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Impregnated by My Nephew - Pt. 2

I retreated fast, tiptoed upstairs and locked my bedroom door. Before I reached my bed I had pushed my shorts and soaking wet panty to my feet. I grabbed the longest hairbrush, near the dressing table, with a round plastic handle and did not waste a second in stuffing it in my dripping love hole. It slid in easily due to my juices. I had the recent pumping visuals before my eyes and pumped this handle into me to find my release. I could feel the familiar wave building up in me and I came gushing like a fountain, - the strongest orgasm visualizing Jeetu's monster at work on my tiny slit.

My familiarity of this type of enchanting wave was usually restricted to a few copulations with Ashok, mostly after watching some porn scenes or after our parties attended by big breasted females.

I had never wanted to have sex with any person outside my marriage and now this tempting effect of having Jeetu and his monster around would make it difficult for me to control myself. I was sure that even if I wanted I could never accommodate his huge monstrosity in me. It would definitely rip any normal vagina into shreds. The more I thought of his penis, the more excited I got.

There and then I decided that I would not have sex with Jeetu or anyone else. But my future was to take a sharp U-Turn and I was to be proved wrong and later on, would be boon ending as a very fruitful venture.

I used the recent towel to clean my pussy of its juices and the tell tale marks on my thighs. I removed the bed sheet which was stained with my juices.

As I prepared to go down, I decided to wear my mini and that too without any panty. Though I did not have the courage to display it to him directly, I would not mind if he got a few glances of my sex garden, since my husband would not be there till late night.

I never liked to shave my vagina. It had a modest tuft of jet black curly, pubic hair which carried down in a triangle between the legs. I then wore Ashok's shirt over this and went down. My hidden adventurous streak was playing up. I decided that even though I would not have sex with him, I would titillate and flirt with him harmlessly.

Shortly, within a day, I was to be proven wrong.

I came down and called out to Jeetu as though nothing had happened. It was time for lunch and I started setting the table. Our dining 6table was rectangular and covered with a thick clear glass. Though there were many table mats and coasters, one could see under the table. Jeetu came to help in the kitchen. I saw him staring at my back, which I could see as a reflection in the kitchen window. He didn't say anything. I tried to hide my blush and glow, but I am sure it was obvious.

"Can I take the dishes to the table?" he asked politely. I showed him what to take and he came close to me near the counter to take it. I could feel his warmth as he brushed against me innocently. I told him to take his plate and serve himself and that I would join him soon. When I came out I saw that he was sitting with his food served and waiting for me.

Now was the time to flirt with him. I took a plate and served myself.

"I am not a good cook and you will have to bear with me." I told him.

"Oh, the food is excellent. You are very modest," he replied."I am sorry I am troubling you."

"Please don't mind. There is enough place in our house and I being alone the whole day needed company." I stressed the word 'company' without looking up. I then decided to take a chair exactly opposite to him and slid sideways into the chair keeping my legs closed. I did not want to be obvious. We talked as we had our food, and I could see that he was glancing very furtively searching below the table to get a view my pussy. Towards the end of our meal, I purposely reached for a dish towards him and in the bargain spread my thighs wide, as though to stand. He must have got a royal view of my garden, because he started shifting in his chair.

"I hope you are comfortable Jeetu?" I purposely inquired.

"I . . ., I am fine. Kaki, I mean Seema", he stuttered.

I crossed my thighs and he lost the view. After the meals, he helped me to take the plates inside and to clear the table. Good, he now knew that I was not wearing any underwear; he must have got a stiff stand which was creating problems in his shorts. I suggested that he watch TV in the sitting room and that I would join him after instructing the maid.

Soon after this our maid arrived. She was buxom too, in her mid thirties and I saw Jeetu's eyes following her. Now I wanted to tease him more. I called out to the maid.

"Bai, (the way we call maids in India), by any chance you have see my panty and bra I had kept in the bathroom." I purposely said in a loud voice.

I watched Jeetu through the corner of my eyes and saw that he was very nervous. He fidgeted whilst watching TV. He was frightened not being sure whether he would be caught and if caught, what would be the repercussions. I was enjoying the scene, hidden away from him.

"No, madam, I did not see it. Maybe you kept it for washing in the machine." The maid replied.

"Must be! I thought when I had my bath in the down bathroom, I had kept it there. But no problem I must have put them with the others." I said, loud enough for Jeetu to hear. I had decided to keep a fresh set of used panty and a bra to see if he would still use them. It was turning to be a huge turn-on for me to play the cat & mouse play.

I served gulab jamun (small brown round Indian sweet dish served in sugar caramel) as dessert and we watched the TV till late afternoon and then we went to our respective rooms. The evening went peacefully. When Ashok returned late in the evening, I had my top & knee length skirt on and we all sat in the hall and chit chatted.

"So Jeetu, how was your day? Hope you are refreshed now?" he asked Jeetu.

"Seema is a great cook and I enjoyed my lunch. I loved the dessert." he said looking straight in my eyes. I blushed, because I knew what he was hinting at.

What added to my blush was Ashok saying 'that my gulab jamuns were excellent'.

"I agree totally", Jeetu replied.

God this guy was a hard core tease and was getting back at me was my afternoon remarks to my Bai.

Then Ashok suggested that I should take Jeetu out on sightseeing or go for a movie to pass time, as he may not get time to see the place after he starts his project. Though I tried to give excuses, Ashok forced me to go out.

"Seemu, instead of remaining cooped up in the house, you now have company. So go out and enjoy. There are some good movies in town, which I insist you must see. You know that I cannot take you out often, but now that Jeetu is here, take advantage." He insisted.

So it was decided that we would go sightseeing in the morning and after lunch we would go for a movie. With that we retired to our rooms. That night, I initiated our sex session and surprised Ashok by climbing atop him. Before me was the virtual huge pole of Jeetu ramming into me, but reality was otherwise. I gushed my orgasm onto his prick, which by now was softening having deposited its load into me. We never used any protection as we had decided that nature should take its own course to start a family.

"Seemu, you seem to be in frisky mood today. What happened?" Ashok queried after seeing my excited role.

"Oh, nothing. I am just myself. Why do you ask?" I asked. I was scared that he should find me unusual in me today?

"I am sure that a young man in the house must be exciting you?" he teased. How true were his words? I could not help but blush.

"Stop saying such things'" I said in mock anger.

"Well you are young and so is he. Don't worry. Its nature at work"; with that he hugged me and kissed me on my boobies and we slept like that without a shred of clothes on us. What was he hinting at? Or was he just joking?

The next day was to be the most ground breaking day in my life. I usually got up much earlier to Ashok and went down to prepare his breakfast. After preparing breakfast, I would have my bath to freshen up for the day. I did not use our upper bathroom because it was a morning ritual for Ashok to take the morning newspaper, which I took up for him with his bed tea, and enter the bathroom and exit it after about 45 minutes to an hour after going to the loo, shaving and having his bath.

I would carry my change of clothes down and use the lower bathroom. I would get refreshed feeling the warm water course down my nude body. By the time Ashok had his bath, I would finish my bath, change and even set the breakfast for him, because it would take him another 30 minutes to change and come down. So I had about an hour and a half to myself.

That day too, after I took the newspapers and the bed tea to Ashok, I took my clothes change and went down to the bathroom. The bathroom was not very spacious but was more rectangular. I pulled the small slide latch of the bathroom door and removed my clothes in preparation of a shower. I saw the clothes hooks and remembered the Jeetu violating my undies and bra. It turned me on. I released the shower and the warm water coursed down my body. I had left my hair and the water coursed through them. I soaped my hair and washed my boobies. I imagined that it were Jeetu's hands that were fondling me as I snaked one hand down to my pussy lips.

I again ran the shower to wash off the soap, which ran down my legs and collected near my feet before going down the drain.

On the other hand, Jeetu hand woken up and he too, having a wish to have a bath was headed to the lower bathroom, with a towel wrapped round his waist and his clothes change in his hands. He must have come and without realizing that someone was inside the bathroom, pushed the door. The latch may not have locked properly and the door opened right onto me. In his hurry, he entered the bathroom to find my back facing him, nude and like a peeled banana. Realizing that someone had entered the bathroom, I swung round to find Jeetu standing there, shocked and staring at me with wide eyes.
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