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Hiking in the Mountains - Pt. 1 - Ch. 2

It was my first glimpse of a fuck scene, and to my horror, I realized that my cock was also tottering violently. I wanted to take it into my hands and relieve its pressing needs, but considering the situation I had to control my urges. After ejaculating his seed inside my mother’s pussy, the lad withdrew his cock, which came out with a mild plop sound, a sound, I had never heard before. His cock was rapidly losing its hardness, beads of his frothing cum slowly dripping from his pisshole.

I looked at mom and our eyes met. She immediately turned her head away from me, looking at the elderly goon who too was stroking his cock lightly getting ready to replace his younger accomplice. I looked at mother’s cunt; its rosy lips were open, her bush and lips coated with whitish cum and droplets of cum deposited by the younger intruders slowly seeping along her thighs.

As soon as, the younger thug moved away from my mother’s body; the aged goon took his place. He handed the gun to his young counterpart and took mother by her arms and led her to our sleeping bags which we had opened just before those intruders barged into our cottage.

Mom didn’t offer any resistance and did as she was directed to do. She had already been force fucked once and she knew that she could not avoid another. The elderly thug shoved her to lie on one of the sleeping bag. Mom lied down; her position was now such that her cunt was facing me. For the first time, I got the absolute view of mother’s opened pussy. Her rosy lips were opened showing her inner pinkish depths, her dark brown cunt hair smeared with cum.

Mom again caught my sneaking eyes and I felt ashamed. In front of me, two intruders were raping my mom and I was sitting there enjoying her fuck as if watching a porno movie. Unsuccessfully, I tried to appear disgusted, but failed to do so. I was sure that mom had noticed my hardness too.

The aged thug position himself between mother’s thighs, obscuring my view of her delicious cunt. Now, I could see only the hairy ass of the invader, which was moving slowly. His right hand was between his thighs, perhaps griping his cock and guiding it to mom’s open cunt. His hands remain there for long, which I later learned that he was running the tip of his shaft along the length of mother’s pussy.

After a while, I saw him lifting his ass in the air, his hand holding his cock and positioning it at the entrance of my mom’s pussy. Slowly, his hard on moved inch by inch inside my mother’s receptacle, and then it was completely buried inside her, his hairy balls resting against her white ass cheeks.

Once his cock fully inside my mother’s cunt the aged invader waited for few seconds, as if enjoying his time. Then slowly he started fucking my mother. His pumping was rhythmic, quite contrary to his junior who was thrusting haphazardly a few minutes ago.

No one was speaking and there no sound in the hut, other than his wild animal cries and mom’s occasional moans. With every stroke I could see his cock moving completely out of my mother’s pussy and again plunging back into her ravenous depths, his balls striking heavily on her ass. Mom’s bearded pussy lips were clinging to his cock during course of its to and fro movement.

I was getting a view of my lifetime. I had stopped imitating and was hungrily gazing at my mother’s pussy getting pounded by a stranger. I was afraid that if it continued for long my cock might not need any assistance from my hands, and would start itself shooting the load.

The younger accomplice was standing awkwardly near me, his cock again getting back to full erection. With one hand he was holding the gun, which he was trying to point at me unsuccessfully as his eyes were glued to the live fuck going on in front, and his left hand massaging his semi-tumescent cock.

It was a golden opportunity for me to make my move, however, I didn’t have any intension of jumping at him and trying to snatch the gun from his hand. My eyes were more interested in watching the great spectacle where the aged intruder’s cock was pounding my mother’s pussy. I tried to guess how my mother would be feeling; her face was still passive, not showing any emotions at all.

Suddenly, the elderly intruder increased his tempo. He grabbed mother’s shoulder and started ramming his cock ferociously into her cunt. He was now thrusting at daunting pace, his throat emitting incoherent guttural sounds. His pumping was reaching to a crescendo. All of a sudden, with a sharp yell he hurled forward his hips and buried his cock deep inside my mother’s pussy. His ass cheeks were completely sucked in as if he wanted to bury his entire pelvic region inside mother’s pussy. He was howling rigorously. I knew he was cumming inside my mother’s pussy, but it was not possible for me to see it, as his cock was completely hidden from my view and fully immersed into mother’s cunt. He remained there for a while and then collapsed over my mother’s body.

The junior’s cock was again fully erect. He was lightly fondling his balls and waiting for his elder partner to move from my mother’s body. After a while the gray haired goon forced himself onto his feet. He looked tired from exertion, his cock completely limp.

The junior handed back his gun and positioned himself between mother’s thighs. He guided his recharged fuck tool at the entrance of mother’s unfurled cunt and slowly his cock sank back into those divine depths. I looked at his fucking with jealously. He was certainly a lucky guy today, getting to fuck my sweet mom twice.

The elderly intruder sat near me, his gun his pointing towards me. He was panting wildly and trying to catch his breath. He looked tired; the episode with mom seemed to have drained him out. His cock was languishing between his thighs and the coating of love juices on his flaccid cock were already started drying. After catching his breath he finally looked at me.

“Hi…son…! Liked the show?” He pointed towards the floor where his younger buddy was pounding my mother’s cunt. “Your mom is the best pussy I have fucked in recent years.”

Then he saw my swollen cock and his mouth spread in a wide grin. “Sure, enjoying it.”

I felt embarrassed, but the scene on the floor was so titillating that there was no way I could have controlled my erection. I wanted to avoid his gaze so I turned my eyes. But nothing helped me as my eyes were again glued to the live fuck session on display. The aged thug laughed at my dilemma.

Meanwhile, the junior goon was pumping my mother’s cunt furiously. He was rambling incoherently, mumbling strange noises from his mouth. He was approaching his peak very aggressively.

I looked at him surprisingly, as unexpectedly he pulled his cock out of mother’s steaming pussy. Grabbing his hardness into his hand he moved towards mothers face, his fingers pumping his shaft passionately. He directed his cock towards mom’s face and shot his load.

Gobs of white semen landed directly over my mother’s lovely face, wetting her lips and cheeks. With every jerk of his cock, more and more drops spouted from his pisshole, ultimately splashing over her face and covering every area of her face with a white gluey liquid. Gradually, the jerking subsided and he squeezed his cock to release the last drop of his cum over my mother’s lips. He massaged her lips with the tip of his cock spreading the cum over her lips.

“Suck it,” He ordered trying to insert his cock inside mom’s lips. Mom didn’t open her lips, so he turned towards his aged companion and snorted. “Pap!”

Pap immediately responded with driving the muzzle of his pistol into my temple. Mom fearfully looked at me, and immediately took his spongy cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. She licked his complete length, cleaning the coat of their love juice from it.

The junior then ordered her to lick the cum deposited over her face. She obliged him by licking the cum from her face, first using her tongue and when it was beyond the reach of her tongue, she took it into her fingers and licked it off from there. Once she finished cleaning and licking the cum off her face, she was in complete mess. Satisfied the lad moved away from her.

He looked at older goon as if asking what to do next. Pap looked at me with his wicked eyes and said. “Your turn son…fuck her.”

As if a bomb had dropped in the cabin, mom suddenly emitted a hoarse shriek and tried to sit and cover her genital. But she was stopped midway as the lad slapped her across her face, driving her back to floor. She didn’t try to move then but started crying.

“Listen cunt,” The boy grunted. “If pap says he’s to fuck you, you gotta listen him, otherwise I’m gonna cut your boobs. Then I’ll cut your son’s cock and he won’t be a man anymore. You wanna him to be a man, wanna him to marry, have kids, then screw your son.”

I had not expected that the things would turn in this direction. I was afraid. Moments ago, I was enjoying the sight of my mother getting fucked from these intruders. But when pap asked me to be a party, I felt paralyzed. I could not comprehend my own reactions. I didn’t know whether I felt elated by his offer or not. I was confused and dumbfounded.

I could not continue with my dilemma as the goon called Pap forced me to my feet and jostled me forward. I fell forward between the opened thighs of my mother, her charming cunt only few inches away from my lips.

I looked in front of me; the most delightful cunt of universe was lying opened before my eyes. Mom’s cunt lips were slightly opened showing its inner pink folds and the divine depth between those pretty lips. Her dark brown bush covering those lips was fully painted with a thick coat of white cum deposited there by our two kidnappers. A large chunk of cum fluid was oozing out of her pussy, slowly trailing towards the narrow valley between her cunt and ass.
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