, the force of ejaculation subsided. Sooraj could feel his cock deflating inside her pussy.

Rohini released her grip from around Sooraj’s waist; her legs fell heavily on the bed. She was breathing uncontrollably.

Sooraj rolled off her body, and collapsed on the side of his naked horny wife. He was also trying to catch his breath.

They lay silently, trying to recover from the rapturous feeling sweeping through their satisfied bodies. Rohini had her eyes closed; she could feel his husband’s jism oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt. She didn’t try to wipe it; she rather enjoyed the feel of fresh cum seeping out of her cunt and slowly making its way into her anal crack. The only concern she had was that the bed sheet would have a large dry spot in the morning, needing an immediate laundry…only thing she didn’t enjoy doing.

Sooraj turned towards his wife. Her eyes were still closed. Her majestic boobs were heaving up and down with every breath. She looked delicious. Sooraj put his arms around her, and kissed her on her cheeks.

“You’ve got a hell of a pussy baby.” His hands moved down, over to her slightly fleshy tummy and then to her wet bush. He gently stroked her clit, feeling it drenched with his own cum. “I just love fucking you.”

Rohini opened her eyes, and looked directly into her husband’s eyes. Her body twitched a little. Rohini loved the way her husband talked while making love with her. It always gave her a jolt.

They kissed, a long wet lingering kiss. Sooraj was again feeling aroused. He rubbed his fingers over her freshly fucked cunt lips, smearing the oozing cum into her pubic mound. Then he inserted his finger deep into her pussy.

Rohini moaned lightly.

Sooraj began finger fucking her, his lips still on her wife’s lips, his tongue deep into her hot mouth.

It continued for some time. Then he withdrew his soaked finger out of her pussy, took her clit between his index finger and thumb and pinched it coarsely. Rohini squealed with delight.

Suddenly, as if recalled something…Sooraj broke the kiss. Rohini looked at him questioningly; she could still feel his hot breath against her neck.

“You didn’t tell me what have you decided.” He whispered into her ears. His fingers remained busy playing with his wife’s engorged clit.

“About what?”

“Stop playing games with me.” He sounded little irritated as his fingers tweaked her clit hard causing her to whimper with pain and lust. “You know very well what I’m taking about.”

Rohini thought for a moment. She knew what he wanted to listen.

About six months ago, while he and Rohini were watching a porn movie, Sooraj came up with a weird idea. Watching porn movie with Sooraj was not new to Rohini, as she always felt that sex afterwards was fantastic. But that day it turned out differently.

The movie was about a husband who observed his wife from hiding while she made love with another man, their next-door neighbour.

She still remembered that she was aroused by the movie, and Sooraj had sensed it. She grabbed for his cock, and he shoved it all into her pussy even before the movie was finished. He fucked her hard in the front of the TV. After finishing their quick fuck session, they again got busy with the movie. All of a sudden, Sooraj asked her whether she would like to do that thing in real life.

Rohini was dumfounded. She felt so shocked that she could not answer immediately. It sounded strange, weird and almost pervert. Yet she felt an unusual feeling in her body, a kind of fresh arousal. She excused herself by saying that she would think over it before answering.

She hadn’t answered yet.

Sooraj looked at his beautiful wife. Rohini was lost in her thoughts. He felt little irritated…his patient was waning. He was dying to see his wife getting fucked by another person…a rock solid cock…sliding in and out of her charming cunt and Rohini crying with every thrust, clinging more and more to the stranger’s cock. It was his long cherished dream.

He was irritated because every time he tried to discuss about it, Rohini would somehow change the topic.

“I’m waiting for your answer.” He growled impatiently.

“I…I don’t know…” She stammered. “I mean…I need some more time.”

“You already had enough of that.” Sooraj climbed off and stood at the side of the bed. Rohini ogled at the large naked hairy structure of her husband. Sooraj was originally a motorcar mechanic who slowly became owner of an auto workshop. He still loved to do his own jobs and as a result he was quite in good shape, a big muscular body, a wide hairy chest, strong thighs and a better than average fuck tool which any woman would love to possess. Rohini knew that she was lucky to have a husband like Sooraj.

“Please…please don’t be angry.”

“Okay I’ll give you some more time.” He suddenly grinned mischievously. “I’m going to bathroom for a loo, and you’ve time until I return.”

“Sooraj.” She protested, raising her head off the pillow.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m ready to accept no. I…I’ll never force you to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

He walked across the room, opened the bathroom door. Then he turned towards her.

“But somehow I’ve a gut feeling that you also want it.”

Then he disappeared behind the door.

Rohini took a deep breath, and closed her eyes resting her head back on the pillow. Her mind was in turmoil. She knew that she couldn’t defer the answer anymore, as Sooraj was right when he said that she also wanted it.

Truly speaking, Rohini was not averse to the idea of having sex with someone other than his husband, while Sooraj peeping from a hidden place. But it was also true that she was genuinely shocked when she heard the proposal for the first time. She was married quite young to Sooraj; he was the first man who popped her cherry and remained the only man to fuck her. They had a good married life and sex was always good with Sooraj. She could never know how Sooraj got such a pervert idea.

When Sooraj brought the idea for the first time, Rohini thought probably it was the effect of the porn movie they were watching at that time. She was sure that it was a thought generated in the heat of the moment, and Sooraj would sure forget about it and therefore, she did not pay much attention. But within next few days she realized that she was wrong and Sooraj was serious about it.

“I should’ve refused in the first place.” She thought.

She had initially thought to say no, but something inside stopped her from doing so. She didn’t know why…but she couldn’t turn him down. When she found that Sooraj was serious about his intentions, she also gave a thought to the idea.

What appeared a stupid and weird idea initially, turned out to be a quite fascinating one. Rohini had always enjoyed a good fuck with her husband, and so far she never had any extramarital relationship, yet she felt a strange fascination when she deliberated upon it. More she pondered over it, more she got hooked to the proposal. Every time she felt a bizarre twinge running through her loins.

One day when she was alone at home, she retired to her room to take a brief nap. While she was trying to take a nap, she again thought about Sooraj’s proposal. She thought about an unknown handsome man… she couldn’t put a face to it…fucking her. Suddenly, she felt exhilarated and squeezed her thighs hard as if trying to grip that imaginary cock with her cunt muscles. She pulled the elastic of her shorts and touched her cunt mound hidden beneath the soft cotton linen. Her fingers felt the wet patch in the front of her panties.

To her horror she realized that she was literally dripping with excitement.

She could not stop; got up from her bed and stripped immediately. She lay in her bed, naked. Her fingers again traveled to her soaking pussy; she pushed her middle finger deep inside her pussy and began fingering her cunt. It was a great feeling. She continued finger fucking her while imagining about a handsome John Doe pumping his cock into her insatiable pussy. Very soon she was overwhelmed by a shattering orgasm.

Rohini has never felt so elated for a very long time. Sex with Sooraj was wonderful…but what she did that day in her bed was something very extraordinary…very much different from a routine sex. It was Rohini’s first taste with self-gratification.
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