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Indian Daughter-in-law's Dilemma. Pt. 02

He bent over to lie down on me. As if by accident, he clenched my breasts and lay down on me. As my father-in-law is a tall man, my face was crushed against his hairy chest. His hands now started kneading my breasts slowly. His erect organ was again brushing against the folds of my vaginal lips. I could feel him trying to rub his penis into my vagina. We again heard the person leaving the wash-room and go back to his room. I was simply sexually too excited now.

My father-in-law said, " Suganya, I think the person has gone back now. Should I leave? "

I quickly pretended and said, " No Appa. Not yet. That person may not be asleep now and may hear you, if you leave. It may be better for you to stay here for some more time "

He said, " You are right Suganya. Maybe I should remain here for some more time "

He simply lay on me like this for a few seconds and cautiously once again began rubbing his huge organ head on my vagina.

My father-in-law whispered, " Suganya, it will be a scandal in the family, if people come to know what happened in this room tonight "

I replied, " Yes, Appa. I understand. I am the daughter-in-law of this house. It is my duty to keep the family honour. Please do not worry. I will not tell anyone about what happened here in this room, tonight "

He asked, " Are you sure that you will not tell? Not even to your mother-in-law and your husband? "

I said, " No Appa, Please do not worry. I shall not tell anybody "

He said, " I am happy Suganya. Now I am relaxed. I think instead of leaving now, I shall spend some more time here, so that everyone in the house is fast asleep and no one can hear me leaving "

I encouraged him discreetly, " Yes Appa. It is better "

He said, " Suganya, this space is not enough even for one person. Let us try and change our positions in the opposite direction to each other and see if we are comfortable "

So saying, he turned himself and adjusted his legs over me in such a way, that his head was between my thighs and my head was between his thighs! My face was close to my father-in-law's wonderful organ and his face was on my hairy vagina! Due to the humidity in the room, both of us were sweating. I could get the manly pungent scent of his huge penis and could also feel his warm breath against my pubic hair. I was getting more excited. My vagina became very moist. Pretending to adjust himself, he clutched my vagina again. His finger was on my vaginal folds giving me a unique thrill. I too pretended to adjust myself and brushed my hands against his incredible organ.

Gradually, I could feel my father-in-law's finger pushing itself into my vagina. I spread my thighs more to give him access. After a few seconds, he inserted more fingers into my vagina and began touching my clitoris. I could not control my excitement. I slowly touched my father-in-law's mighty organ and began stroking it. I used my other hand to feel his massive testicles. They were the size of coconuts! He groaned at my touch and pushed his organ close to my mouth. I took the hint and opened my mouth. He then pushed his organ into my mouth. The taste of his sweaty organ was almost heavenly and my vagina began watering! His huge organ inched its way through my mouth almost into my throat, choking me. My father-in-law could not control himself. He put his mouth into my vagina and began sucking it. He pushed his tongue into me and flicked at my clitoris. I shivered with excitement. He kept thrusting his penis deep into my throat. We kept sucking each other for a long time. Suddenly to my disappointment, my father-in-law abruptly withdrew his organ from my throat and also his tongue from my vagina.

He said, " Suganya, I think that our earlier position was better. Let me lie down between your legs silently. Separate your thighs, so that I can get more space to lie in between your thighs "

Now since it was clear that both of us were pretending to one another, to justify to ourselves ways to have sex, I became bolder. I pushed my thighs up over my breasts and spread them wide apart to encourage my father-in-law. To make it easier for him, I too positioned my hips in such a way, that my vaginal opening was directly at the tip of his organ head. My father-in-law now laid down on me. His huge penis head was touching my vaginal opening.

My father-in-law said vulgarly, " Suganya, you can see that my erect cock is a creating a problem for both of us, as I am unable to lie down properly on you. I think if I push it in your tight cunt and keep it there, then both of us can relax on the mattress properly "

Though I wanted that very much, yet I pretended and shyly whispered, " Yes Appa, that would be more comfortable. I understand. But Appa, is it right? I mean, you are my father-in-law after all. How can I take your penis into my vagina? Being your daughter-in-law, I will feel very shy to take that. Only your son has a right to do that to me, is it not? "

He replied crudely, " Yes Suganya, you are my son's wife and he has the right to fuck you. But if you don't tell anyone, no one will know. Now come on. Do as I say. Just lift your thighs higher and push them wider apart "

I lifted my thighs higher and spread them more wider for my father-in-law. He positioned the swollen head of his organ at the opening of my vagina and firmly pushed it into me. I gasped as the huge head slipped into me. He began to thrust his organ, into my vagina with slow, gentle jabs. I was loosening up slowly now. My father-in-law's bulbous head was stretching the walls of my vagina, wider with every stroke. With a huge forward thrust, his organ head slammed up against the back of my vagina, right up against my cervix. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I stared at him with my mouth open, at his power. He put his mouth against mine, sucked my lips and roughly thrust his tongue into my mouth. I too kissed him lustfully.

My father-in-law gradually increased the speed and power of his strokes into my vagina. He became violent in his thrusts. My body was being flung about, up and down on the mattress. I groaned at the onslaught of his penis in my vagina. I hugged him tightly to keep rhythm with his strokes. He pushed up both my arms and licked my arm-pits. He kissed me deeply again and this time bit my lips. My vagina was stretched to its limit and was being pounded again and again by his gargantuan penis. My father-in-law roughly grabbed my breasts and bit them. He bit my neck in lust. He began to chew upon my nipples. I was feeling proud that my body was exciting him so much and was happy to have him fiercely bite me.

There was mad lust in my father-in-law's eyes. The speed of his strokes increased more. He was thrusting his penis deeper and deeper into me. I moaned whenever my father-in-law's bloated penis bumped against my delicate cervix. Gradually his organ head, began piercing through my deepest openings and spreading my cervical ring apart. I was panting. Both our bodies were covered in sweat. My father-in-law was relentless in propelling his organ into me. My body was swinging up and down with his thrusts. I gritted my teeth, as I felt my cervix surrender to his manly organ. He thrust his tongue into my mouth. As his engorged organ head forcefully drove itself through my cervix, there was a slight sound, as my cervical sphincter was forced apart. I stared at him with shock and gasped, as his mighty organ went through my cervix! I closed my eyes tightly, as it drove past my cervix, inching its way deep into my womb. With one forcefully violent shove, my father-in-law slammed the rest of his eleven inch penis into me, until his testicles slammed up against my swollen vaginal lips.

I stared at my father-in-law with wonder, on his astonishing manliness and kissed him. What an amazing lover! He had managed to push his organ right through my vagina, and through my cervix into my womb itself! I knew that very few men could ever do such a thing to a woman. He began pumping his penis deep in and out of my womb. It was rubbing against my sensitive nerve endings there! I closed my eyes closed and dug my hands into his muscular shoulders. Locking his mouth into mine, he kept brutally thrusting his majestic penis in and out of my womb. I braced my hands on his shoulders and grunted as his penis repeatedly ravaged my womb. I was in ecstasy and could feel my orgasm building up. I too started propelling my vagina upwards onto his penis, to meet his brutal thrusts into me. He noted that I was getting into my peak. He began to drive his penis all the more violently into my womb. My excitement was climbing rapidly. Sweat was pouring out from both of us and we were gasping with our lips locked on each other and his tongue deep in my mouth. My climax was building up faster and I could not control myself any longer. Finally my orgasm burst out of my vagina.

I yelped, " Appa, Appa, I am releasing - Aaaaah, Aaaaah! "

I let myself go completely and went on releasing my vaginal secretions. He went on viciously pumping in and out of my womb, when I was having my orgasm, making it more intense for me. My secretions began bubbling out of my vagina. I was completely out of breath. I threw my arms around his neck and thrust my tongue into his mouth. My whole body was quivering and shaking. My father-in-law stopped thrusting. He stroked my hair and tenderly kissed me. We lay still, until my orgasm subsided and we could recover our breath. My father-in-law put his hands into my vagina to feel my secretions and juices. I shyly parted my thighs to allow him to feel me. Now that he made me get my orgasm, I could see that he wanted his. I caught his arm and pulled him to me.

Without another word, my father-in-law slammed his organ into my womb again. He again locked his mouth into mine and began riding me. He began cruelly thrusting his magnificent organ in and out of my womb. Gradually his speed increased.
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