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I Love My Mom Sujata - Ch 5

Chapter Five - Break For One Month

We were now living like a couple deeply in love. We used to have sex almost everyday excluding the days when she would experience her periods. During her periods I used to massage her feet, legs, buttocks, waist, back and shoulders to relieve her of her pain. This way I won her heart. She was already mine but my love and care made her more devoted towards me. I also used to do all the cooking and cleaning so that she would get complete rest. She was also working in a bank. She used to come home after 5pm. I used to come home before her. Many times I used to cook and keep everything ready for her. She used to feel so proud of me.

I was going to collage and as a part of the course we also had to go on a yearly tour. Unfortunately just after six months we had to go on a one month tour. I was very disappointed. I did not want to miss even a single day without her. But I had to go.

During that period I kept in touch with her over the phone. As the days went by we were both eager to see each other. That month was the longest month of my life. It seemed to never end. But finally the wait was over as we all picked up our bags for the journey return home. It was Friday night when I reached home. I rang the door bell.

My mom opened the door with a big smile on her face. I went inside and kept my bags on the floor and spread my arms. My mom rushed into my arms and hugged me tightly. Soon our lips locked and we began to probe each others tongue. We separated after a while. We were both happy to see each other again.

"Oh honey why don't you take a quick shower? You will feel better after a long journey" she said.

"Yes mom I was about to say that"

"Ok, then I will serve the dinner" she said.

"Yes I will be back in a few minutes" I said.

I went to my bathroom and shaved myself and took a quick shower. When I came out I saw mom had kept my shorts and a t-shirt on the bed. I quickly got into them and went into the living room. My mom had already served the dinner. The dinner was delicious. Mom had prepared my favorite mutton biryani and raita. After the dinner she served me falooda but she did not take it. The food was really excellent and moreover after a gap of one month I was eating home made food prepared by my loving mom. After eating everything I kissed my mom's hands.

"Mom you are a great cook. Nobody can match you." I said.

"All children like food prepared by their mom." She said.

"No mom really you are the best." I said.

"Ok honey It's time for action, I am starving for a month now."

"Me too mom" I said and I hugged her and kissed her lips gently.

"Ok then you wait here watch some movie while I clean up everything" she said.

"I will help you mom" I said.

"No you must be tired. Just do what I say. I will call you when I am ready." She said.

"Ok" I said and walked towards the sofa. My mom picked up the dishes and went into the kitchen. I was waiting impatiently for her to call me. After a few anxious minutes she yelled from her bedroom.

"Rohan come in"

I switched off the TV and rushed towards her room. Just when I was about to enter the door I saw her standing in front of the mirror. I was struck by a bolt of lightning when I saw her and stopped right there. She was wearing a beautiful red sari and a red blouse. She had let her beautiful dark hair loose, which were hanging just below her buttocks. She was wearing beautiful gold bangles. She was also wearing beautiful flowers in her hair. Her sari was tightly hugging her body showing her beautiful curves. The sari was tied way below her naval and a thin line of her pubic hair was just visible to me.

"Rohan come near me." She said.

I came out of the trance I locked the door and walked towards her slowly. I slowly put my arms around her back and pulled her towards me.

"Shhh Ahhhh Rohan. I missed you so badly" she said

"Me too, mom." I said and started to move my hands over her back. She was just hugging me tightly and trying to feel me as much as possible. I lifted her chin and placed a small kiss on her lips. She moaned with joy. I then lifted her in my arms and placed her on the bed. I was on top of her and she was under me. Her voluptuous breasts were trapped under my chest. She was pulling me tightly towards her and I could easily see the lust in her eyes. I knew today she wanted a wild sex.

My condition was no different. I was moving my face between her breasts and she was moaning with pleasure. Today there was no point in kissing and cuddling. I removed her sari's end over her breasts and I put my hands around her back to unhook her blouse. She lifted her back slightly to provide access for my hands. I quickly unhooked her blouse and threw it on the floor. Suddenly I could smell musky aroma of her armpits. It was too intense. I had noticed that whenever she was horny that aroma would increase. That day it was so intense that I could smell it from a distance. I always liked her aroma. So I grabbed her both hands and placed them over her head giving me a full view of her underarms with thick black hair. Then I slowly lowered myself into one of her armpit and smelled it. My god that smell was so arousing that my already hard dick started paining.

"Mom you smell so wild today" I said in a hoarse voice.

"Rohan my whole body is waiting for you. Just tear me apart today. I want you to rip my hole today, don't show any mercy just spread me wide open and pound it and fill it with you semen till it floods." She said in an excited voice.

I was occupied with the musky aroma of her underarms I was sniffing them in turns. My dick was paining with each sniff. I was on fire and my mom's aroma was adding fuel to it. My mom's hands were over her head and I was holding them down to smell her armpits. But suddenly my mom started to twist and turn and raise her waist. This meant that she wanted my dick inside her juicy pussy. She was aching for that. I released her hands and she quickly raised her back and unhooked her bra releasing her voluptuous breasts. I quickly removed her sari which was half unwrapped.

Then as usual I was struggling to untie the strings of her petticoat. She was irritated and pushed my hands away and in a swift move untied the strings and slid her petticoat along with her panty up to her knees. I helped her by removing them off completely from her body. She was now totally naked and on fire. It was now my turn to undress, I quickly removed all my clothes and placed myself between her legs. My mom was watching my dick with the same excitement as the day when we first had sex. Her eyes were widened and glued to my dick. The excitement of getting penetrated by it vas clearly visible on her face. She had already spread her legs wide open in anticipation.

"Rohan hurry up I just can't wait anymore" her voice was shaking.

"Neither can I wait mom" I said.

But I did not want to penetrate her directly. I wanted to tease her and drive her mad. I wanted her to beg me for inserting my dick inside her. So I slowly lowered my head and started kissing inside of her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure and twisting her legs. She was eager for penetration. But I continued to kiss her thighs and slowly moved towards her pussy. As I got near her pussy the aroma of her pubic region was driving me mad. This was totally different from her armpits and was much stronger as I got nearer. Her moaning and twisting was increased. I was not giving her what she was anticipating instead I was firing her up.

"Oh Rohan what are you doing honey just come inside me I want to feel you there I want you to rip that hole apart between my legs. Ahhhh Rohaaaann get inside honey just get inside your mom's choot(pussy)" she was now aching to be loved.

I ignored her and moved my mouth over her pussy lips and planted a soft kiss over them. Suddenly her body trembled and she grabbed my hair and started to pull me towards her. But I did not move instead I started to kiss her pussy lips frantically. She was out of control and was twisting violently in the bed. Next I slipped my tongue over her pussy lips and started licking and kissing them.

"Oh my God Rohaaaannn Ssssss Ahhhhhh" she moaned loudly.

I ignored her and continued to lick her. Then I pushed my tongue inside her vagina to the extent I could and started to move it in a circular motion licking the vaginal walls. The taste of her juices and the aroma was driving me mad. It was like a slightly salty solution. My mom was now twisting frantically in the bed. Her breathing had increased and her voluptuous breasts were swaying as she twisted.

"Pleaaaaasee Rohaaaan get inside me nowwwwww" She screamed.

I had driven her mad. But for me this was not enough. I wanted her to beg. So I lifted my head and glanced at her.

"Yes my good boy now get in don't make me wait any longer mom needs your penis desperately" she said in a hoarse voice.

"Ok mom" I said.

"Yesssss" She said and placed her hands over her thighs and tried to part her legs which were already parted to the limit. I placed my rock hard dick over her pussy lips and instead of inserting it I began to rub them with it. I pressed my dick hard on her pussy lips and began to slide it over her pussy lips and her clitoris. I was rubbing the lips very hard but as I reached her clitoris I slowed down taking care just to rub it gently or just tap it teasingly. My mom's body was exploding with anticipation but I was not letting my dick go inside her. She was driven to the point where she could no longer hold. She was now beyond any control all she wanted was my dick inside her body and nothing else.

"Rohaaaannnn please push it in I can't hold any longer, you will kill me" her voice was shaking terribly.

I continued to do what I was doing ignoring her plea.

"Oh my God Rohaaannn Pleaaassssee . Please Rohan get inside me." She pleaded.

I still ignored her.
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