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I Love My Mom Sujata - Ch 2

Chapter Two - The Next Day

Next day morning I got up did all my morning routines and walked in to the living room. I saw my mom arranging my breakfast on the table. She was wearing only blouse and petticoat. I had seen her only in blouse and petticoat countless of times before. She used to come out of her bathroom after showers like that. This she was doing since I was a child and I never felt anything about it. But today it was different. Now I was seeing her in a different perspective. Suddenly I felt a rush of blood in my dick. Her exposed breasts were still dancing in my memory. I was now turned on by her condition.

"Oh honey I am late today actually I got up late because yesterday you know I could not sleep on regular time." She said.

"I know mom. But how are you now?" I asked.

"I am ok now but before you go to collage please help me out like yesterday because you will be back only in the afternoon. I don't know if I can hold on for that long" she said.

"Ok I will" I said gladly.

So after finishing my breakfast I took a quick shower and went to my mom's bedroom. She was not there so I went into the living room. She was sitting on the sofa watching morning news. She was now properly dressed and combed. I went and sat besides her. I was only wearing my shorts.

"Ahhh the baby is not here now and my leave is also exhausted I must return to work from next week." She said.

"Yes we should now move on with our lives." I said.

"But I don't know if I could get into shape till next week. My milk production should stop or at least reduce so that I can be in the office properly." She said.

"Don't worry mom I think you will be ok by then" I tried to assure her.

"Let's hope so." She said.

"Ok mom I will leave for collage in half an hour." I said.

"Oh honey come here and help me before you go." She said and pulled me towards her. I went into her lap and placed my mouth right in front of her breast. She then unbuttoned a few buttons of her blouse and offered me her breast filled with milk to the brink. I latched on to her breast and started sucking her breast. She was relaxed so this time the milk immediately started to flow in my mouth. Just a few seconds afterwards the milk started to spurt in my mouth, the stimulation provided by my lips and tongue had helped her release it freely. Milk also started to flow from her other breast wetting her blouse and belly just like yesterday.

I was excited and had closed my eyes and would open them periodically to take a look at my mom and her other breast. My mom was totally relaxed and looked very happy. She was lovingly moving her fingers through my hair and occasionally squeezing her breast to increase the flow of her milk. Her sweet milk was now gushing in my mouth I enjoyed that taste and sucked her breast dry. I wanted to continue but she pulled out her breast from my mouth and pulled me towards her other breast. She unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and removed her blouse exposing herself to me.

Her other breast was now in front of my mouth. I quickly took her nipple between my lips and started to suck. I kept on sucking even after there was no milk left in it. She knew it but this time instead of pulling out she let me to continue. She was also enjoying the sensation of my lips and tongue sucking her nipple. My dick was rock hard and the bulge was quite obvious to notice. I don't know if my mom looked at it or not but she was continuously watching me sucking her with delight. A few minutes later I released her nipple from my mouth. Her nipple was still on my lips and she was not making any attempt to move it in fact just after a few seconds she lunged forwards and moved her nipple in my mouth and pulled me towards it.

This time I took her whole areola and part of her breast in my mouth and started sucking it. I was also moving my tongue over her nipple. She had now closed her eyes with excitement and her breathing had increased. My dick was paining and it needed a release but my mom was now holding my head with her both hands and was pressing it towards her breast. I increased my speed and grabbed her breast with my both hands. She moaned and continued to moan she was excited and her initial small moans turned into much louder one and suddenly she clasped my hair tightly I opened my eyes to see her. She had shut her eyes tightly and had raised her chin she had her lower lip between her teeth.

"Shhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhh Rohaaaannnnn" she moaned loudly.

I think she had experienced her orgasm. She held me like that for a few seconds. Then slowly her grip on my hair loosened and she released her lip from her teeth and lowered her chin. She slowly loosened her tightly shut eyes but still kept them close. I released her breast and looked at her. But she was in a state of ecstasy and kept her eyes closed enjoying her orgasm. A few seconds later she opened her eyes to see me staring at her.

"What happened mom?" I asked her but I knew what had happened.

"It's nothing honey I just felt a little pain when you sucked me in the end." She was obviously lying how she could have admitted that she just had an orgasm?

"Are you ok mom?" I asked.

"Ohhh Yessss" and she took a sigh of relief. She was looking satisfied and happy after the session. She covered herself with her sari and went to her bedroom to change in a new blouse. I ran towards my bathroom which was attached to my bedroom and quickly released myself I was so excited that I came just after shaking my dick three or four times. I then quickly changed in to my regular clothes to go to office.

"Bye mom I must run I am late today." I said as I rushed out of the door.

"Bye honey but don't rush, watch out for the traffic" she said. I did not pay attention to her as I had to run towards the bus stop to catch the bus.

That Night

That day in the collage was never ending for me. My mind was revolving around my mom. I wonder if she too was going through the same condition. Usually while coming back from collage we guys would stay back near the bus stand to hang around the girls. Girls would also leave two or three busses chatting with us. A few boys had girlfriends and I was in a process of finding one. Her name was Anuradha. As I was waiting for the bus she came near me.

"Hi Rohan." She said

"Oh hi Anu, You look beautiful today." I complimented her.

"Thanks and you are also looking handsome where did you get that smart hair cut?"

"Oh c'mon you can get this done from anywhere." I said.

"Can we go for a movie today?" She asked me. If she had asked me this question two days ago I would have become crazy. I had a huge crush on her. But I wanted to be with my beautiful mom as early as possible at the same time I did not want to hurt this beautiful girl.

"Thanks Anu but my mom is sick and there is nobody to look after her and do the household work. I must go home today." I said.

"Ok then can we go tomorrow or someday after that?" She was persisting.

"Ok I will tell you tomorrow." I said. Just then the bus came we both got in to it. Anuradha sat by my side. She was sitting very close to me brushing her body against mine. Obviously she wanted to seduce me. But my mind was filled with thoughts of my mom. Anuradha was talking with me all the time but I was not paying any attention to her. I was only occasionally saying a 'humm' 'oh I see' etc. Finally my bus stop arrived and I said bye to Auradha and got down and ran towards my home.

My mom opened the door for me and greeted me with a smile. I removed my shoes and went to my room to change into my shorts and t-shirt. I came back in to the living room where my mom sitting on the sofa watching TV. I sat beside her. She enquired about my collage, my friends and my girlfriends. I told her I did not have any girlfriend. Then she talked with me about her days in school and collage. She told me many incidences which she had never told to anybody before. We were really talking like friends that day. Although she was my mom she was only thirty seven and nobody would have said that she was my mom. People often mistook her as my elder sister. For the first time she was talking so freely with me. I really felt very close to her that day. She told me her tightly held childhood "little secretes". She told me about the boy on whom she had a crush when she was in fourth grade. Then she told me about her conservative parents and her forced marriage with my dad when she was just sixteen. Some of her incidence were funny some were sad. In fact she had revealed her life to me.

Our talk continued till late in the evening when she realized it was time to prepare dinner. So she went in to the kitchen. I followed her.

"Ok Rohan now you go out let me prepare our dinner." She said.

"Mom I want to learn cooking, I want to help you." I said

"No thanks I don't need any help in my kitchen. But if you want to learn then today you just stand near me and watch. Watch everyday what I do and you will know everything. Then you can try making some easy dishes." She said.

"Ok mom" I said and stood at a distance from her watching her prepare our dinner.

I was also watching her beautiful curves. She was not a typical Indian woman. She was quite beautiful with a fair complexion and big dark eyes. Her nose was straight and sharp and lips were full. She always sported a red bindi making her look more feminine.

She was quite tall with broad shoulders for a woman. When in home she most of the time would tie her sari quite deep below her naval She had a full figure with very little flab on her belly. Her waist was quite narrow and hips were wide. She had a nice round bottom and it swayed beautifully when she walked. Most of the time she would keep her hair tied. But on weekends when she shampooed her hair she would let them loose. Her hair reached just below her bottom. She was a perfect woman.

I was watching everything curiously and for the first time I noticed how her breasts and bottom moved up and down when she cut vegetables and made chapattis.
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