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How I Accidentally Nailed Mom

I am and have always been a voyeur. Ever since the day I accidentally saw my Aunt Sarita sucking my uncle’s cock I have looked for ways to watch other people having sex.

By sneaking around I was able to watch my sister suck and fuck several of her boyfriends; I saw my Aunt Manju fuck my Uncle Brijesh (her husband), my Uncle Girish and my Uncle Brij and apparently none of them knew about the others. I eventually fucked Aunt Manju myself, but that is another story.

I saw my cousin Ankita fuck two Muslim guys at the same time while her husband was on a business trip and I saw my Cousin Chandu suck off my Cousin Geetu. When my Cousin Girish got married I watched the bride to be suck and fuck three guys two days before the wedding and I watched my mother and Aunt Manju fuck God only knows how many different men. And all that doesn't even take into account all that I saw while sneaking around the neighbourhood and peeking in windows. I finally got caught and in getting caught I had one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life.

I had made a discovery while trying to fix a heat register in my bedroom. When I pulled the vent cover to try and fix the vent handle I found that I could see into the adjacent bedroom. I used that vent as my window to watch what happened in the spare bedroom which was the room usually used by Aunt Manju when she stayed with us.

It was during one of the periods when mom and dad were fighting and he had moved out. As usual when that happened my mom and Aunt Manju would go out and party and they almost never came home with out male companions. I spent a lot of time at that vent watching Aunt Manju's sexual gymnastics. When Aunt Manju couldn't get away from my Uncle Brijesh to come visit my mom would go out alone, but she rarely came home that way.

One night, for some reason I never found out, when mom came home she took her companions - two of them - into the spare bedroom instead of to her own bedroom. I watched for over two hours as mom and her two fuck buddies did everything that two men and one woman can do. When they were done mom told the two men to see themselves out.

I had just heard the front door close when mom got off the bed. She got snagged in the sheets, tripped and fell to the floor in such a way that she was looking straight into the vent and into my face. I saw the sudden realization of what I had been doing come over her face and then just as sudden I saw the anger as she scrambled to get up off the floor. I had frozen in fear at the look on her face and she was already opening the spare bedroom door when I woke up to the fact that she was on her way to see me and with murderous intent.

I got up from the floor but I was no sooner standing than she came through my bedroom door spitting and snarling, "You no good rotten little bastard" and she swung at my face with an open hand. I caught her hand and then I twisted away from her and pulled intending to let her momentum carry her by me and onto my bed while I grabbed my pants and then ran for my life. As she went toward the bed she reached out and grabbed my arm and I felt her nails bite into me as she held onto me and pulled me off balance. She fell on the bed on her back and with her legs spread wide and I fell between them. Her cunt was loose and very wet from the two hours she'd just spent with her 'gentlemen friends' and my cock was still hard as a rock from watching her. By sheer ass coincidence the position she fell in and the angle at which I was falling lined my cock up with her pussy and I entered her and drove all the way in until pubic bone hit pubic bone. If I was only going to get killed before, now I was going to be killed, dismembered and then have the pieces burned.

Mom gave a loud "Oof" as I landed on her and drove inside and her eyes kind of glazed over. I started to pull away from her, but her legs came up and locked behind me and her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me back down. I tried to pull back a second time but she still held onto me. When my third attempt to pull away from her failed I said, "Shit! She wants it" and so I started to fuck her. And just that quick I found out that I was mistaken. What she had done must have been just pure reflex action while she was temporarily stunned.

As I banged into her the glazed look slowly disappeared and was replaced by a look of pure loathing. He legs fell away from their clamping position and the hands that had pulled me to her were now pounding on my chest as she cried, "Stop damn you! Stop right now you little son of a bitch, get your filthy ass off of me." But she had stopped me from quitting when I had tried and she had gotten me going and I didn't have any blood left in my brain to help me think clearly - it was all in my cock - and my cock was screaming at me to "Go, go, go, go."

The blows that she rained on me began to lose some of their steam and her "Goddamn you's" faded to "God, god, god" and then the words stopped all together and all I heard was one long continuous low moan. Her hands fell to her sides and she lay there breathing heavily as I continued to pound into the channel that had let me slide out into the light of day some eighteen years previous.

My eyes were closed, my teeth were clenched and I was trying to make myself cum. Suddenly her hands were on my ass again and she was pulling me to her. Seconds later her legs locked behind mine again and I felt her pushing her pussy up at me as I drove down into it. Words started coming out of her mouth, "Oh god, oh god, oh god" and then "Oh please, oh please, oh please" and finally "Oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee."

I drove myself into her as hard as I could. I could feel the need to cum, I wanted to cum, but it stayed just out of reach and it forced me to fuck harder and faster. I did not know that it was possible to fuck until you hurt, but that day I found out that you could. Mom was screaming now and her nails were drawing blood. Her heels beat a tattoo on the back of my legs and she spasmed and shook as she had one orgasm after another and then she screamed at me, "Cum god damn you, cum." It was as if those were the words I was waiting for and I erupted into my mother. I came so hard that I would not have been surprised to see some of it dribble out of her mouth. Then, totally out of breath I collapsed on the bed next to her.

I don't know how long she laid there beside me, but I'm guessing it was a good five minutes. She didn't say a word, just stared up at the ceiling. Finally she got up and walked out of the room and I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up early, dressed and quietly left the house.

The day was long and hard and at the same time it was too damned short. Long and hard because I couldn't concentrate on anything at school. All I could think about was how badly I had fucked up the night before and think of the consequences that I would have to face when I went home after classes - if I went home! I seriously considered running away and joining the French Foreign Legion. The day that had seemed so long and hard also proved to be too damned short because suddenly my classes were over and I was standing on the quad with two choices - run away, or go home and face the music.

Suddenly I realized that I was in the driver's seat. I could threaten to tell dad what she did every time that he was gone and just as suddenly I realized that I couldn't do that. First off I knew that mom wouldn't care and secondly dad wasn't stupid, he had to already know. Hell, it was probably what they fought about most of the time. No, my only defense, such as it was, would be the truth. I had never had an incestuous thought about my mother, even after watching her fuck dozens of guys. What had happened was an accident. I hadn't meant for it to happen, it just had. As for the watching through the vent - what teenager wasn't curious about sex? It was wrong, but so what? It didn't hurt anybody. Knowing that I had the truth on my side I headed on home to face the music.

All that sweating and worrying and mom wasn't even there when I got home. I fixed myself some leftovers and went to my room to try and study. I heard mom come in around eight and I waited for her to call for me to come down stairs or for her to come storming through my door, but neither one happened. The next morning I again got out of the house without seeing mom, but I knew my luck was running out because the next day was Saturday and I didn't have any classes and mom didn't work on the weekends. Mom wasn't home when I got there and she still wasn't home when I fell asleep.

Saturday morning when I got up mom heard me moving around and she called me downstairs and told me to sit down at the kitchen table. She puttered around for several minutes and then she came over and sat down across from me.

"Honey, I'm sorry for the things I called you the other night. I was mad and not thinking straight. I was more mad at myself for letting you find out about me than I was mad at you for watching. I've gone over what happened in your room and I can see that you didn't mean to do it and it was moistly my fault for running into your room naked, but what happened between us was wrong. In fact it is against the law in this state. Honey, no one can ever know about it - no one! We have to put it out of our minds and put it behind us, okay? Can you do that for me? Can you keep our secret?"

I mumbled a "Yes Mam" and she gave me a long steady look and then said, "Good. How would you like your eggs?"

Things were awkward between us for the next couple of days and then she and dad made up and he moved back home.

Two months went by and then mom and dad had a fierce argument and he moved out again. That night mom went out and when she came home I heard men's voices. For the next two weeks it was more of the same and then one night I heard her come home and I heard a man's voice and a half hour later I heard mom yell something and minutes later I heard the front door slam.
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